my heart goes out to the Palestinian firebomb victims

I was horrified to read about the terrorists who firebombed six innocent people, leaving one in serious condition at the hospital.  What horrifies me most of all is that these terrorists are Israeli and the victims members of a Palestinian family.  They threw a Molotov cocktail into a passing car.  One of the victims is only three years old.  The father of the family lies in a coma.  The perpetrators of this depraved and heinous act need to be locked up and the key thrown away.    It is at times like this that I wish we had the death penalty.


14 responses to “my heart goes out to the Palestinian firebomb victims”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    There is no smoke without fire!!!

    Even though it is not the right way to do what needs to be done with Muslims living in Israel (expulsion is the only solution!), we have to understand that, after many attacks made by Muslims living in Israel and in the so-called Western Bank for several decades, it is not very surprising that a few isolated Jews decide to give “an eye for an eye” and take revenge.
    There is nothing very shocking about this recent action even though I do not promote attacking anybody in Israel, Muslims included.

    The only solution is to expulse all the Muslims living in Israel for many reasons that I have explained before in past posts. But to attack them while they are in Israel is not the solution.
    Why expulse them?
    —They came in Israel only to prevent Jews from settling on their ancestral land. A tiny 1% of these Palestinians truly have roots before the first Jews came in Israel.
    Same for the Muslims of Jordan and Syria. Jordan is a bogus invention of the British and the British prevented Jews from settling in the Jordanian part of the British Mandate and asked Muslims to come and settle there in order to create a bogus Jordanian state with a bogus king of Jordan.
    —They want to create a Muslim state in place of the Jewish state.
    —They are the main group of people in Israel who kill regularly Jews in Israel!!!
    That Muslims in Israel get killed so rarely by Jews is kind of astonishing because if Jews living in an Arab country had killed and maimed Muslims as Muslims of Israel have done to Jews, there would be no Jews left in such a Muslim country, as they would have been all killed!!
    —Under a facade of smiles and friendly behavior, Muslims of Israel’s only goal is the destruction of the State of Israel and its replacement by Muslims and the killing of all the Israeli Jews living in Israel.
    —And many more reasons.

    • Redhand says :

      ” do not promote attacking anybody in Israel, Muslims included.”

      I wish you wouldn’t lie like that.

  2. Lynne says :

    The worst thing about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict —or any conflict— is that one of the horrible results of it is that blind hatred can develop on either side. That kind of hatred is a form of craziness, in my opinion, a madness where all reason, morals, values are lost.
    The pertetrator of this terrible attack cannot be excused no matter what and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. To fire bomb a car with a family in it, an innocent family on an outing? That is a criminal terrorist act; that is not an act of war. It cannot be justified under any circumstances. This is horrible and I am ashamed that this vile and evil act was committed by a Jewish person.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    As surprising as it may seem with my out of the norm ideas on the Muslims living in Israel, I would never promote attacking Muslims living in Israel or anywhere else.
    In fact, I would never ever promote attacking anybody anywhere, be it in Israel or in any other country. That is basic common sense.
    In case that would surprise (blind) readers of this blog, I am a civilized and educated man, not a savage!!! I do not have any urge to attack people, that is not in my nature!!

    BUT, in case of war between Israel and any Muslim country, I am very much for a massive strike by Israel against a Muslim enemy state that would be so painful and so massive that any Muslim having experienced it and that would be thinking of it would provoke unbearable nightmares!!

    By the way, my out of the norm ideas on the Muslims living in Israel are simply common sense ideas too, based on the history of Israel, the story of the Muslims who came in the Land of Israel AFTER the first Jews came for 99% of them (the remaining 1% being Muslims who were living in the Land of Israel before the first aliyah), and Muslims’ current ideas of hate and their desire to see the State of Israel be a Muslim state that these Muslims living in and outside Israel have about Israel and Israelis.

    A few readers sometimes have the wrong ideas about my ideas. I respect any people on earth: Muslims, Blacks, you name it.
    BUT the difference between me and many Israelis and a few readers of this blog is that I do know perfectly well who the true enemies of the State of Israel are!!! And I certainly do not act like an ostrich on this particular matter.
    Most Israelis and most Jews tend to water down, belittle Muslims’ hate against Israel or the threats posed by Muslims in Israel and in Europe. I do not.
    And the sad truth is that Muslims living in Israel and outside Israel are unfortunately the true enemies of the Jewish people, of the State of Israel and of the Israelis who are Jews.

