Islam, the untold story

Absolutely fascinating and using the rigours of history, archeology and more this documentary traces the origin of Islam. Of course, the Islamist extremists want to kill the historian and film makers. Enjoy.

Ack, darn you have to follow the link to MrcTV to watch it since wordpress only lets you embed from youtube 😦 Check it out here


3 responses to “Islam, the untold story”

  1. Mike says :

    This is really good. Thanks for the link. I just planned to watch a bit but ended up watching the whole thing. Fascinating. For instance, I didn’t know the Koran never actually mentions Mecca.

  2. Mike says :

    Sorry for posting twice in a row. It appears Channel 4 has bowed to Islamist pressure and threats and canceled the documentary. All I can say is so much for free speech.

    Again, this is a well done documentary — insightful, challenging, yet respectful of beliefs. It’s not so different than a NOVA documentary on PBS last year about the origins of Judaism. Nobody complained about that and for me the NOVA documentary actually deepened some of my beliefs.

    This willingness to cow-tow to extremists really disturbs me.

  3. 300 yrs in America says :

    May i suggest to the readers: Muhammad Prophet of Doom. Its free to read online just google the title. Im new here so i dont know if this is old info. The writer spent over 10yrs researching for the book. It explains islam and the criminal they esteem a prophet (whos only prophecy failed).if i was a lawyer for organized crime i would claim they were practicing their religion.when asked how i would hold up the koran and state this makes it a religion.the people of the free world need to educate ourselves about islam and what it really is: a criminal enterprise wrapped in the robes of religion.murder rape pedophilia theft lying etc.are holy acts if done to kuffirs.

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