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First there were the Rockefeller Republicans, then the Reagan Democrats, now you can join the proud ranks of moderates and independents crossing the aisle for REAL hope and change.  Not a Democrat?  That’s ok, give them to your Democrat friends to nudge them along or wear one anyway to show all those timid Dems out there that they won’t be alone and can toss out Obama while keeping the bathwater.  Design by Minx and Kittens

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some people are just evil

You know I mentioned that the apartment upstairs is being renovated?  Well the people who were renting it have abandoned their little black cat.  I already knew they were irresponsible because not only did they let her out everyday and the street outside is a veritable highway, but they let her out and never got her spayed (at least they did keep her inside when she was in heat because I could hear her yowling about up there) and she must be a year and half or so old by the looks of her.  She has been hanging around me all summer, taking an interest in what all I’m doing in the garden and ‘talking’ at me.  Very friendly, wants a lot of pets as I’m watering and planting and so forth.

So I noticed about a week ago that she was losing some weight and then this week that not only had she gone from fat and sassy but to very thin.  Her talking had become yammering and every time I went into the apartment she would race up the stairs and cry — then she started coming down and crying at my door.  Three days ago, I went back out and put some food down outside for her and she literally jumped on it like she’d never seen food before. I gave her food yesterday and today I went up and asked the vad if he knew what was going on.  It seems her owners moved out nearly three weeks ago.  They asked the vad to feed to the cat for them for two days until they could get settled in their new place and come and get her.  They never came back for her.  The vad fed her until the bag of food they left with him was gone but he’s got five kids and another one on the way and they simply can’t afford to take on the care of the cat.

I’ll put food out for her as long as I live here but I’ve already got 18 and there is simply no room at chez Minxi’s.

Clintons hedge their bets, subtly modify party loyalty

While Bill Clinton will introduce Obama at the DNC, Hillary is staying about as far away as you can get.  But here’s the interesting thing:  they’ve dispatched daughter Chelsea to attend both the Republican and the Democrat conventions.  And here’s the interesting post she put on her Facebook account, “Some of you may be surprised to learn I’m not the first Clinton to attend a Republican National Convention!  My mother attended the RNC in 1968 to support Nelson Rockefeller.”

Support.  Yeah.  Check that again: support.

So, the first (lady) Clinton attended a Republican Convention to support a Republican candidate.  This is only the second time a Clinton has attended a Republican Convention and given the comment above your conclusion would be….

(Before there were “Reagan Democrats,” there were “Rockefeller Republicans” — moderates who would ordinarily support Dems but who went for Rockefeller as a moderate centrist).

Romney: Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus

Amazing acceptance speech from Romney — who knew he could be funny too?  When he said this about Obama I laughed so hard I thought I would cry, “You know there is something wrong with the kind of job he has done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”

It was a good speech, it gave a better idea of the man behind the speech, and it made very clear whose side he was on — America’s side, for a great America.  It also made clear that unlike Obama he would stand by America’s allies and not, as he explicitly said, throw allies like Israel under the bus.

Will have the full speech up as soon as it is on the convention channel on youtube.  In the meantime, check out Marco Rubio’s eloquent speech introducing Mitt Romney.

Three cheers for new media holding the MSM to account for biased coverage

Conservative blogs and sites like and Drudge have been all over MSNBC for not only not showing any of the minority speakers from the first day except for Nikki Haley and only a brief glimpse of Condi Rice’s yesterday (and half of the speakers have been minority members so far at the Republican National Convention) but for having the gall, including while several of those minority speakers that they weren’t showing were actually speaking, of accusing the Republican party of not having and of shafting minorities.They’ve been all over CNN and other networks as well but MSNBC has been by far the most egregious offender.

They’ve made so much noise that Fox has now got an article up that addresses NBC’s bias.  Of course, it is tucked inside an article about the vile changes made on Mia Love’s Wikipedia page.  Guess some Dems just can’t handle a strong, articulate black woman not only being a Republican but knocking the socks off folks with her speech.

Conservative bloggers were also on top of the vile comment made by Yahoo New’s political editor (he used to work for ABC and PBS in a similar capacity) captured when he didn’t think the mic was on.  Oh those deadly off-camera but mic’d moments.  The blog and twitter sphere went ballistic and 6 hours later he was sacked.  Good riddance.

I’ve quite honestly never seen such offensive and simply blatantly biased  coverage by so-called impartial news servers of a political convention in my entire life.  They are just out of the box!

Condi Rice and Paul Ryan knock it out of the ballpark

On a side note, I want her shirt.


I find days when I really don’t get anything done to be very frustrating.  I went this morning to do the stick your finger in the machine proof you are still around though it would be very nice since I’m giving you the proof that you give me the money machine.  I’ve been sticking my finger in the machine every week since back in July but nada has gone into my bank account.  I’m assured that eventually money of some description will go into my account retro-active to the first finger-sticking event but c’mon folks, get that red tape out  of the way please so that my bank account is not in the red!  I think it was the very reminder that I still don’t have any money coming in that made me go and spend some (kidding).

But I did spend some on that little excursion out and about because I finally got around to measuring my sofa.  I must have had a premonition.  See, some people have small children that pee in the bed.  I have large cats that occasionally do and since they consider the sofa their bed….yeah.  So I went to a little fabric/bedding store on Rabbi Akiva just around the corner and bought a pee-protector for the sofa.  Who knew that they actually come in futon sofa sizes?!  I’d gotten one last year but it was in  child-size-bed dimensions and so has not functioned very well at all.  Truthfully, it has been utterly useless.  Not to name and shame, but Mischa is the problem cat.  I can’t get angry at him because he is old and sick and would probably prefer not to pee on his favourite sleeping place.  Maybe they make the futon-sized ones for elderly people who feel the same way.   I’m just glad they do.

So, armed with the pee-protector I came home and, literally on walking in the door, realized I should have hoofed it back a bit faster because there was Mischa right in the middle of the act!  The two non-effective in pee protecting quilts I’d put on it had to be washed but the bigger task has been trying to get the pee smell out of the futon itself.  Mischa has a bladder fit for a race horse and he’d clearly been saving up.

I tried to sit down and work on the article I’ve desperately got to finish with huge deadline looming but, between the loads of laundry, scrubbing on the futon, and the hell of a noise coming out of the apartment just above me –yay, it is being rennovated or, from the sounds,  maybe they’ve just decided to reduce the entire thing to rubble.  Slowly and painfully– and the repeated calls from students who left their year-long projects until the very very very end and are now panicking,  yeah, nada, zip, the big zero done.

The garden gave me no solace.  I discovered the cucumbers turning yellow on the vine (is it bugs, the bad soil, some combination?).  Literally all of the baby and almost-reaady cucumbers are turning yellow on all of the cucumber producing plants.  The zucchini plants are of a size to conquer New York but nary a zuke is being produced and the bush squash plants are doing I don’t know what but not what they are supposed to be doing.  I planted some baby lettuce and some basil seeds just to feel like I accomplished something that might, maybe, potentially bear fruit.

The sofa is finally re-clothed, this time with the new and hopefully effective nice big pee protector on it.  It has been nearly an hour since the last bang, large thing dropped above my head, or hellacious noise of large objects being dragged down the stairs has ceased.  I can finally concentrate to work.  Only, I’m too damn tired.