Ezra Levant says what I haven’t wanted to say — Canada’s measures

I’ve not gotten a replacement gas mask because they don’t make them for the cats and you know, where the cats go, so do I. I did start stocking up on water in the past couple of weeks and currently have 32 bottles taking up space in my kitchen. My plan is to quadruple that in the next few weeks and I’m going to be putting in orders for extra supplies for kitty food and litter starting tomorrow.

Here are the basic facts: If Romney looks likely to get into office, we can afford to hold off. If Obama looks likely to be re-elected, we’ve got to act before the election.

If Romney gets elected we know we can rely on American intelligence, help with refueling air-craft, the defensive weapons promised us but that Obama has withheld and so forth. If Obama gets in, to say the situation re the U.S. would be bad is putting things mildly. If it looks like Obama is going to get in, we’ve got to hit before the election to maximize the odds that Obama will provide at least a modicum of support in order to save his chances of not getting re-elected.

Yes, we are indeed entering into the 50 most fateful days in the history of our country. Ezra says what I haven’t wanted to say:


17 responses to “Ezra Levant says what I haven’t wanted to say — Canada’s measures”

  1. miki says :

    I always watch ALL of your videos, Yael, so don’t stop posting them and thank you.

  2. Lynne says :

    Obama and the Democrats are ignoring the threat of Iran, and worse. It’s being reported that Obama is working behind the scenes with Iran to help them avoid real sanctions and consequences.
    I just hope that Obama is voted out. He is extremely dangerous not only for the US, but for the entire world. The US is not leading at all. We are seen as weak and ineffective now.

  3. Lynne says :

    Get your gas mask. You’ll be in a better position to help yourself and your animals.

  4. Larry007 says :

    Yael I did miluim this week in my reservist unit in the Home Front Command unit I’m part of. We exercise chemical warfare response and civil protection, in case of war.
    All I can say here, get that gas mask as fast as you can!!! I’M NOT KIDDING!!!
    I cannot say more because of field security but it’s enough.

    Not to protect yourself because of the cats is plain stupid. One of G*d’s essential laws is that you are obligated to protect life at all price, including your own life, Pickuah Nefesh, even if that means to break the Shabat.

    • israeliminx says :

      Larry — ok please clarify for me, because everything I’ve heard, including from folks pretty high up in homeland security, is that the standard things like mustard gas etc from way back when that a simple gas mask would protect you from are no longer really on the table any longer. You need mask + protective clothing if outside and to be able to be completely sealed off inside because the shit that will come on a warhead these days can be absorbed through skin as well as through breathing.

      But ehhh maybe I’ll go into Tel Aviv and collect my mask this week. Argh.

  5. israeliminx says :

    Miki, thank you 🙂

    Ema — I think Hezbollah would hit with chemical rather than straight gas/kill ya inhalants so I don’t really think the masks will be much help by themselves except perhaps as an added protection in conjunction with being able to seal off the apartment and since that is totally not possible with my ‘no glass in so many windows’ situation, I think my best bet is just to hope that if anything needing a mask gets lobbed at us, it doesn’t hit in my neighbourhood 🙂 I think I’m pretty good on that bet as Bnei Brak is not exactly target central. If I were still living by the port in Tel Aviv, I would definitely have gotten one quite a while ago as that is major target central. Missiles carrying chem/gas have a pretty short kill ya spreading range of 3-6 blocks in general (there are some that can blanket a much bigger area by exploding above the target rather than on the ground but hezbollah definitely doesn’t have them and I’d be surprised if Iran does) so unless it happens to hit quite close you are good. If it is carrying high-powered chem and it hits within 1/2 to one block of you, mask or no mask, sealed up with plastic and duct tape or not, you are toast.

  6. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    This amazing journalist, Ezra, I did not know him but he is a rare change from the anti-Israel bashing that we are used to too often on various media.

    For Yael, a touching and amazing story on the desire for a child that I am sure you will find interesting reading.
    “Carrying these babies for my brother – CNN.com” at http://us.cnn.com/2012/09/07/health/surrogate-sisters/index.html?hpt=hp_c1

  7. Tiger Mike says :

    GET A WHOLE CHEM WARFARE KIT!!!!!!! (NBC warfare is one of my hobbies.)

  8. Tiger Mike says :

    I think you need to learn more about NBC warfare. The term “Gas” and “Chemicals” should be thought of as interchangeable. The term used today is a “Chemical Agent”. Agents come in various forms. A straight gas, which would be unusual today, a powder, also unusual, and a liquid that turns into a mist or droplets. A “Gas Mask” will offer a great deal of protection from all of these, no mater what the agent is. But most modern agents are also absorbable through the skin. So you need a complete ensemble, including a self injecting antidote (atropine).

    My speculation is that an Iranian, Hezbollah, Syrian attack would use a non persistent nerve type agent that would be in droplet form. Very bad stuff. But short lived.

    Prepare but don’t panic!

  9. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, for goodness sake, take Tiger Mike’s and Larry’s advice. NOW. Don’t put it off at all. As to rooms, try to figure out something, some way to seal it. Take to your landlord about the situation.

  10. Mike says :

    Yaeli, not to nag but listen to Larry and Tiger Mike and your ema.

  11. israeliminx says :

    Ok, ok, going tomorrow to pick up the gas mask kit!

  12. israeliminx says :

    Larry, thanks for the link. I’ve got the pamphlet from when I got the original gas mask and I keep it in my first aid bag. When I moved into this apartment I simply laughed because you can’t close any of the doors in the apartment except the front door (they aren’t connected with the coaster thing on the floor and so when it is breezy outside the doors waft away from the doorframe and slam back, the cats can just push and get in through the bottom etc), all of the rooms have at least one open-air non-seal-off-able access to the great outdoors, all of the doors except the door to the toilet room are glass etc. It is an apartment entirely bereft of a secure or securable space.

  13. Lynne says :

    Can you talk to your landlord about having at least one secure place, fixing just one door or whatever…

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