Convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin and friends’ reign of political terrorism against bloggers

Check it out, George Soros and other Dem bigwigs are funding this guy who is not only a drug dealer, alleged child molester, and convicted perjurer and forger but who is also the Indiana Speedway Bomber (who is also believed to have played a role in the assassination of a grandmother).  Brett Kimberlin, spent 17 years in prison for a spate of bombings that took the life of one man He is now going after bloggers –conservative and liberal alike–who expose his criminal past with bogus, but expensive (for them) lawsuits, leveling threats and intimidation (several of the bloggers have lost their jobs after he published the addresses of their places of work because their employers are so afraid of this guy) and other nefarious deeds. Today has been dubbed Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day –so I’m blogging about this incredibly nasty piece of work.  He should be locked up and the key thrown away.  Why is he out when he was sentenced to 50 years in prison?!

Check out Patterico’s post on this: “You’re about to listen to one of the most bone-chilling pieces of audio you will ever hear. At least, it was to me when I first heard it.  It’s a phone call that could have gotten me killed.

And Robert Stacy McCain has had to flee his home and state and go into hiding because of the threats he’s been receiving after exposing Kimberlin’s background and current golden-boy status (1.8 million dollars worth of donations) as a leftist activist.

Here’s a short video about Kimberlin:


20 responses to “Convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin and friends’ reign of political terrorism against bloggers”

  1. Lynne says :

    This is absolutely terrifying. There is a push in New York to make annoymous blogging and commenting on the internet illegal…and I think that is scary given these kinds of situations, including Obama’s Enemy List—also very creepy and scary, like Obama.

  2. Dustyn Hughes (@MonitorAccess) says :

    Tweeted. This is the type of story that NEEDS sunlight.

  3. Mac says :

    Again, the Dems have become the party of the ends justify the means. Morals mean nothing.

    • Lynne says :

      Mac, how did this party become so vile? And liberals… so many of them absolutely horrible. I read an study about the characteristics of those who claim to only buy and eat organic food. The authors stated that as a result of their study, they found that those who only buy and eat organic food are MEAN…that they feel completely superior to others who don’t buy and eat only organic. Using multiple strategies, the researchers found these characteristics among most of those who claim that they ONLY buy and eat organic: self-righteousness, judgmental, feeling superior, and holding negative attitudes and feelings towards others. Sounds reasonable. I bet the same can be said for Democrats in general.

      • israeliminx says :

        I don’t think people in either party have the market on judgmental characteristics. But, as a former really Left Leftie, I do think the left has the market on feeling superior and, despite being supposedly “for the people,” feeling very elitist –because “the people” are too ignorant/stupid/insert your adjective to know what is best for them and must be led, shown the way, and taken care of for their own good (by the enlightened on the Left, of course). It certainly says something that the majority of the movers and shakers and true believers on the Left are working “on behalf and in solidarity with” the so-called proletariat but themselves are largely middle and upper-middle class. The proletariat themselves are not on board (and tend to vote Republican).

      • Clamps says :

        I could ask you the same of your party.

  4. Lynne says :

    I should add that I do buy organic whenever I can afford it in my budget, and always buy organic certainly veggies that are prone to high pesticide/fertilizer use. But I am not “religious” about it and I am sure that many of us who buy organic do not fit the mold described in the study. I know that type though!

  5. Clamps says :

    A war on the Blogosphere would be a wonderful, wonderful thing. Too bad I must view your post and video with skepticism.

    • Lynne says :

      Why is that—the skepticism? You are certainly right though that there is so much stuff on the internet and from mainstream news sources that is is hard to know what is factual, even from the most reliable sources. Misinformation and false information are not new though. That is a problem that has existed for a long, long time—long before the internet. In this case though, it seems that this guy Kimberlin is a criminal turned “activist” and bad news.

      • Clamps says :

        I don’t think this is a reliable source.

      • israeliminx says :

        Right Clamps, actual court documents and judgments are such unreliable sources.

        Hope you are having fun merrily trolling along.

      • Clamps says :

        You didn’t link to any actual court documents and judgments.

      • israeliminx says :

        I linked to the L.A. County Deputy District Attorney and to another lawyer involved and if you read those posts, particularly the 28,000 word post –yes it will take about two hours to read –(link in my text via ‘nefarious deeds’) you will indeed find the links to that information. Or go read the newspaper archives from the 80s on the Speedway Bomber and his trial.

      • Clamps says :

        No, you linked to a video and mentioned The Other McCain, a man who links to The Camp of the Saints.

      • israeliminx says :

        I guess you are blind as well as being a troll. I linked to the L.A. Country Deputy District Attorney’s blog (Patterico — in text link “It’s a phone call that could have gotten me killed”), to lawyer Aaron Walker (in text link “nefarious deeds”), to the news report on The Blaze (in text link “this guy”) and to Robert Stacy McCain’s blog as McCain is another victim of this terrorist bomber.

    • Lynne says :

      BTW, do a google search on Brett Kimberlin, and you’ll find plenty of facts about him—mostly scary.

      • Clamps says :

        The first site is THEBLAZE.

        AKA the site who had a freakout because some advertisement for tourism wasn’t Aryans only.

  6. Lynne says :

    Ignore the troll.

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