Three cheers for new media holding the MSM to account for biased coverage

Conservative blogs and sites like and Drudge have been all over MSNBC for not only not showing any of the minority speakers from the first day except for Nikki Haley and only a brief glimpse of Condi Rice’s yesterday (and half of the speakers have been minority members so far at the Republican National Convention) but for having the gall, including while several of those minority speakers that they weren’t showing were actually speaking, of accusing the Republican party of not having and of shafting minorities.They’ve been all over CNN and other networks as well but MSNBC has been by far the most egregious offender.

They’ve made so much noise that Fox has now got an article up that addresses NBC’s bias.  Of course, it is tucked inside an article about the vile changes made on Mia Love’s Wikipedia page.  Guess some Dems just can’t handle a strong, articulate black woman not only being a Republican but knocking the socks off folks with her speech.

Conservative bloggers were also on top of the vile comment made by Yahoo New’s political editor (he used to work for ABC and PBS in a similar capacity) captured when he didn’t think the mic was on.  Oh those deadly off-camera but mic’d moments.  The blog and twitter sphere went ballistic and 6 hours later he was sacked.  Good riddance.

I’ve quite honestly never seen such offensive and simply blatantly biased  coverage by so-called impartial news servers of a political convention in my entire life.  They are just out of the box!


8 responses to “Three cheers for new media holding the MSM to account for biased coverage”

  1. Lynne says :

    I now only check the media sources such as CNN for bias. Unless alerted by bloggers to check out some garbage on MSNBC, I avoid MSNBC like the plague. It is not the place I’d go if I wanted accurate news—I am totally sick of the corrupt mainstream media.
    Right, I’ve never seen anything like the lies and lies of omission served up daily as “news” by the mainstream media.

  2. Redhand says :

    The problem with new media is that people can’t tell the difference between real news and right-wing propaganda.

    • Lynne says :

      The problem with mainstream media is that people can’t tell the difference between real news and Far Left propaganda. For example, unless you happen to watch the convention or be there in person, you would not know better than to believe the MSM commenters saying things like “Look at all the white people” and totally ignoring the minority speakers and minorities at the convention… yeah, the mainstream media is not reliable or trustworthy. Lies of omission, Redhand, by not showing any of the speeches given by minorities, except for Condi Rice, who they could not really get away with ignoring and minimizing the speeches of other minorities or not showing any portion of them at all. If it were not for bloggers and alternative media, we would not have a reliable source at all. I agree that those sources have their viewpoints, but they are at least honest about it.

  3. israeliminx says :

    A new poll of likely voters in 10 swing states was conducted Tuesday and Wednesday. Among voters watching the Republican National Convention itself, 67% of voters had a more favorable impression. However, among voters who are only watching the nightly news coverage of the RNC, 72% had a less favorable impression.

    Oh and love how the Washington Post has “fact checked” Mitt Romney’s speech — a full 10 hours before he has given it and no, his campaign did not send an advance copy.

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