Never forget

It seems so impossible that the events of September 11, 2001 ever unfolded, so unreal. That whole day felt unreal as it happened. It seems unreal that, today, most of my students don’t have memories of that day. How is it possible that anyone doesn’t have those vivid images seared into them ..but they were too young. What seems the most unreal to me by far, however, is how quickly so many who were there, glued to their tvs, on the ground in Washington or New York, seem to have, if not forgotten…diminished and diluted the memory of how horrific that day was. I read so many comments from people online where they give it and the threats that have in no way gone away a big shrug, are dismissive, and even cavalier about it.

I will never forget. I’ll never forgive. I’ll never dismiss the crazy rantings of extremists again because I won’t forget that they mean exactly what they say.


8 responses to “Never forget”

  1. Lynne says :

    I’ll never forget 9/11, and like many people, I know exactly where I was and what I was doing when it happened—or rather when it began to happen. The first news reports regarded it as an accident, but quickly that began to change. I wonder if government security agencies and the military should not have realized that the first plane was not an accident and tried to act quickly, or if it would have mattered it they had. Those first reports were filled with inaccuracies—no one could comprehend what was happening. To murder innocent people who were just living their lives peacefully? Cowardly and horrible. On a personal note, one of those reports said that the planes responsible were planes that had been on the way to Florida. My son was on a plane to Florida. His boss heard those reports, too, and tried to get information about my son and five of his co-workers who were flying with him. For tense hours, I witnessed the tragedies and grieved, and worried about my own son’s safety. President Clinton had ignored credible intelligence that something like this was planned, and he took no action. Apparently, he did not believe that it could or would happen, and today, it seems that too many of our political leaders again ignore the threat to US citizens. The media downplays the threat. I even read that domestic terrorists were “more dangerous”. Please. There is all kind of crazy, but domestic or foreign, terrorists present a threat to us all.

    • Mac says :

      I won’t ever forget where I was either. I was on the way to work when I switched from a music channel to the local AM news station. I was confused at first about what I was hearing. It was like what.. what? I got to work where they had a TV on and everyone was stunned. I got no work done that day and just stared at the tv. The worst for me was 2 days later when i found out that one of the flight attendents on flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania was one of my high school classmates. She had cut back on her flight schedule so that she could be with her under 2 year old and husband more. It crossed my mind today that he would be about 13 and starting high school. The schools have changed some since then. I wondered if he is going to the new HS in the country near where i grew up or if he is going to the HS that I and his mother went to. My old HS honors his mom every year since 2001. I’m not sure how I would deal with that. I also wondered out loud today if he even really remembers much about her……

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    On the crazy rantings of extremists, especially from Muslim extremists, we have heard such unbelievable statements against Iran and even against the USA from the President of Iran and Iran’s ayatollahs mad men that it is my hope that Israel will NOT allow Iran to further develop nuclear weapons.

    It is an extremely tough decision to take for Israel, that I am fully aware. But unfortunately, if Israel does not act, Iran will sooner rather than later directly threaten not only Israel, but also the USA and even European countries with nuclear threats in form of portable nuclear bombs that could easily be given to terrorists who would bring them at the borders of the targeted countries or even inside the targeted countries!!

    It is sad in many ways because the Iranian people is completely different than the dictators at the head of Iran, the mad ayatollahs.

    We spoke about hate against others not long ago and how hard it is for me to hate others (it is probably not even possible for me to hate others).
    Personally, I do not have any hate for the Iranian people (on the contrary) but I certainly have no good feelings for the evil mad men at the head of Iran, the ayatollahs and company, who are capable of the worst in the name of their bogus idol, Allah!!!
    I like the Iranian people, as I remember it was Cyrus who broke the exile of the Jewish people and allowed the Jewish people to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. Cyrus was Iranian! For this reason alone, I want to like the Iranian people even though they are surely indoctrinated to hate Israel and the Israelis.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Short correction: I meant:
    On the crazy rantings of extremists, especially from Muslim extremists, we have heard such unbelievable statements against Israel and even against the USA …

  4. Lynne says :

    It certainly seems that both Clinton and Bush ignored the warnings from the CIA about the danger from Muslim extremists. The tragedy of 9/11 is the result of their heedlessness.
    Wipe Out, I agree. I have no ill feelings at against the Iranian people; it is the evil, deranged extremists in Iran that are the problem.
    I just read that MORON Biden said that 9/11 evokes “bittersweet memories”. Really? Bittersweet? He obviously doesn’t know the meaning of that word. Most of the media is not covering that gaffe. As usual.

  5. Lynne says :

    Mac, Biden is so stupid that is it unbelievable. Silent, complicit mainstream media… but try though they might, he has to be quoted sometime, and every speech has something ridiculous that he has said. It’s astonishing.

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