Go Congressman Nadler!! Recognize Jewish refugees from Arab countries

I will tell you that I have a special place in my heart for Congressman Jerrold Nadler and immense respect.  He literally did what a Congressman should but all too often doesn’t; He looked into a travesty committed against a little constituent and went to bat for them (me, in this case, though it ended  up affecting countless thousands of others).

I was a graduate student who earned a coveted and prestigious place studying for a year at a German University, during which time I not only studied full time (actually beyond full time as I took a double-load of extra courses) but conducted the bulk of my dissertation studies there.  I was in constant contact with the folks who had given me student loans from undergrad on up (primarily Sallie Mae)  and sent in every required document –occasionally multiple times.  All seemed fine until the year I returned.  Suddenly I was receiving first letters stating that I owed the full balance of my loans NOW because I’d not been a student–to each of which I replied with sending copies of my previous correspondence that included the evidence I’d submitted showing all the appropriate proof of full-time student status and their confirmation.   I’d get a response saying “well you didn’t send this needed document” (that no one had ever mentioned but I’d get it).  Then I would get a letter with “but you didn’t send this” and I’d reply but that oh I had and here’s the proof and your letter acknowledging it.  They kept changing the game and in the meantime they utterly trashed my pristine credit rating.  The letters turned into collection agencies calling me, threatening me, even calling at 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve –and threats included things like the police are going to knock on your door and you will be jailed for twenty years or more.

I wrote to all my Congressmen and sent full packets of all the exchanges and proof submitted.  Only Nadler responded and he did so in only a couple of days.  The upshot of his involvement –and it was hefty –was not only a full restoration of my credit rating but also sparked the entire investigation into Sallie May for illegal practices.  Go, Nadler, go!

Nadler is now at the head of a push for the recognition of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and not only the “Palestinian” refugees.  ‘It is simply wrong to recognize rights of Palestinian refugees without recognizing rights of nearly one million Jewish refugees,’ Congressman Nadler says after bipartisan legislation introduced.  Right on and GO NADLER GO!!  


3 responses to “Go Congressman Nadler!! Recognize Jewish refugees from Arab countries”

  1. Lynne says :

    Congressman Nadler is brilliant!

  2. Mac says :

    I’m glad he helped you get that straightened out!

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    AT LAST!!!! Thank you, Yael, for pointing out this particular issue of “Recognizing the MANY Jewish refugees from Arab countries “!!!

    Honestly, we sometimes hear words like “ethnic cleansing” and so on that Israel would have done with the BOGUS Palestinians (they are just Muslim Arabs!!!).
    BUT the Jews living in Arab countries were EXPULSED AND ROBBED OF MOST OF THEIR POSSESSIONS IN MOST ARAB COUNTRIES when the creation of the State of Israel was officially recognized by the ONU. That is the reality.

    With Muslims who are, no matter how “moderate” they seem to be, the main enemies of Israel and of the Jews all over the world (!!) and the main propagandists of the hatred against Israel and against Jews in the Diaspora, therefore it is not a surprise that I am very strong on applying “an eye for an eye” to the enemies of Israel, whoever they are (Muslims mainly nowadays BUT also stupid Muslim sympathizers of any country and they are many unfortunately!).

    That is the reasons why if I was Prime Minister of Israel, the first action that I will take will be to ask ALL the Muslims of Gaza, the West Bank and EVEN Israel to go back to their own Muslim countries.
    Why such an action that would seem sooooo unfair?
    Because these Muslims were, for 99% of them, IMPORTED INTO THE LAND OF ISRAEL BY THE BRITISH, especially in Jordan but also in Syria. Why? To prevent the first Jewish settlers of settling in Jordan that was fully part of the Palestine of the British Mandate, the State of Israel at that particular time, only a few decades ago.
    And why the British did that?
    To create another BOGUS Muslim state in Jordan!!! Syria was already another BOGUS state at that time of the British Mandate where in the entire Palestine of the British Mandate, it was basically completely deprived of inhabitants at the arrival of the first Jewish settlers (malaria was everywhere in the Land of Israel for instance).

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