My disaster of a day. ARGH.

It started off badly when it took nearly 5 hours to get Nesicha into the carrier to bring in to board at Ronen’s. My plan had been to drop her off, get the carrier for Mischa, the paperwork, run to the pet store to get the bowls, and then to my bank, getting back home in time to get a lot of stuff done before the painter arrives (at 5, so in a few minutes). But Ronen wasn’t there when I got there. He was expected any minute though. However, after waiting for 45 minutes I realized there was no way I could then get to my bank. So bank was off the list. I waited another half hour. I went and got lunch and came back. Finally at 3:30 he arrived and we got the paperwork done. The carrier for Mischa looked like it was going to be way too small. I bought it anyway thinking maybe I can get him in there — eh yeah maybe with a plunger. When I see the vet tomorrow morning at the airport at 10 I am going to have to see if the airlines have something that he can fit in and that can fit under the seat. Why the hell don’t people carry Sherpa bags here?!

By the time the paperwork was done, I didn’t have time to go to the pet store for the bowls and grabbed a cab because I didn’t think I’d make it back here in time with the bus. There was some huge pikkak and balagan with roadworks being done on two major streets and so when I was about 10 blocks from home I told the cab to pull over and that I was hoofing it from there. The ride was already nearly double what it usually is. I pretty much ran and got here 10 minutes before 5. Clearly didn’t get anything done on the apartment so far today. While the painter is painting I’ve got to work like a mad woman on the living room and kitchen — he’s going to have to start in the two bedrooms.

Remaining furniture gone, too bad Netanyahu didn’t do the same with Hamas

So an hour before this latest “I’ll believe it when I see it” ceasefire, a mortar attack killed an Israeli and seriously injured two more. The mayors of our southern communities are telling people who sought refuge in the center ‘don’t come back yet.’ I’m summing up my feelings about agreeing to this ceasefire with one succinct sentence: New elections and I’m voting either Liberman or Bennett’s parties. Bye bye Likud.

They finally got the washer, dryer and fridge out of the apartment. The fridge is in the apartment across the hall along with the dryer but the brother is taking the washer and it is still sitting in the hall — they went home to put their little ones to bed and are coming back. To make sure that they take the baker’s rack down when they come back, I drug it out into the hall too.

I also need the runway piece of floor it was sitting on to scooper the massive flood they caused when they disconnected the washer (how to people in other places live without drain holes in the floor when they mop? Seriously, it would have taken me hours without it). The water sprayed everywhere for about 15 minutes before they were able to get the knob to turn to cut off the flow to the disconnected washer spigot.

While they were moving stuff I managed to get the small living room window cleaned –eh mostly. My arm isn’t long enough to reach all the way to the far edge of the window glass on the outside. I got the trisim, screen, and window cleaned as best I could. If I can get the small toilet room window and walls and door clean and a few small items like the ricer cooker down then I’m going to call it a night. To be honest, I’m not sure I have the mojo even for that. I want to collapse.

not enough hours in the day

This morning I met the landlord’s wife and we switched the arnona into their name and I paid the final month’s rent. She is coming on Thursday to get the water and electric readings so we can cancel my automatic payments and get the utilities into their names. I got the refrigerator and freezer cleaned out (felt like a criminal throwing an entire trashbag of food out) and the fridge completely cleaned inside and out. I got the water drained out of the washing machine (major balagan on the floor with the flood). I talked with the storage people and discovered that they will take a U.S. check if all the other transfer options fail. The U.S. government has gone insane and for some bizarro reason has forbidden credit unions to do international bank transfers.

I’m about to go bang on the neighbour’s door and find out when they are picking up the fridge, washer and dryer. Last night they said this afternoon but not when and the husband said he’d come by and let me know when he got home from work but he did not. All I know is that they damn well better get these things and get them out today.

I don’t know what to do next –windows in the living room? carry the microwave down? sort through the papers that the mover’s forgot to pack and see if I need to box and mail them? Argh.

Sometimes procrastination is good (go Israeli stocks!)

