Canadian News shows the true face of the new Egyptian regime

The U.S. media is silent but Sun News in Canada is covering this and they bring on some experts — including a guy with semi-classified U.S. intelligence — and hit the situation in Egypt head-on.  Take a watch because yes, it is as bad as we thought and actually a bit worse:

Unfortunately, it seems WordPress only lets you embed from youtube and a couple of other ‘whitelist approved’ sources so they won’t let you add anything from MRCTV.  Vlad Tepes has the video up, however, and it is a must-see

(Sigh and this limitation means I’m going to need to move my blog again)


One response to “Canadian News shows the true face of the new Egyptian regime”

  1. Lynne says :

    I can understand the silence of garbage media like ABC and CNN which are both so biased as to be completely unreliable as sources of accurate news and unworthy to be referred to as “news media”, but Fox is mostly or completely silent as well. Is there significant Arab ownership in Fox? There may not need to be as liberals are promoting an Islamist agenda.

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