Amusement of the day: Ynet in lefty liberal panic

Yeah, Iran.  You know the lefty base over at Ynet is in utter panic and disarray when they publish back-to-back op-eds by the likes of Attila Somfalvi and then do a “news” article on”Blogger details making of Israeli strike on Iran” –and the blogger reporting so-called “sources” in question is Richard Silverstein.  Are you people over at Ynet really THAT gullible and stupid?!  Clearly the answer is yes.

I considered Silverstein an unreliable serious nutter  back when I was on the Left.  He attempted to embroil me in some brouhaha years ago with the Israeli blog awards but I’d already seen enough and read enough of not only his writings on his website, information from his so-called “inside sources” (utter incorrect crap)  but also his exchanges with other bloggers to stay far away from anything he was remotely connected to.  He was one of those guys that my lefty blogging compatriots referred to as ‘the loony lefties who give us a bad name’ and accompanied with eye rolls.


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