the rise of home invasions is really scary

We don’t really have this phenomenon here in Israel unless we are talking terrorists coming into a house and butchering the inhabitants in our peripheral communities.  Yet it seems to be happening more and more often in the U.S.  Just this week there was a girl kidnapped when she answered the door in the early morning hours (thankfully recovered alive), and two children attacked in their sleep — the little 6 year old boy was killed and his 12 year old sister is in critical condition with her throat slashed ear to ear.  Last week a little girl was kidnapped from her bedroom and found raped and murdered a few blocks away.  It seems like every other week I read about something like this in the U.S. that just shocks me to my toes.

Is this sort of crime increasing or is it just increasingly being reported?  Do we have a resident expert — Sir John? — to weigh in on this?


2 responses to “the rise of home invasions is really scary”

  1. Lynne says :

    I love the freedoms that we enjoy in the US, but we have long been moving away from freedom and individuality to tolerance—greater and greater tolerance for deviance and crazy, potentially dangerous behavior. The laws are such that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about people like the Holmes guy who killed so many in Colorado or Jared Loughner who was obviously very mentally ill. I can tell you from my own experience; there is nothing that can be done in most cases, because talking about committing crimes alone will not get a person retained long enough for an evaluation. I blame the entertainment business, too. They have a part in this, the greedy bastards. Violence should not be entertainment.

  2. philipzhao says :

    You know why? As America turns away from God, God is forsaking America !

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