    Most anti-antisemitism in Europe is a direct result of the hate that Muslims living in Europe have for Jews, for the State of Israel, and for Israeli Jews.

    Therefore, despite my strong ideas on Muslims, I do not have a iota of hate against them. I know the evil that exists in many Muslims and I have ideas that are directly answers to this hate, to this evil that most Muslims have for the State of Israel, Israelis, and Jews.
    There are always exceptions but they are so extremely few in case of Muslims when it pertains to the State of Israel, Israelis and Jews that to generalize in the case of Muslims turns out to be extremely accurate.

    It is very hard to hate someone else. It takes a lot of indoctrination I could say. It is also unhealthy psychologically for a rational mind, critical mind. Therefore, hate does not come easy at all for me. In fact, it is extremely hard for me to hate anybody, Muslims included!!! I do not have a single people that I hate, Muslims included.

    Therefore, sorry for the readers of this blog who would have wanted to see me as a man full of hate against Muslims, that is not the case at all!!!
    By the way, many friendly and moderate Muslims living in Israel and outside Israel are, for many of them, the most ardent and the strongest haters of the State of Israel, of the Israelis and of the Jews. They hide to outsiders (non-Muslims) this hate but those who are Muslims and live among them know their true hate of the State of Israel, of the Israelis and of the Jews. These moderate have a kind of dual personality: one tailored for Muslims and one tailored for non-Muslims. Many articles have demonstrated this fact.

    • israeliminx says :

      Wipe — I’ve a confession to make. When you first started commenting years ago now, I quite honestly thought you were out of the box nuts because of what I perceived to be very extreme views 🙂 I 100% disagreed with literally everything you wrote, though I tried (and mostly succeeded, I think) to be nice about saying that you were wrong, wrong, wrong. Now I find myself looking back at so many of my own old views and shaking my head over how wrong, wrong, wrong I was after reality sort of reached up and slapped me in the face repeatedly.

      I still find many of your views to be way too extreme (a sort of throw the baby out with the bathwater approach) but, you’ve probably noticed, in the last few years there have been many things you’ve said that I find myself in agreement with –if not wholly, more than halfway.

      I think now that my old starry-eyed, idealistic, basic belief in the goodness of humankind yada yada was extreme on the one end with your views being at the polar end. The truth is somewhere in between, more nuanced than I think you give credit but also certainly more monolithic than I ever wanted to think or believe.

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Yes, Yael, your recent awareness of the true extremely evil goals of the so-called Muslims of Israel and of the Muslims outside Israel has been a journey that many Israelis have come to follow. A kind of “born-again” wake-up call that many Israelis have experienced!!

    Many Israelis believed that the Muslims living in Israel (including Gaza and the West Bank) were ready for “peace”, only to discover with horror and shock that their true and only aspirations were 1) to see the State of Israel transformed into a Muslim state and 2) to see the entire Jewish population of this State of Israel murdered in a second Holocaust (another final solution), this time committed by the “moderate” Muslims living in Israel among Israelis!!
    That is the sad reality that many Israelis have, these past years and decades, discovered and their perception of the Muslims inside and outside Israel haa forever been altered dramatically.

    Having said that, there are still a huge part of the Israeli population that simply is forced to forget the evil that exists among 99% of the Muslims living in Israel, in Gaza and in the West Bank. Why? Because when you share your daily life with other people (be they Muslims or not), psychologically, a normal person cannot live with hate inside his heart because it is extremely damaging psychologically. As a result, most Israelis, consciously or not, forget about the evil that resides among most Muslims living in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank and go about doing what they have to do while being in contact with them.
    On the other hand, most (99% of them) Muslims have been indoctrinated to hate the State of Israel, Israeli Jews, and Jews since they were born (various reports have shown that) and therefore they simply adopt this dual personality that I have described in my previous post as a second nature I could say.
    With Israelis, for normal business or other relationships, they are in appearance deceptively friendly, even good sometimes, peaceful, not politically-oriented, basically they convey the image of “moderate” Muslims. But when they speak in Arabic and are among Muslims, their second true inner self comes into being and they express their deep hate of the State of Israel, of the Israelis and, not to forget, of the Jews.
    Why the Muslims of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank “manage” to have this deep hate at the very core of themselves when Israelis do not have any hate against Muslims?
    It is simple. It is because of indoctrination from the very early years where Muslims are fed by TV programs that promote hate against the State of Israel, against Israelis and against Jews. This education of hate very early from the time Muslims were baby until their later years make them evil “naturally”, without effort while it would be impossible psychologically for a normal person to hate this way so naturally because a normal person was not nurtured from birth to hate. And that is also the reason why they are so evilly skilled at adopting this dual personality!!

