Ack my computer has no sound!

This morning while I was getting ready for work I had my youtube music playlist going.  I noticed that it had stopped in the middle…when I went over, the videos were still playing but no sound was coming from my computer.  I checked and made sure no cat had put the mute button on but no, sound claimed to be on.  I checked other videos on other sites — no sound.  I opened a card game and dealt –usually you hear the ‘sound’ of the cards dealing out, but nothing.  I ran a devices check and it claimed that the sound system was working fine.  Clearly it is not.  Anyone have any idea what could make the speakers suddenly stop, eh speakering and how to fix it?

My computer is the only thing in my apartment that I can watch videos, dvds etc on and I need my sound!


11 responses to “Ack my computer has no sound!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Isn’t this computer new? Call to ask about it, and email your brother to ask.

  2. TDDPirate says :

    [diabolical laughter]

  3. israeliminx says :

    Yes the damn thing is so new I still have the plastic sticky sheet on its top — like what, 3 weeks old?! I’m going to have to take it to them on Friday morning but it totally sucks to be without sound until then.

    So not funny Pirate!!!!!!

  4. Lynne says :

    Hmmm Well, I am truly sorry that the computer is not working, but what would a week be in your home without a technology crisis? 🙂 Cheer up; it’s only wires and stuff and it’s under warranty.

  5. Lynne says :

    How expensive are TVs in Israel? Why don’t you get a nice small one?

  6. SirJohn says :

    In 9 of 10 cases it’s loose cables. Check your complete wiring between speakers and computer, etc.

    • israeliminx says :

      Unfortunately, Sir John, it is the laptop’s internal speakers — I’ve not got any external speakers (my cats would kill them in a heartbeat).

      Ema, I do have a tv but both the vcr and the dvd player have long since died, the dvd player within a year of getting it (yeah it was one of those super cheap ones). The TV doesn’t get reception without cable, which I don’t have. Right now it serves as a cat perch, heh.

      • Larry007 says :

        There is free-over-air DTT channels, IDAN+ . You just need the receiver, ~300shekels, one-time-investment. We have it almost a year and we’re very happy with it. It has some 6 tv channels and all the radio stations. In the next 1-2 years it will have 18 free tv channels. Worth investing 300 shekels for it, bet you can get a decent receiver at a lower price these days.

  7. Mac says :

    I’m guessing that you did a restart. Have you tried restore to an earlier point, just to rule out computer problem as opposed to actual speaker problem?

    • israeliminx says :

      Mac, yep I did. I went back two restore points 😦 (There are only 3 of them!)

      Larry how does this receiver thing work? What do you hook it to and how does it get things over the air?

      • Larry007 says :

        Yael, check the official website for a better understanding of Idan+

        The receiver comes with a small antenna which should be sufficient to receive TV in good quality in Bnei Brack. After you hook it to tve tv and you plug in the antenna, you just scan the channels from the menu and that’s it. If you go to any electric store they should carry some kind of receiver. Some come with the ability of recording TV to a USB stick or playing movies,mp3’s and more, your choice.

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