coffee and cucumbers

You know how my cucumbers — on the vine and the plants themselves –were dying off a week ago?  It was very depressing.  In a last gasp effort, I started pouring the dregs of my coffee on the plants every morning, directly on the roots.  Wow, 7 big, healthy cucumbers ready to be picked this evening, more in the almost-ready status, and the plants have taken off growing again!

The baby lettuce leaves have sprouted.  Hoping the romaine lettuce and petrozilia (parsely)  I’ve started in paper cups will soon follow.  All of the hot pepper transplants are thriving and I’ve got enough green onions to add to a sandwich or salad every day.  Sadly, the celery base I tried to re-root died a terrible death.  I think there must be a reason why the celery you can buy here is not only hard to find and extremely expensive, but the stalks so thin and piddly folks in the U.S. and Europe wouldn’t recognize it as celery if they saw it.  Yeah, clearly not a thriver in this country.  Such a shame too as celery is so basic to so many recipes and there is nothing like a big ole celery stalk filled with peanut butter for a snack.

Two of the mint sprigs have rooted and are growing around a rose bush — I’m hoping it will be invasive and take over the dry ground patches of our yard.

I’m trying to figure out how to hand pollinate the squash.  I found a paintbrush from my old watercolor set but, while the male flowers open up every morning I’ve never seen one of the female flowers actually open to bloom –they just sort of sit there atop the wanna-be-baby squash in bud fashion.  Maybe you just sort of smear the pollen over the female bud?  I don’t think I will include squash in the spring garden.



5 responses to “coffee and cucumbers”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good news on the gardening front! Coffee grounds are great added to soil. Just take it and add it as you would mulch. Celery won’t do well in Israel, so best to give it up… it needs cooler weather. Good luck with the other items. Mint needs regular moisture, not a lot, but consistent, if that helps.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, seriously, you pay 9 sheks for a whole “bunch” of celery that is about the size of a single stalk out of a bunch in Austin. I’m wondering if I could grow it IN my apartment, because in the winter months my apartment is like antartica –surely that might work? heh

  2. TDDPirate says :

    The perfect situation:
    On one hand, coffee remains must not be disposed of in the sewer, as they horribly clog it. On the other hand, coffee remains seem to be good fertilizers.

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