Brigitte Gabriel supports Israel as the vanguard against radical Islamism

Brigitte Gabriel founder of ACT! for America, gives firsthand eyewitness testimony about how Islamists repressed her Christian family in Lebanon, how Israel saved them, and how Israel, being maligned under the Obama Administration, is the barometer for the future of jihad against the West. It is 47 minutes but highly recommended (by the Moo Bossy Minx), especially starting at about the 28 minute mark for those primarily interested in information on the infiltration of terrorists in the U.S. — as she says, what’s with the focus just on Al Qaeda, there are so many other radical Islamist groups already with cells in the U.S. and she gives solid examples. The first half of her speech is about what occurred in Lebanon, to her and to her family, and her experience with Israel. She gave this talk in 2010 — it is even more relevant today.


One response to “Brigitte Gabriel supports Israel as the vanguard against radical Islamism”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am glad that people of courage and sense are speaking out. She is speaking of extremists, Islamists, not Muslims in general, as is proper. Moderates are not the problem; it is extremists of any religion that are.

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