Mischa has to go to the vet tomorrow. Really worried

All three of the cats have been acting ‘off’ since our situation began a couple of weeks ago. It makes it hard to tell if there is a serious health issue happening or not. Mischa definitely is experiencing a serious health issue. He cries after he eats and today he has mostly projectile vomited everything he did eat and is now begging for food he won’t eat. Vet, tomorrow, first thing.

IDF calls to Wafa hospital and hit on a terror center (video)

We dropped two bombs on the target, all the other explosions were from weapons stored inside. Unfortunately, because we were calling and warning for days to avoid any civilian casualties, most of the terrorists also were not present (10 were still there) and they managed to remove a lot of the rockets. However, from the multiple secondary explosions you can see that they didn’t manage to get them all out.

Take just 10 minutes to listen and your view of the Israeli-Gaza conflict may change forever

Whether you are Israeli, Palestinian, or from anywhere else in the world, take 10 minutes to hear Dana and your perspective may change, or at least be deeper in understanding.

El Al is not a wuss, and I smell a U.S. political rat

I know that people are a bit paranoid as a result of the Dutch KLM flight being blown up by a rocket over the Ukraine by Russian separatists/Russia but you also have to admit that the timing is a bit strange for the sudden FAA decision to bar all flights into and out of Israel by American carriers, a move that set off a chain reaction among European carriers.

The timing is strange in two ways. The first is that Hamas was hitting the central part of the country (where the airport is) much more aggressively in the first week and a half of this conflict than it is now. The airport was far more in danger of being hit then –and it was never in danger. Not then, not now.

There are multiple Iron Dome batteries protecting the airport and while the accuracy of each individual Iron Dome is not 100% (so far hitting 90%), rockets with a trajectory that could threaten the airport or flights are tracked by those multiple Iron Domes and taken out well in advance. So, the FAA and airlines were unconcerned about ‘safety’ when the center of the country was under much more severe and heavy rocket attacks but now that rocket attacks on the center have significantly decreased, they are so worried that they grounded all flights in and out?

The second strange thing with the timing is that the first two airlines, before the FAA decree which came only a bit later, to cancel flights did so simultaneously …and about 20 minutes after John Kerry flew out.

Update: I took the remarks about Syria out as they were incorrect.

So, smelling an Obama administration/State Department rat? It reeks.

Hamas leaders fly same private jet as my Israeli cats?

Well now, take a look at the picture below. Remember back in February how I got a donated ride on a private jet to transport 21 (16 of them in my care) Israeli cats to a sanctuary in the U.S.? (If you missed it, I’ll put the video below. At 9 min it is kind of long and if anyone with good vid skills could help me cut it down to 2 minutes I’d luv you). One of the things the pilot told us was that our jet regularly flew both Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney but mostly serviced luminaries in the Middle East. The interior of the private jet the Hamasniks are flying in the pic below looks identical down to the carpet. I think Meshal is sitting in my seat. The only difference is it includes a bunch of crazy people rather than a passel of innocent cats.

Delta, USair suspend flights to Israel due to rocket attack, United flying as usual

Update: United just canceled all flights for the rest of the day in and out of Israel.

BTW El Al may be way more expensive (ok, it IS) but it is the best. Virtually all of El Al pilots were top Israel Air Force pilots –they know what they are doing and then some.

Just a heads up for those arriving or departing within the next few days –check before you head to the airport. Due to a rocket that landed close to the airport, Delta airlines and USAIR have temporarily suspended flights into and out of Israel. United Airlines and El Al are flying on schedule as usual.

Now back to your regularly scheduled war. :)

Best friend fallout: Erdogan “not talking” to Obama

The BMFs Barack Obama and Turkey’s Erdogan are having a bit of a tiff. Erdogan has said he’s stopped talking to Obama on the phone. He also claims to still be fast friends with Biden “I call him and he calls me.”

On the other side, Obama’s clique called his comments “offensive and wrong.” Erdogan hit back by saying the United States needed to engage in “self-criticism.”

What is this, junior high?

There can be no denying that Erdogan has fallen over the ledge into crazy-ville. The comments he has made about Israel go beyond being anti-Semitic but that clearly is not the problem because he was making crazy anti-Semitic comments about Israel and Jews when he and Obama became best buds. No, I think that it is just that Erdogan’s latest comments on Israel, Syria, and the U.S. make it so obvious that he’s gone over the ledge that Obama wants to make sure he isn’t pulled over the side with him.



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