Jordyn Wieber got ripped off

Stupid, retarded, bassackwards rule.  This is multi-culti run amok.  So you do better than all but 3 other people.  YET, those people who did less well than you did get to compete in the individual event competition and you are frozen out in the cold?  This is not what the Olympics is about.  This cheapens the individual gold medals because the gynmasts the winners are going against are not necessarily the best in the competition, they are simply the best out of their country’s showing.

Yeah, I’m spitting mad about this new Olympic rule that only allows the top two from any country, rather than the top athletes, to compete in the all-around gymnastics competition in order to “give every country a chance.”  I’m sorry, every country had a chance.  That is what those qualifying scores are.  If you didn’t get into the highest score bracket then you shouldn’t be in the all-around and if you did get into the highest scoring bracket than you sure as hell should be.  I don’t care if the individual all-around competition comes down to every single member of same-team X — if they had higher scores than the members of the other teams they should be the ones in that competition.

So here is Jordyn Wieber, whose scores were so close to the 3rd highest scorer (her teammate Aly Reisman) that it was unclear which one would be in the 3rd highest position and she comes in 4th.  Ok.  Great. Fantastic job.   But why on earth should people who came in 5th and 9th and 14th etc get to go to the individuals and not those who scored higher, like Jordyn?  This is just so wrong it makes my head hurt.  And it makes my heart hurt for Jordyn Wieber because she was so badly ripped off.


8 responses to “Jordyn Wieber got ripped off”

  1. Lynne says :

    I don’t like the Olympics at all. I hate the concept, which is based only on competition, rather than celebrating the accomplishments of all. I’d rather see a replacement to the Olympics based on the idea of performance, not pitting one individual or country against another. Celebrating cooperation among athletes in performances, instead. Actually, I hate the Olympics.

  2. Mike says :

    Yeah, this is why I don’t watch gymnastics or figure skating. There’s something wrong, to me, with judged sports. Give me a sport that’s times or where people score points any day.

  3. Mac says :

    I didnt know this was a new rule, but I thought it was stupid and how did I never hear of this in the past lol. Really, only 2 from any nation? Really? Olympics gone PC wild …

  4. TDDPirate says :

    I remember the days at which Soviet Union dominated the international Chess championship scene by all kinds of manipulations of the competitions, thanks to their having sent most of the participants of those championships.

    It took a lot of bullying by Bobby Fischer to break SU’s domination.

    So, my guess is that the rule of only 2 from any nation was to prevent any one nation from dominating any particular sports.

    I am still puzzled over one question – is there any gaming of the rules that a nation with 3 in a contest can do, that a nation with only 2 in a contest cannot?

    • israeliminx says :

      Pirate — the short answer is no. In gymnastics, at least, since the break-up of the Soviet bloc countries, the judging has been far more fair — the judges in the various countries under the Soviet umbrella used to bloc vote giving higher than deserved scores to their athletes –Russian, Rumanian etc. –and underscoring the western athletes and since they had high representation on the judging panels that skewed outcomes.

      Now the only way to game the system is by entering under-aged athletes. China, Russia and Romania routinely did this and China, at least, still does (China has since been stripped of its Bronze medal from the Sydney Olympics after discovery of their star gymnast being several years younger than allowed). Personally, I think the age requirement is stupid and beyond stupid. Female gymnasts peak at 13, 14 years of age. It is not like raising the competition age puts any less pressure on the 13, 14 year olds — they are still training just as many hours and competing in just as many national and international competitions –just minus the Olympics. Raising the age limit has increased injuries among gymnasts (more years of brutal pounding on your body, kids who are “over the hill” needing to master tricks that are easy for a younger, less-developed gymnast to do but made extremely difficult and more dangerous for older kids to master, and increased the already rampant level of eating disorders in an attempt to maintain a prepubescent body. If any gymnast remotely near Elite status and above the age of 12-13 tells you they aren’t either Ana (anorexic) or bulemic just smile at the flashing neon lie. It isn’t an option, it is a necessity. That was true when I competed and the necessity is even higher now).

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