Democratic National Convention partnering with radical Islamists

The Democratic Party is sanctioning a Muslim prayer event in conjunction with its nominating convention in Charlotte that will feature a radical Islamic leader who has called for the overthrow of the “filthy” U.S. government and establishment of Islamic law.

“Jumah at the DNC” is being presented by the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs, or BIMA, from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1.  A brochure for the event says the group has “been authorized by the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to conduct Jumah prayer as well as host festivities and Islamically related functions.”  Read more


10 responses to “Democratic National Convention partnering with radical Islamists”

  1. Lynne says :

    Useful idiots

  2. Mac says :

    Imagine that, I’m just so shocked! Shocked, I say…..

  3. Lynne says :

    Mac, 🙂 I guess that I am a bit shocked. I don’t know what to expect from the Democratic Party anymore or the Liberals. Actually, there is a big movement within the Democratic Party to push an anti-gay agenda, which I object to no matter which party is doing that. Sometimes, I think it is wise to ignore all politics and all things political because it is so depressing!

  4. philipzhao says :

    More than two Islamic peas in Democrat’s pod !

  5. israeliminx says :

    Mac lol! But you know, I’m with Lynne. I shouldn’t be shocked but I am still shocked. We’re coming on to more than 10 years since I first started noticing the leftist circles I grew up in were starting to act really bizarre and about 6 years since I predicted that the insanity infecting the far left was going to make its way into the mainstream of the Dems (basically following the precedent of the leftist parties in the U.K. and EU because there is always a few years time delay before it trickles across the pond to the U.S.) but I am still fricking shocked that it has happened.

  6. Mac says :

    Lynne, ignoring the political realm is what has allowed it to go the bizarre direction that it has taken. This isn’t your grandparent’s Dem party anymore. It’s infested with liberal crazies at the top of the party. You can vote for your local moderate reps. and it doesn’t induce common sense back into the party as the same nuts are still in charge. I look at NC Rep Larry Kissell and think to myself that he seems pretty moderate and seems to try to help our state as much as he can. But, I can’t vote for him because his win just keeps helping the same group of nuts to drive the car over the cliff. I, honestly can’t understand what kind of completely delusional and detached from reality type of person can actually vote for Pelosi or Reid. Seriously? Really?….. Someone actually thinks that those two are a sane choice…….

    • israeliminx says :

      Mac, could you do something for me? Could you write to Mr. Kissell and tell him exactly that? Reps get all sorts of letters in support of things for against things but it is sentiments like yours that really do have an out-sized impact. The Dem party needs to clean house because the lunatics are running the asylum. While you can’t keep the nuts from being elected, the sane folks who do get elected can keep the nuts from getting into influential positions. Given 2010, I think it is a message your Mr. Kissell would be very receptive to and might just be the light that fires up a rebellion in the ranks..

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