some people are just evil

You know I mentioned that the apartment upstairs is being renovated?  Well the people who were renting it have abandoned their little black cat.  I already knew they were irresponsible because not only did they let her out everyday and the street outside is a veritable highway, but they let her out and never got her spayed (at least they did keep her inside when she was in heat because I could hear her yowling about up there) and she must be a year and half or so old by the looks of her.  She has been hanging around me all summer, taking an interest in what all I’m doing in the garden and ‘talking’ at me.  Very friendly, wants a lot of pets as I’m watering and planting and so forth.

So I noticed about a week ago that she was losing some weight and then this week that not only had she gone from fat and sassy but to very thin.  Her talking had become yammering and every time I went into the apartment she would race up the stairs and cry — then she started coming down and crying at my door.  Three days ago, I went back out and put some food down outside for her and she literally jumped on it like she’d never seen food before. I gave her food yesterday and today I went up and asked the vad if he knew what was going on.  It seems her owners moved out nearly three weeks ago.  They asked the vad to feed to the cat for them for two days until they could get settled in their new place and come and get her.  They never came back for her.  The vad fed her until the bag of food they left with him was gone but he’s got five kids and another one on the way and they simply can’t afford to take on the care of the cat.

I’ll put food out for her as long as I live here but I’ve already got 18 and there is simply no room at chez Minxi’s.


6 responses to “some people are just evil”

  1. Lynne says :

    How sad that the little cat was abandoned by the “guardians”. Perhaps you could list her on one of the adoption sites?

  2. TDDPirate says :

    Nature abhors vacuum and there is already a candidate to fill the vacuum once cats get shipped to Texas.

  3. Lynne says :

    Pirate, yes, there is an endless supply of needy animals in Israel…as there are where I live in Austin. True, they are not teeming all over the place here, but they are here in huge numbers and in need of help. I went to do testing for the Gifted and Talented program in a rural area, and came home with five needy cats…I advertised an antique armoire for sale and ended up with a needy cat… I just rescued one from a block away, a pathetic cat that had ulcers from nose to tail in a high-end neighborhood where you would like to think cats were fare better. The needs are endless. I try to know my limits but when confronted with an actual desperate cat… I cave in and take it on, at least to some degree. I’m trying to know those limits though, and I hope that Yaeli will, too. Maybe she can find a home for this one before he becomes a permanent resident. Sigh. I spend every spare penny on some poor animal…

    • TDDPirate says :

      Is there anything in the various spiritual theories and movements which says something similar to what the old sages of Israel said (I am heavily paraphrasing) – “you are not supposed to do everything, yet you are not excused from doing something”?

      What I mean, instead of feeling compelled to stretch out helping every stray animal and possibly neglecting those already in your care, vow to take the best care of a certain group of animals and trust Whatever Is Higher to find other people to take good care of the others.

      • Lynne says :

        Pirate, good point. I think I pretty much know my limits with rescuing and I try very hard to NOT get involved as I have my hands full with the animals in my care. I do know that I have to put my own animals first, and they are the ones that are so expensive. I spend more money than I would like to spend to keep them vetted and to meet health care needs. These were those who were not adoptable for reasons of health or that were feral. I think that not having any limits leads to disaster. I know of rescuers who suddenly had enough and got out of rescuing altogether due to being just overwhelmed. I do not mention hoarders, because these people are not rescuers; they are crazy.
        Love your quote, and if everyone just did a little tiny bit, at least if they took responsibility for the animals in their care, there would not be such a huge problem, not just in Israel but everywhere. The people at Yaeli’s apartment complex who left their cat without food, water and shelter, for example, have created a problem for others. There is a lot of wisdom in what you say.
        I’m fortunate in Austin, Texas that there is an active rescue group here, actually many, many groups and resources, but even with those resources, it is up to the rescuer to bear most of the expenses. We are all working hard here, but it’s not enough, not nearly enough. I turn away animals often, sometimes as often as every week I get a request to shelter an animal. I always, always refuse; I don’t have the room or the money to take on more than I have. But, it’s when I am the one resource for a desperate animal, the only one that can help—a matter of life or death—that I cannot walk away. If I can manage it, I get help from other rescuers who have room or resources, but that is not always possible and then it’s my responsibility alone. I really hate it when that happens!!

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