photos indicate U.S. Ambassador was killed by mob, not by rocket or fire

Warning: Graphic pictures in which Ambassador Stevens appears to still be alive as he is carried and dragged by crowd of batsh*t crazy murdering Islamist thugs.

In this photo, he appears to be gripping his other arm (if dead at that point, both arms would be hanging loose).

This photo shows him being dragged through the streets and he appears to be battered but conscious (larger version of photo shows his eyes open and he appears to be grimacing):

Disturbing reports are that the security officers guarding the embassy told the mob where to find the embassy staff after they had been moved to a second “safer” building on the compound. Why were local yokels and not Marines guarding the embassy? Breitbart has the scoop on this here

Thanks to Citizen Journalists for the first picture and for the second


9 responses to “photos indicate U.S. Ambassador was killed by mob, not by rocket or fire”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Disgusting to see these evil Muslims commit such acts of barbarism against an American who happens to be the US ambassador.

    Where on earth is the heavy protection around this US ambassador?

    And for what? A person who made a movie to express his repugnance of Islam and of its bogus and evil prophet Mohammed?!!! As if we would have to shut up on what we believe in concerning the evil of Islam and of most Muslims?

    And to hear the Obama administration apologizes for these evil acts, only to retract their position later on when Romney epressed his disgust at such Obama’s position? Honestly, it is inadmissible!
    See “Romney: America will not tolerate attacks on our citizens” at

    Yes, evil exists in this world and, if evil has a name, it surely is Islam and if it is part of a people, it is surely part of most Muslims!!

  2. Lynne says :

    It is being reported that the video was made by an Israeli investor who lives in California with funds from 100 Jewish donors.
    Truth of the matter?

  3. Lynne says :

    Israel denies that Sam Bacle is an Israeli citizen, as he claims to be. He gave an interview saying he had 100 Jewish donors for the film. He has not identified any of them. More information on the Daily News ( I guess we will know more as there is an investigation.
    It’s been reported that this attack was planned for a long time and has nothing to do with the video and more to do with 9/11 and hatred of America.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, thanks for the link. I’ve been doing web searches on him off and on all afternoon and coming up with nothing. He claimed to be israeli and he’s not. He claimed to live in California and to be a real estate agent but no one with his name has a real estate license in CA, nor a CA driving license. He said some other things that don’t mesh: first that he’s gotten 5 million dollars to make the ‘film’ — if so, whoever gave him the money has been royally screwed because it is filmed on video and not on film, the acting is so bad I commented previously that it was a comedy as I thought the acting was purposely that bad to make a parody. Clearly not even a $500 dollar production with the taped-on beards. He also claims his family lives in Egypt (in Cairo) which immediately would repudiate his claim to be Israeli — there are fewer than 100 Jews living in Cairo. So no idea who he really is.

      • Lynne says :

        Yes, he says he fears for family who live in Egypt. That would make him Coptic Christian as is being widely reported.
        The man is a fool. He should not be making fun of other’s religion and he expected that it could cause terrible trouble. So, others die for his insanity.
        It is not even likely though that this was the cause of the attacks. As it is, it may provide Obama and the mainstream media for an “excuse” for terrorist behavior. It is also being reported that the attacks were planned for a long time to coincide with 9/11—which was my first thought.
        There are so many contradictions about the video that it almost seems like a Pallywood production. It probably isn’t, but whoever produced it is a fool.

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Listen, the Bible, the Tanach, both have been burnt by Muslims. Jesus and the Jewish prophets of the Tanach (who happen to be also prophets of the Christian faith) have been ridiculed much more overtly than the bogus and evil false prophet Mohammed has been these past years and decades, has it triggered the lynching of Muslims in Western countries?!!!!! The answer is NO!!

    Personally, I do not want to hear any excuses to “explain” the unbelievable level of barbarism committed by these Muslims against a human being (this American ambassador) who was defenseless!!
    Muslims are nothing less than coward people. They are only “courageous” when they know that their evil acts will be met by extreme and deadly force!! That is what Muslims understand, extreme force!

    That is what Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas only understand too from Israel, extreme force. As soon as Israel becomes “understanding” of Muslims, it is the beginning of pain that is not far away for Israel and for the Israelis who are very near to losing Israeli citizens to acts of terror only because Israel has become more “understanding” of Muslims!!

    Against evil, there is no possible understanding of any kind, no possible compromise of any kind!! You are either uncompromising or you simply pay the price with your life or with the life of your citizens!! That is as simple as that.
    That is what has happened to Israel many times in the past, thanks to Peres and Rabin for instance who brought Arafat back in Israel along with thousand of Muslim murderers who went on killing many thousands of Israelis later on after their arrival in Israel!!!!

    That is what Romney so eloquently expressed when he said that the USA should never ever apologize for its principles of free speech, freedom of religion and other similar values that are shared by Western countries. Once you start compromising on such basic values, the loss of American lives follow!!!