    This hate of Israelis has taken sometimes unexpected forms. Muslims living in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank have sometimes married Jewish Israelis and 99.9% of these unions have ended up in massive pain for the Jewish Israelis, most of them being women.
    As you can see, evil among Muslims living in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank shows no limits!

    To understand my ideas, you have to understand basic facts about how Israel was formed.
    At the end of the Ottoman empire, the British were given the British mandate of the Palestine. At that time, this British mandate of Palestine was Israel, Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank were deserted lands with extremely few inhabitants. Thanks to a Scottish, Balfour, this deserted land was given a purpose, to be the home of the Jewish people.
    The census of the Ottoman empire of 1882 for the entire Land of Israel records only 141,000 Muslims, both Arabs and non-Arab. This is a historical fact (not a product of my mind) that is well-documented in “From time immemorial” by Joan Peters. There were Jews too but most of them were holders of foreign nationality passports and were therefore not counted in this census.
    This entire Land of Israel covers a huge area: Israel, Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank, the Sinai and part of Syria.
    Therefore, basically the entire Land of Israel was empty of inhabitants!! That is a historical fact. And why? Because malaria was widespread and basically killed those who lived on this land. It was thanks to the early Jewish settlers who dried the infested marshes that the Land of Israel became again habitable.
    This British mandate of the Palestine was planned as being the State of Israel at that time. But the British, despite the Balfour declaration, unilaterally decided to change that and create a bogus state, Jordan, instead on a huge part of the Palestine of the British mandate. They asked Muslims to invade as much areas as possible in this British mandate of the Palestine, especially in Jordan, so as to create this bogus state of Jordan.
    Is such a creation of Jordan any legitimate? NO!! In fact, it is nothing less than a robbery of what belongs to the State of Israel!!!
    Therefore, 99% of the Muslims in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank are the descendants of these Muslims who invaded this British Mandate of the Palestine only to prevent Jews from settling on their ancestral land of Israel!!!
    In short, Israel was robbed by the British of Jordan, a bogus state created by the British!! And I see that as a very significant injustice against the legitimate rights of the Israelis on Jordan.

    Now the Sinai. A peace based on giving up lands has never ever been asked in recent history. Except when the Israelis were asked to do just that!! Again, a second injustice against the ancestral rights of the Jewish people.
    German lost German areas to Poland and Russia and no one asked Poland and Russia to give back to Germany the German lands that these two countries stole from Germany!!
    Therefore, why Israel was asked such a concession concerning the Sinai?
    That is the reason why I am against the surrender of the Sinai to Egypt. There are many other reasons.
    For instance, peace will never come for Israel from giving lands. That will be the inverse!! As Israel gives back more ancestral lands to Muslims who only want ALL of Israel, the enemies of Israel will ask more. Hence, the goal of the Muslims of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank of asking Israel the West Bank, only as a useful stepping-stone toward the second Holocaust, the final solution that is to kill of the Israeli Jews and replace the State of Israel by a Muslim state!!