So you might remember that like six weeks ago I found out that while I was working at BGU they had been socking money away in a savings/benefits/retirement account on my behalf and that I could now decide what to do with it: a) keep it in there and earning interest but dependent on the stock market b) take some of it out or c) cash it all out. My first inclination was to cash it all out and my second, being a bit on the cautious side, was to say well wait maybe I should keep some in so when I do hit retirement age I have something… Since on other fronts I’ve thrown caution and everything else to the wind and I am going to need it this coming year to pay off the remaining vet bills for the great cat transport, my dental bills, and what’s left of the mega loan I took out for the hopeful but failed ‘maybe a baby’ endeavor, I’ve finally decided on full cash-in. In this case, though, procrastination in my decision has worked in my favour — six weeks ago my retirement package was 33,000 and change, now it is 33,351. The Israeli stock market is doing well. Yeah baby :) So, with the fax I’m sending off in 20 minutes, I’ll have that latest number locked in no matter what the market does tomorrow. It may be that the market will improve and I’ll have ‘lost’ by cashing in now but given that I’ve gained by waiting 6 weeks, I’ve no problem with that.

ADHD preparations

When I got up this morning I felt like I’d been beaten up — every muscle in my body hurt including muscles I’d forgotten I had. I was saved from a cold shower this morning when the rockets blared just as I was getting ready to get in…and discovered as I shut off the water I was about to leap into that I’d used all the hot water with cleaning stuff last night. It turns out the sirens were a false alarm. The south has not been so lucky this morning.

My phone has been ringing off the hook with folks wanting to say goodbye and have a last get-together before I go. I love you people and I’d really love and want to get together but I don’t even have time to chat with you on the phone. G-d that sounds terrible but it is unfortunately true.

Between answering the phone I’ve gotten drips and drabs of this and that done. I’m about to carry down the entertainment center. I was hoping to get it down last night but was too tired and the thought of carrying it down so far today has been a ahhhhhhhh no experience. It isn’t all that big but it is heavy as shit. But it has to go and so, as soon as my break is over, I’m going to heft it down. I can do this.

step by slow step

The painter is coming on Wednesday afternoon and will be here until midnight. The price he quoted was 1800 sheks but I will have 2500 on hand just in case.

Today so far I managed to get the dresser downstairs and completely cleaned the large bedroom — cleaned the trisim, the screens, the window and sills, cleaned the wardrobe inside and out, cleaned the two glass doors, their frames and mezuzaot, cleaned the ceiling fan (which was a trick because I discovered the movers moved the ladder –the landlord’s ladder, ahem) and the floor. That room just needs to be painted now and the floors washed one more time afterwards.

I brought a sack of groceries over to the holocaust survivor in the building next door (the one who loved to come and admire my garden and that I shared the bounty with) and will put together another one at the end of the week depending on what is left over.

I started freezing water bottles because I’ll have to turn the fridge off tomorrow night and clean it so that it can be moved on tuesday.

I’m taking a bit of a rest and am thinking about eating something for lunch (yes I know it is nearly 6 but I’ve been too busy and too hot to eat) and then will get back to it. I’m so covered in dust and dreck I make Pigpen from Charlie Brown look clean.

Rockets from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and a couple of good reads

It doesn’t look like Lebanon is going to enter the fray, at least at the moment, despite several rockets being fired at the Israel from there. The Lebanese army is searching for the culprits and destroyed one of the rocket launchers. It wasn’t Hezbollah and actually Hezbollah has been pretty slammed, not by us, but by fighting in Syria: Nearly 600 of the Hezbollah fighters who jumped into battle in Syria have been killed this past 6 weeks.

A couple of mortars came in from Syria as well but, again, they have their hands full and are not likely to do any sort of major attacks on us anytime soon.

Last night there was another attack on the center, the sirens went but only 1 rocket reached the Tel Aviv area and Iron Dome took it out.

Here are a couple of good reads, one from Stratfor and one from Caroline Glick. They make a nice complementary package of info:

The Hard Hand of the Middle East at Stratfor

Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi Alliance by Caroline Glick


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