Why Paul Ryan is the Man

First, we’ll get the boring practicalities out of the way:  With Ryan on the ticket, there is a better-than-not chance that Romney will take Wisconsin.  Wisconsin had already dropped from the 14% advantage it gave to Obama in 2008 down to an Obama +4 advantage in July of this year.  Paul Ryan is not just from Wisconsin but from a heavy Democrat majority district in Wisconsin — and he’s won landslide majorities in every one of his seven Congressional runs, including in 2008 when he got a greater majority of votes than Obama did.  Democrats in Wisconsin really like Paul Ryan, despite his being a Republican.

He’s a Catholic and he’s going to bring in a good segment of the Catholic vote that Romney needs for a win in crucial swing States.  The choice has already fired up the Republican base which has still been a bit leery about Romney and sent them into over-drive.  Unlike in 2008, they will be voting.

Now on to the more interesting ones.  Middle-class appeal: Ryan is not a silver-spoon boy.  He worked as a waiter, he moonlighted as a personal trainer to bring in the money to pay the bills when working as an underpaid staffer in Washington, he worked for Oscar Meyer and even drove the Wienermobile to pay his bills.

He’s intelligent, well-spoken, and utterly charming in a take-down: He totally OWNED Obama in the healthcare debate (remember this? See below)

He’s got the Reagan quality.  People have been comparing Ryan to Reagan favourably for years.

In his own words, “I have held hundreds of town-hall meetings in my district explaining why we have to take bold reform steps, and I’ve found treating people like adults works,” he told John Fund of National Review in May 2011. “All those ads pushing elderly woman off the cliffs don’t work anymore if you lay out the problem.”  People tend to respond well when spoken to like they are adults with brains who can make their own choices rather than treated like gullible children who don’t know their best interest.

Democrats are all giddy and tingly over the Ryan pick because they think it will sink him with the elderly because of his proposals for Medicaid reform.  Problem is Dems, the Seniors actually prefer Ryan’s plan by a huge majority.  (He can also remind voters that Bill Clinton wanted to do the same thing with giving people the choice to stay on Medicaid as it currently is or to get a voucher to purchase private insurance that is more tailored to their individual needs).  We might even see Clinton undermining  Obama again with this one.

Finally, he’s got those movie star good looks.  Don’t underestimate that with the soccer Moms.


7 responses to “Why Paul Ryan is the Man”

  1. Lynne says :

    It seems to be a potentially winning ticket, in spite of the fact that Candy Crowley of CNN called it a “death ticket” or used some similar term. Typical of CNN “objectivity”.
    I really like Paul Ryan, and if he is elected, you can believe that rather than running around with his foot in his mouth like Biden, he will actually contribute to the well-being of Americans and to the entire world.

  2. Mac says :

    There is video out now showing Erskine Bowles saying that Ryan’s budget is a sensable plan. That’s gotta chap the dems butts as Bowles was one of the people that Obama tagged to do the budget study that they immediately ignored because it actually made the gov’t stop spending like a crack head in wal-mart.

  3. SirJohn says :

    We’ll see. I would not bet on a R&R win. As much as I despise BHO and almost everything he stands for, I will not vote for the destruction of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and for mass poverty among our seniors. And if I, as a (former) Republican say so, I guess many independents will say so, too. These elections will be decided, as usual, by a very small margin of very critical voters.

    • Lynne says :

      Sir John, I plan to investigate the Ryan plan because it is not at all clear to me what he is proposing and how it will effect us all. I need it all clarified for me. I agree that there need to be reforms in these programs, but as you point out, what form will these take and how will it effect those who need the support provided by these programs? Medicaid is a program that has had some many abuses and misuse, so guidelines for its use would help. For example, many Medicaid recipients refuse to obtain a family doctor or pediatrician, and use the ER for care instead (the most expensive and least effective care of all). We need appropriate support programs so I will try to do my research on Ryan’s proposals.

    • israeliminx says :

      Sir John — the Ryan plan calls for
      a) No changes to be made to anything for those currently above the age of 54
      b) Nothing to be taken away for those under 54, just more choices given. Those who want to go on the current Medicare/ Medicaid program when they hit their Senior years would be able to do so if they chose that option. Those who want to purchase private insurance that caters better to their individual health needs or projected needs/coverage desires would be able to instead obtain a voucher to off-set the cost of the private insurance coverage.
      c) In 2011 when Seniors took a look at their current situation under Medicare and Medicaid and then examined the Ryan proposal, they overwhelming were in favour of Ryan’s plan (I’ll see if I can scare up the links to those polls and focus groups)
      d) something has to be done to restructure all of these as they cannot be sustained as they are. Seniors today are already getting less money from Social Security than they put into Social Security during their working lives because the money simply isn’t there. We’ve got all the boomers currently on, hitting and soon to be hitting those programs — what they put into the coffers for SS etc., during their working years adequately covered their parents at retirement, but the boomers produced a baby bust generation (they had far fewer kids). So now there is this glut of folks going onto SS with a fraction of that number paying toward the system to support them. Social Security is a ponzi scheme in imminent collapse –the base just isn’t there to support the top layers.

  4. chairwoman says :

    It seems to me that you now have the same choice in America as we enjoyed at our last General Election, no choice at all as each candidate will be a disaster for different reasons.

    On another note, the most popular boy’s name registered in the UK in he past year, taking all spellings into account was….Mohammed with approximately 8500 registrations.

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