    Therefore, from these ideas are my ideas based on true and fair justice for the Jewish people and their ancestral rights on the Land of Israel. That is the reason why I have these ideas that are considered “extreme” but that are simply based on justice for the Jewish people:
    —Jordan should be reunited to the State of Israel and all the Muslims living in Jordan be showed back to where they come from, the neighboring Muslim countries.
    Jews were expulsed from countries they inhabited sometimes longer than the people of these countries. Why not Muslims in Jordan?
    —The Sinai should be reunited to the State of Israel because peace should never ever be based on giving up lands. And many Israeli soldiers died to free Sinai, their lost lives must be paid in full with this Sinai.
    More, the giving of the Sinai to Egypt has no rational justification except the desire of those who took this decision to avoid giving too much land to Jews!! Most of these decisions were taken by anti-Semite main powers of that time and they always robbed Jews of their ancestral rights.
    —I believe that massive pain inflicted to enemies of Israel force them to be extremely unlikely to repeat their evil deeds against the State of Israel. That is why I have “extreme” ideas in time of war!!
    —Now, why Muslims in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank be shown the door?
    There are many reasons!! I give just a few.
    First, who these Muslims are for 99% of them? They are the descendents of Muslims who came only to prevent Jews from settling on their ancestral land!! That is what the so-called bogus Palestinians are!!! Very different than the bogus stories depicted these Palestinians as having lived in Israel before Jews!!
    Second, not satisfied to have such an awful pedigree and despite having lived among Israelis for decades, these Muslims of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank have not changed a iota concerning their ideas on the State of Israel, Israelis and Jews.
    Their true and only aspirations still are 1) to see the State of Israel transformed into a Muslim state and 2) to see the entire Jewish population of this State of Israel murdered in a second Holocaust, this time committed by the “moderate” Muslims living in Israel among Israelis!!
    Third, Jews were expulsed at the creation of the State of Israel from most Muslim countries. No one complained about it even though most of these Jews were also robbed of their possessions and quite a few killed too!!
    Therefore, why would Israel not do the same by expulsing Muslims, especially considering the evil that is part of these Muslims of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank?
    Fourth, what future Israel has to keep these Muslims of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank when they are nurtured at birth to hate the State of Israel, Israelis and Jews? Let us be honest at answering this question!! The only result of these Muslims staying in Israel or Muslims left in Gaza is that many more Israeli Jews will be killed and maimed in many more decades until an Israeli government decides to adopt my “extremist” ideas and ask them to leave for good!!
    And I could go on and on to explain why it does not make sense LONG-TERM to keep the Muslims living in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.
    Israel could easily allow Christians who love the Land of Israel to immigrate to Israel to replace these Muslims. Quite a few in the past have already given their lives to defend the State of Israel against the evil Muslim threats. Many Jews have non-Jewish spouses too. At least, with Christians, Jews could leave in peace and without being hated!!

    Therefore, what sometimes is perceived as “my extremism” is based on facts and on common sens and on a deep awareness that Israel has enemies who are really extremely evil and therefore Israel, Israelis and Jews must adopt ideas that are direct answers to this evil that resides among the enemies of Israel, Muslims. Instead of adopting the behavior of an ostrich for many Israelis and Jews and put their hands in the sand and forgot about the reality as it is, quite ugly and evil when it pertains to Muslims.
    As you can see, my so-called extreme ideas are based on facts related to Israel and its history and on the awareness of the evil that exists among the enemies of Israel, Muslims inside and outside of Israel.

    Therefore, paradoxically, my “extreme ideas” are in fact not extreme at all!! In fact, they are rooted in justice for the Jewish people. It is time for the Jewish people to regain their ancestral rights and to tell the world what these ancestral Jewish rights are.
    The boundaries of the State of Israel must NOT be based on policies from main powers that have ulterior motives that conflict directly with the ancestral rights of the Jewish people, and from powers who have had a history of anti-semitism. Such countries are all the main powers, including the USA!! France, Great Britain, and others and today the UN, all have anti-semitism written in their genes I could say!!
    One of the most virulent anti-Semite is the UN! At the head of the UN are so many Muslim countries that the decisions of the UN are basically always biased against Israel!!!

    I listened one time (and later read carefully) a State of the Union by George Bush where he said the following:
    “In all these efforts, however, America’s purpose is more than to follow a process — it is to achieve a result: the end of terrible threats to the civilized world. All free nations have a stake in preventing sudden and catastrophic attacks. And we’re asking them to join us, and many are doing so. YET THE COURSE OF THIS NATION DOES NOT DEPEND ON THE DECISIONS OF OTHERS. (APPLAUSE.) WHATEVER ACTION IS REQUIRED, WHENEVER ACTION IS NECESSARY, I WILL DEFEND THE FREEDOM AND SECURITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. (APPLAUSE.)”.
    And when I heard Bush said that, I immediately said to myself that I want so much that for the State of Israel and for the Israelis.
    And that is why I have the “extreme” ideas that I have.
    I am fed up to see other nations, all of them with history of anti-semitism tell the State of Israel and the Israelis where they should live, what their borders are according to the ulterior motives of other nations, not according the ancestral and eternal rights of the Jewish people on their ancestral land of Israel.
    Read this Bush’s state of Union address “Full text: George Bush’s state of the union address” at

    As you can see with these explanations, my “extreme” ideas seem rooted in justice, especially in the historical and eternal rights of the Jewish people on their ancestral land of Israel and on the right of the Jewish people to say NO to another historical robbery at the expense of the Jewish people and especially at the expense of the State of Israel and the Israelis.

