Is Kirsten Powers going republican? Seems to have fallen for Ryan

Kirsten Powers is one of the few Dem commentators whom I not only still read and often find I’m in agreement with but whom I still hold in high regard even when our opinions diverge pretty strongly.  She is a class act and she has never devolved into the ‘talking parrot’ category of commentators.  She has always been very strongly in the Democrats corner, though not shy about criticizing them and even occasionally pointing to the conservative side and saying ‘they are right on this issue/perspective.’  I got a delightful surprise when I read her article today at the Daily Beast because, for one thing, as a Gen Xer I was like yeah she is definitely writing what I lived in the early-mid 90s…but also delightfully surprised because of this:

Boomers don’t want to give up their sweet deal, but the rest of us have reason to embrace Ryan’s “radical” plans.  We’ve finally been vindicated: Members of Generation X have a representative who is anything but a slacker.

We hear incessantly about how members of today’s screwed generation face the prospect of less prosperous lives than those lived by their parents. But the maiden generation to stare down that gloomy prognosis was Generation X, the tiny slice of America born between about 1965 and 1980. (Ryan was born in 1970.) We were the first generation to be told we would never get Social Security or Medicare even though we would be forced to pay into these programs.

When many X-ers graduated from college, stocking shelves at the Gap was considered a career choice, as jobs were few and far between amidst a major economic downturn. I won’t bore you with the horror show of the low-paying and miserable jobs I had for the first three years after college.

Unfortunately, the future looks as bleak for today’s young people. No amount of coddling by their well-provided-for Boomer parents can save Generation Y and the Millennials from the dire economic conditions they face, including criminal levels of educational debt. Pensions have gone the way of the horse and buggy. You want to retire with health-care benefits, as both my professor parents did? Good luck. As the 1994 movie turned Gen-X mantra has it: Reality Bites.

She goes on to make a good case as to why there has been a major shift in the polls since Ryan was added to the Romney ticket and that shift is all down to the Gen X and the younger also-screwed generations.  The Zogby poll conducted Tuesday showed increased support among voters 18-29 for the Romney ticket with the youth vote now split 49 percent for Obama, versus Romney’s 41 (in 2008 Obama got 66% of the youth vote).  Gen Xers are also turning the Romney way.  A Pew poll from last year showed that 49% of 18-29 year olds supported Ryan’s plan for medicare as opposed to only 28% in favour of the Obama position on it.  Read the rest of Why The Screwed Generation Is Turning To Paul Ryan  

(Totally off-topic, anyone else here getting ‘this is a test of the emergency cyberalert system’ messages via SMS today?  I got ‘test 20’ and then about 10 minutes later got ‘test 100.’ Wonder who got those 80 in between, lol?  They must know me and know I need reminders, hence two of  ’em, heh)


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