The Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt is complete

Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt has ousted the top defense chiefs of the Egyptian military, including all those who worked in close coordination with Israel and the U.S. and replaced them with Muslim Brotherhood drones.  Don’t expect any major changes to occur with this shake-up in the short-term but the regional outlook in the long-term just got bleaker.  I feel such pity for the Egyptians — yes, they voted this guy in but the majority of the voters are utterly uneducated and clueless folks who have been fed a steady diet of stupid-making propaganda since birth — and they will sadly experience the fruit of their choice and it won’t be pretty for them.


7 responses to “The Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt is complete”

  1. Lynne says :

    I’m very surprised that the top military defense chiefs allowed themselves to be removed. There is likely so much more going on behind the scenes than we will ever know. I wonder what the SandMonkey thinks?

  2. Mike says :

    I’ve also read that the new government is prosecuting two journalists for insulting Mosri. That tells you all you need to know about the new Egypt.

    I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I used to know a guy who took part in the Iranian revolution. He was a student then, not an Islamist, and I know know he hoped for a real democracy to grow from the revolution. But he would always say that within a year or two, all his friends were either killed by the ayatollahs or on the run. I hate to draw parallels between Egypt and Iran since they are so very different countries, but it seems to me Egypt will look a lot like Iran someday soon. I hope I’m wrong though.

    • israeliminx says :

      Mike yep and he’s just removed all the editors from the State Media (which runs the major newspapers and tv news) and replaced them with Islamist figures. Independent papers Youm7, Al-Watan, and Al-Tahrir responded by printing mostly blank editorial pages, while only the words “in protest of the Brotherhood’s attempts to control press and media.” Independent paper Al-Shorouk called for the formation of a private media bloc to confront the MB. Privately owned daily Al-Dostour reported on a protest Wednesday outside of Egypt’s parliamentary Shura Council, calling for the removal of the new editors and the resignation of the MB-affiliated head of the Journalists’ Syndicate.

      Egyptian Minister of Information Salah Abdel Moqsoud clarified the meaning of the move Monday. He “stressed the need of differentiating between media freedom and freedom of incitement or sedition among the sects of the community, or using a method of public defamation on satellite channels,” in a statement carried by In the past, such language has translated to eliminating criticism of Islam.

  3. Mike says :

    I had hoped things would work out better in Egypt, but I can’t say what’s happening is really surprising either. I hope Sand Monkey and Big Pharaoh get while the gettin’ is good.

  4. Lynne says :

    I think that SandMonkey is in danger. He is known, no longer anonymous. I wish that both SM and Big Pharaoh would come to the US.

  5. israeliminx says :

    Me too. I’m less worried about BP because he’s got a wife and kids to make him cautious and is much more circumspect. Sandmonkey has all the recklessness of youth and is in the middle of the political fray. He ran for parliament for g-d’s sake thus painting a huge target on himself.

  6. philipzhao says :

    God will turn the Nile bloody red !

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