  5. XSouthAfricanGal says :

    Whay about the recent lynch by an extermist Jewish mob of an Arab in the Capital ? For no reason other then pure maddning Hate for Arabs

    Times like these depress me deeply and make me wonder how much worse things can get .
    We talk about threats from Iran and our neighbors ? The biggest theat IMHP is the internal threat of deep hatered within our borders.

    • Lynne says :

      XSouthAfricanGal, I agree that it is depressing to believe that there is such hatred within any society, but the fact is that it exists within most societies (every country in the world that I can think of) and certainly among Israel’s neighbors. It’s regrettable, but it is what it is. In this case, it is the direct result of this long, ongoing conflict without resolution. That is an explanation, not an excuse or justification for it. I take comfort that this hatred is not widespread and is confined to a tiny minority of people within Israel, and therefore, it will be easier to stamp it out, to prosecute those who are guilty of harming innocent others, and to stop this before it spreads. The threat from hostile neighbors however, is an existential threat and out of the control of Israeli laws and influence. The fact that there are so many attacks against Jewish Israelis creates fear and distrust which results in the type of crimes that are abhorrent to Jewish people under other circumstances. It is a horrible, regrettable situation.

  6. israeliminx says :

    Take heart XSAG because at least we as a society condemn these actions and do not name squares after the perpetrators, hail them as heroes and teach our children that these are their role models to follow. We put them in jail as the despicable criminals and terrorists that they are As Lynne says, it is not systemic here and happens in every country in the world. I’ll begin to worry if our society transforms to embrace the former point of view but I do not see that ever happening.

    We do need the death penalty here though for those who commit murderous acts of terror — Yigal Amir (who assassinated Rabin) should not be breathing and smuggling his sperm out of prison, for instance.

    • XSouthAfricanGal says :

      Sorry but what you write does not console me because I know for a near fact that these extreme terrorists will get just a slight slap on the wrist (being a minimun time behind bars or some kind of repramand ) not much more then that.
      I also know that if the situation was reveresed (and a jew was lyinched or firebombed) all hell would have broken lose.

      Yes and Netanyahu’s speech on the Telly is way NOT ENOUGH!!
      we all Tsk Tsk and shake our heads but in a few days all will be forgotten .. till the next time/

      I still believe that we are our own worst enemy not Iran , not Hamas or Hizballah

      Shabat Shalom

  7. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Yael, as much as I condemn the assassination of any Jew by another Jew, Yigal Amir has been and still is extremely unfairly treated in the Israeli jail system.

    Peres has freed quite a few Muslim murderers who had Israeli blood on their hands with his power to grant pardon to murderers, the Israeli government not long ago freed a murderer of an Israeli family and of Israeli children and sent him back to Lebanon in exchange for dead Israeli corpses (!!!!!) (the crazy Hezbollah exchange for dead Israeli corpses)!! And so on.

    As far as I know (I am not fully sure on this matter), Muslims in Israeli jails are allowed to have sexual contacts with a partner in order to have a child or at least they are allowed to give their sperm to have a child. Therefore, why would Yigal Amir not be allowed to have a child of his own, even in jail? After all, it is a mitsvah in Judaism to procreate, no matter your current situation (in jail or elsewhere).

    I remind you, Yael, that every Jew is entitled to be forgiven for his past deeds, including Yigal Amir. That is kind of a Jewish tradition in Judaism with the idea of teshuvah. No matter the fact that Yigal Amir surely has not changed his ideas but he is entitled to his ideas in a democratic and free society like Israel so often wants to present itself.

    Yigal Amir should have been freed long ago. He has paid his debt to Israeli society long ago!!! At least that is my point of view.

    But my points of view are not right or wrong, they are the product of my own experience in life and therefore, as each of us has had different experiences in life, it is normal that each of us has different points of view on many things.

