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This election is going to be 1992 all over again with the incumbent going down

“Its the economy stupid.”
“Read my lips: No new taxes” –oops

Those two statements summarize what sent George Bush (Sr) packing and installed Bill Clinton on the White House in the 1992 election. Can you feel the deja vu?

Here we are in 2012 and again we’ve got “its the economy stupid.” ‘Nuff said on that score. Now we’ve also got Obama’s ‘read my lips’ direct equivalent. Obama promised, repeatedly, vociferously from when he was on the campaign trail in 2008 on up until…well, yesterday, that he would impose no taxes of any sort on anyone making less than $250,000. He swore up and down and vigourously attacked and excoriated those who suggested it, that the Obamacare mandate (and penalty for those who don’t comply) were not taxes.

The Supreme Court has just said otherwise. The Supreme Court has just said that he has levied an ObamaTax to the tune of $500 BILLION dollars on taxpayers making less than $250,000. ObamaCare = ObamaTax. He has, in fact, levied the largest tax on middle class taxpayers in history. Let’s repeat that, shall we: ObamaCare is the largest tax on taxpayers making under $250,000 ever passed in the history of the U.S.


What the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding Medicaid means: Enjoy having no health insurance and paying for the privilege

The Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare (no, make that ObamaTax) is so not a gift to Obama or its backers in so many ways. One of the major aspects of the ruling that isn’t getting much attention yet, probably because the meaning hasn’t quite sunk in, is the limitation on imposing medicaid expansion on the States. Under the ObamaCare Tax law that passed Congress, States were going to be required to expand their Medicaid programs drastically or be penalized by having all of the money for their existing Medicaid programs cut off. The Supreme Court has just said no can do. What does this mean?

In order for all those uninsured folks to become insured, the Medicaid programs in each State would have to be dramatically expanded by putting all those uninsured folks on the Medicaid roster. States can now refuse to do that and some most certainly will –more than half of the States making up the United States were part of the suit against Obamacare just decided upon by the Supreme Court.

What happens in States that don’t expand Medicaid? Well, they can now simply tell those uninsured people that sorry but if you can’t afford to buy private insurance you’ll just have to pay that tax penalty for remaining uninsured. Those who fall beneath the poverty line will be eligible for the hardship waiver –they won’t have to pay the penalty but they also won’t be insured.

Who it is really going to hurt are the families making just above the hardship cut-off: The law imposes a penalty of 2.5% of one’s income if he fails to purchase government-approved health insurance. This means those “just above” poverty families will now, in real terms, experience a severe financial blow with no relief. They will, in essence, be poorer than the poor. They won’t be eligible for the relief of food stamps and so forth, yet with the penalty imposed on them, they will have even less money than those who do get food stamps. And they’ll also be uninsured.

100 suspected Islamist radicals may have infiltrated the U.S. military to carry out terror attacks

Why is this not being covered in the mainstream media? The FBI and military officials are conducting investigations into possible insider terror threats from Islamic extremists within the U.S. military. NPR (National Public Radio) has learned that about a dozen serious investigations are underway. The real challenge may be finding ways to prevent radicalization within the military in the first place.

Read the transcript of the interview with Sen. Lieberman, military security experts, and officials on this story here.

Big hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur!

Oh yeah, and you might ask yourself why an identified and self-admitting member of a terrorist group was admitted as a distinguished visitor at the White House last week –and they are refusing to tell Congress (or reporters) how he even got a visa to begin with much less into the White House. Jihad Watch has the scoop here.

Peachy: British jihadi inspires his family to become Islamist Fundamentalists

The Telegraph reports two British-born and raised citizens were killed while engaging in jihadi activities in Yemen. They attended the same London mosque that spawned the Mike’s Place, here in Tel Aviv, suicide bomber:

The two men, one a former accountancy student, had travelled to a religious school to study Islam but took up arms in Yemen’s increasingly bloody civil war, their friends and relatives told the Daily Telegraph.

They were killed fighting rival shia Muslims in the mountains around the small town of Dammaj in Northern Yemen, according to one report.

The father of one of the men said he considered his son to be “shaheed” [a martyr] and his whole family had been inspired to adopt fundamentalist Islam.

Both men attended a small mosque in Cranford, West London, under the flight path into Heathrow, which was also occasionally attended by Asif Hanif, Britain’s first suicide bomber. Hanif killed himself in an attack on a waterfront bar called Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv in 2003.

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Dems join Repubs in planning to hold Holder in contempt

It is no longer a fight straight down party lines with Republicans gunning for Holder. A number of Democrats have broken ranks and are planning to vote with the Republican members of Congress. One of those Democrats, Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah, said, “Sadly, it seems that it will take holding the attorney general in contempt to communicate that evasiveness is unacceptable. It is a vote I will support.”

A number of analysts have offered up the explanation of the NRA stating it is keeping track of who votes how for the defections, meaning Dems in those “gun-clinging” States don’t want the NRA targeting them for ejection when re-election time rolls around. That is definitely part of it. I think there is more going on, however.

