Ohio, Florida, NC, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire are critical for Romney

Wins in Ohio, Florida, NC, Colorado, Iowa, and New Hampshire are the most likely route to a Romney presidency.  If he gets wins in all of these States, he wins the election.  A loss in any one of them most likely means another Obama term.  Romney is likely going to take Florida and is definitely going to take North Carolina (the latter should not even be counted in the toss-up category any longer) — but he can’t afford to take either for granted and should definitely focus a steady ad campaign and frequent visits on them, especially Florida.

Ohio is critical.   No matter how you look at it, he MUST take Ohio.  I do not see any viable alternate route to the White House without Ohio.  My advice to the Romney campaign is that he all but live in Ohio.  Do everything but take up permanent residence there.  Forget Pennsylvania.  It always looks like a tempting plum but don’t take the bait.

Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire are the other clinch the deal necessities — get some vacation homes there and vacation a lot.

Those are the States that I’d throw 80% of my time and money toward.  I’d throw a further 10% at Virginia and divide the final 10% between the long-shots of Nevada and Pennsylvania.


6 responses to “Ohio, Florida, NC, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire are critical for Romney”

  1. Lynne says :

    I’m nearly on my knees in prayer that Romney wins.

  2. TDDPirate says :

    Sorry but I feel bored by this backseat driving.
    And if I were at driver’s seat I’d be rather intolerant of this.

    If I were to pray for anything, I’d pray for Romney not to change his skin once he wins the elections (didn’t it happen to Obama?) and for _____ (unrelated to politics).

    • israeliminx says :

      If bored, don’t read. He has to get in first before I worry about changing spots but no matter how drastically he might change his spots he can’t be worse than Obama, especially an Obama with 100% free reign as he will never again face an election.

      • TDDPirate says :

        It is difficult to figure out that one is bored with an item here before reading it. Enough are interesting for you to get the benefit of doubt every time.

        Suppose that Romney turns out to be as bad as Obama (or even only a bit better than him) – would we better off with Romney rather than with Obama?

        Obama advantage: Jews are very involved in the Democratic party, and it is easier to pressurize Obama to be more reasonable toward Israel.
        Romney advantage: Will probably do better looking after USA’s interests and they are still mostly aligned with Israeli interests.

        Something that I wanted to ask people who are in the know.
        Israeli politicians claim that Obama’s rhetoric withstanding, the Pentagon is now having unprecedented degree of cooperation with Israel. I wonder whether it is true and whether it is only to keep Israel from attacking Iran on its own – and will disappear once the Iranian crisis is resolved one way or other.

  3. Lynne says :

    Pirate, interesting comment, esp. the idea that the Pentagon is now having unprecedented cooperation with Israel. I hope that turns out to be true.
    I have not been able to see that the Jewish voters within the Democratic Party have had any influence, well, any visible influence anyway.
    I have developed an intense dislike of Obama and I don’t trust him at all, so for me, Romney would definitely be a great improvement.
    I’m believe that it was Drudge that had an article reporting that the media coverage for Romney has been about 68% negative, when all coverage has been considered, compared to Obama. Every single way that the media can distort and put a negative spin on Romney, they take that opportunity. Even the fact that Romney’s wife has a horse in the Olympics, was presented negatively in all but one article that I read. In the meantime, the media continues to hide Obama’s (and First Lady Michelle’s) questionable associations and activities, past and present. With such distortions, Americans will certainly not get a true picture of the candidates.

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