    So, no matter our different points of view on various things, we all love the State of Israel, the Jewish culture and Jewish history and that should all unite us stronger than any different points of view that we might have on particular points.

  8. Lynne says :

    ExSouthAfricanGal, I agree that the perpetrators need more than a “slap on the wrist” and the punishment should fit the crime, and I think that it will. I do not think that the Israeli citizens will tolerate crimes against their Arab-Israeli neighbors. I don’t. You must know that there are close ties and friendships among Arab-Israelis and Jewish Israelis within Israel. In most cases there is mutual respect and caring. That has always been my experience in visiting Israel, though I am never surprised by the fringe extremists within any society who are hateful. It is not a common thing or tolerated within Israel.
    The big difference between Israel and her neighbors is that terrorism against Jews and other minorities is celebrated in those places, and condemned in Israel. That is an absolutely indisputable fact.

  9. israeliminx says :

    Yigal Amir should have been executed. You don’t murder the leader of your country. He has shown zero remorse. When they were trading the murderous terrorists for Shalit, he should have been included in the trade. Hamas can have him, he is just their speed.

  10. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Yael, you say: “Yigal Amir should have been executed”.
    A few examples.
    —First, why would a political leader’s life have more value than a street cleaner’s life?!!
    According to Judaism, there is no difference between the value of the life of a, say a PM, and the life of a street cleaner!!! In fact, in Jewish history, according to the Tanach, many important Jewish figures at very low positions have been extremely important Jewish figures in Jewish history. For instance, David, the King of Israel, was a shepherd!!
    Therefore, suggesting the right to kill a person because he is at a lower position or because he is not as famous as Rabin would be a huge mistake, according to the history of the Jewish people that is narrated in the Tanach.
    Therefore, if the killing of a street cleaner does not lead to the death penalty, why should the killing of a PM lead to the death penalty?
    —Second, there is no death penalty in Israel!!! Therefore, why would the killing of Rabin be sanctioned by the death penalty?!!!
    —Third, do you remember the murders of five members of Fogel family in the Jewish settlement of Itamar? The Muslim monsters who did that, when they were caught, demonstrated pride at their evil acts!! Have they got the death penalty? NO!!!!!!!!!!
    Even the death penalty for these Muslim monsters would be too nice, they should be burned in public!!!
    —Fourth, I make a distinction between a Jew who murders someone and a non-Jew who murders someone. Why?
    There is in Judaism this idea of teshuvah for a Jew and this idea applies to even the most evil deeds, whether we like it or not!! This idea of teshuvah unfortunately does not apply to a non-Jew. Therefore, a Jew should be entitled to “benefit” (unfairly or not!!) of this idea of teshuvah, no matter what. Therefore, no death penalty for a Jew. I probably would make an exception in case of murders of women and children. Why? Because women create life and children are the blessings of life.

    Now, to be fair to you, evil deeds should surely be sanctioned by the death penalty. In fact, I am for the death penalty. For that to happen, Israel should allow the death penalty and, unfortunately, it is not even a likely prospect in the future!!
    BUT, once again, I would make a distinction between a Jew and a non-Jew, to apply this idea of teshuvah even if it is surely unfair to the non-Jew who would not benefit from it. But I will ask make an exception for evil deeds committed against women and children by a Jew, where in such a case the death penalty would be an option.

    As you see, as much as we want to see justice, the first step toward justice is for Israel to allow the death penalty to be used in Israel. It does not see to be a likely option in Israel in the future!

    Now, Rabin and Peres, the political decisions that they took are nothing less than evil to me. Despite that, the Israelis having such short memory have even put Peres as the President of Israel.
    Rabin and Peres are responsible, through their mad political decisions, for the murders of countless of Israelis!!
    Worse, they have allowed the Israelis to accept the unacceptable, the unthinkable. And the repercussions of such change of mindset for the Israelis are considerable, are felt even today and will have even consequences in the future.
    Even though I do not promote going to kill Peres or Rabin, I do not have any sympathy for them.
    Rabin and Peres’s failed and mad political decisions show that the best intentions are sometimes evil in many ways. Communism was one of these evil ideas. Rabin and Peres’s political ideas were also one of these evil ideas. Especially when Peres and Rabin acted like an ostrich and forgot the past and the evil of Israel’s enemies and took Utopian political decisions that resulted in the death of many Israelis over decades and are still going today with the evil deeds of Hamas and company.

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