More Dems have announced that they are just too darn busy to attend the upcoming National Democratic Party Convention this September (also known as the rah rah 4 more years for Obama party). They are, in the words Obama used to describe his actions towards Israel “putting a little daylight between” themselves and their faltering leader. More Dems are coming out and trying to present themselves more as independents than as Democrats, differentiating themselves and their positions from the ones Obama has taken. Does the phrase ‘rats off a sinking ship’ start to seem a bit appropriate?

I’m going to give it a couple of days before the backlash against the Department of Homeland Security’s refusal to cooperate with Arizona’s court-tested crackdown on illegal immigration really heats up but I expect we’ll see some Dems jumping ship there as well. Obama should get an immediate bounce in the polls in some swing States from Hispanic voters (e.g. Colorado) but this is going to hurt him in the longer run as the implications sink in with independent voters and conservative Democrats. The Arizona law is popular, nationally, with independents but even for those who do not embrace the law, the administration’s decision to abruptly terminate multiple agreements just with Arizona under a program that fostered federal-state cooperation as a means to get around the Supreme Court ruling is likely to prove very unpopular with this bunch.

Critter update

News on several kitty fronts.  First of Mischa and I JUST (11 pm!) got back from the vet and I’m so hungry I could have et him on the way home.  It was a 6 hour, 1800 shekel, one blood-taking, 4 blood-tests, one near heart-attack (mine), one shot, and 4 little bags of pills that I’ll be stuffing –and in one instance grinding up with water and squirting –down his throat a grand total of 9 times a day all together.  YIPEE.  (Sarcastic much, Minxi? 🙂  So, here’s the deal on the Misch Misch.

While Mischa has always been a yakking machine, he’s been a womiting wabbit far more often of late.  He’s lost a ton of weight in the last few months.  His breath can knock you down from a football field away –speaking of football, so rooting for Germany on Sunday, but I digress.  He also just looks ratty instead of his usual sleek and well-groomed self.  I mean, he’s been seriously experiencing bad fur days.  And he’s getting old: 13 years for a cat, making him nearing 70 in human years, so not a spring chicken any longer.

After he nearly ate me and the sweet little vet from Gernany that Ronen has brought in to help out in the clinic, Ronen worked some sort of voo-doo magic on him and was able to take the blood from his neck with him calm as a toad.  The results of the initial blood-test were what nearly gave me the heart-attack.  His globulin levels were sky high and his bun level way too low.  My joy at his other signs being well in the normal range (so creatin was excellent and he isn’t going into renal failure which is what I thought and Ronen thought was probable given the symptoms) was muted by the other two possibilities.  Well namely, that he had Feline Leukemia.  Those are classic results indicating it was FLV. 

Ronen was like, you have 18 cats.  We have to test for it and it probably is it.  I was like, no no no, I might have 18 cats but I’ve had the damn expensive test on each and every new one of them before I let them anywhere near my household brood.  However, while it is rare, you can get false negatives on the tests and that is especially the case with tiny babies because even though it would have been passed to them invitro the initial antibodies they have from Ema can mask it on the test.  The three little girls were the size of tadpoles when I had them tested.  If he had gotten FIV it would mean all of mine have it –I don’t even want to go there mentally–and I spent a half hour waiting for the test results in near cardiac arrest.  That ruled out, we went on to even more expensive test #2.

He’s got pancreatitis.  We don’t know the cause –it could be bacterial and that is what I am treating him for now.  He’s getting two different antibiotics twice a day each, a lower-the-acidity level in the gut pill three times a day and a grind up and squirt down the throat to coat the esophagus prior to feeding concoction.  For the next 21 days.  Can I tell you how much my cat is going to HATE me?  We are hoping this solves it.  If not, it isn’t so hot.  It will mean some seriously expensive tests and most likely at least one surgery.  The other cause is a tumor (cancerous or non) that could be located outside or inside the pancreas/stomach/large intestine.  It would mean more blood work, ultrascan, and possibly exploratory surgery in order to locate, remove, and biopsy it.  

Coming home on the bus was a safari adventure: it was not only packed with standing room only people but there were 6 dogs, two cats and three human babies in prams and strollers aboard –and none of the dogs or prams were small.  When it was time to get off, I had 3 different people helping me to lift Mischa’s carrier over the sleeping baby in her pram while I tried to squeeze past baby and the other people in the aisle.  A nice guy yelled out for the bus driver to wait while a nice young soldier carried Mischa off the bus and put him into my hands when I climbed down before jumping back aboard himself. 

Ronen has found a shop that sells the carriers I need for sending kitties abroad and another store where I can get the attachable food and water bowls the airlines require.  He’s calling with their contact info on Thursday.  Now, I just need to reach the airlines.

Carter jumps on chance to be seen as second-worst President, slams Obama

First Bill Clinton, now Carter. Jimmeh has penned a scathing rebuke of Obama’s policies in an article in the New York Times titled “A Cruel and Unusual Record.”
As ABC’s Jake Tapper tweeted: “Jimmy Carter couches this as criticism of the nation, but it‘s really shot after shot at President Obama’s policies.”

Of course, it could just be the case that, given Romney’s penchant for munching on peanut M&Ms, Carter is seeing a potential boon for his penaut farm if a peanut-lovin’ President takes the helm.