    Personally, I would be the first on a list to sponsor financially any movie that would condemn Islam and what it represents: evil!! That those who provided funds do not want to be advertised is understanding. Freedom of speech against Islam and against Muslims has become another taboo no one is allowed to speak of!!! It is now not “politically correct” in Europe or even in the USA to speak against Islam and against Muslims even when you have very good and sound reasons to support such attacks against Islam and against Muslims!!!

    It is time that we stop finding excuses or people to condemn only to justify, to excuse the barbarism of Muslims!! It is time that we start simply calling a cat a cat or these Muslims nothing less than evil!!!

  5. Lynne says :

    Wipe out , I do not condemn followers of Islam, though as a religion, I cannot relate to it’s extremism at all. Certainly any and all religious extremism is reprehensible. Any extremism from any religion, not singling out Islam but condemning all extremism and lack of religious tolerance.
    I do agree with you that extremism is evil.

  6. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Lynne, you have a good heart and you want to be fair to all, even to Muslims. That is to your credit. And you act with Muslims very much like most Israelis, forgetting the atrocities of the past in order to be able to bear living among Muslims in the present!!!

    Me, I am different in the sense that I remember long-term the atrocities of my enemies that is the enemies of the Jewish people, of the State of Israel and of the Israelis. These enemies are the Muslims of the world!!
    Contrary to you, Lynne, I do NOT want to be fair anymore with Muslims because I have too many references of Muslim barbarism stored in my memory that I now have reached a point where I simply cannot stay fair anymore, knowing very well that 99.9% of the Muslims of the world hate Jews, hate Israel and hate Israelis, no matter what, no matter the many Jews like you who still want to be “fair” with evil Muslims. And no, I do not want to know the bogus reasons of Muslims’ hate:
    —against Jews,
    —against Israel,
    —against Israelis,
    —against Christians,
    —against non-Muslims (Hindus, you name it)!!
    —against free speech,
    —against freedom of religion,
    —against Americans,
    —against the USA,
    —against “you name it”!!!
    Contrary to you, Lynne, I have stopped trying to understand evil Islam and evil Muslims!!! I am done with them!!
    When I see these pictures and the level of barbarism and hate that they convey, I do not have your “politically correct” inclination to find excuses for evil Muslims, it just is the way Muslims are and behave, like evil savages!!

    The truth is that in the history of extremism, there is nothing like evil Muslim extremism. It is unique in its madness, barbarism. No extremism comes even close.

    And I do not even include Nazi barbarism into extremism, as Nazism is apart in its level of horror with a plan to eradicate an entire people, the Jewish people.
    In some ways, Muslim extremism is no different than Nazism. It also has a plan, no different than the plan Hitler had for the Jewish people in Europe. But the focus is now on the State of Israel and the “evil” Israelis that should be eradicated from the face of earth!!!
    Well, we have heard that before, isn’t it? Several times, the President of Iran have used this same language concerning Israel!!
    Well, in fact, Muslim extremism is nothing less than a new Nazism extremism focused on the State of Israel, as the Jews have already been mostly annihilated in Europe by Nazi Germany!!!

    And we should be understanding with Muslims when their latest atrocities are shown to the world?!!! To be fair, equal to all, blah, blah, blah!!!
    Honestly Lynne, don’t you think the time to be understanding of Muslims’ atrocities is over?!!!

  7. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    And contrary to what a few would say, these Muslim people who committed these atrocities against this US ambassador are NOT extremist Muslims, they are just the regular Muslims who went ballistic for completely bogus and unjustified reasons.
    These same normal, regular Muslims came ballistic too against an American reporter in Egypt if you remember well.
    These Muslims in Egypt and recently in Lybia, they were simply regular young Muslims, not extremist at all.
    The same happened with the Muslims who murdered the Fogel family. They were just normal young Muslim teenagers. To those who knew them well said that they were just regular Muslims, not even extremist at all. I read several articles on their background!!! These Muslim monsters were just regular Muslims, not even religious or extremist Muslims (in appearance at least)!!!

    What many of you do not understand is that there is no extremist Muslims on one side and regular Muslims on another side. All Muslims have in them the potential to switch from regular to evil Muslims at the beat of their latest rages:
    —insult against the evil murderer of Jews, the bogus and false “prophet” Mohammed who was just a vile thief, murderer, and raper!!!
    —insult against Muslims because Americans have different values concerning freedom of speech than Muslims!!
    —and you name it basically!!!

    Yes, what most of you do not see is that every single Muslim, even what you consider the most moderate Muslim you have ever met, every single Muslim has in him/her the potential to transform immediately and automatically into an evil Muslim extremist and to commit the most evil acts of barbarism when such a transformation occurs for whatever bogus reasons that they claim to have to justify the unjustifiable for any rational, logical human being!!!

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