puppy rescue and our awesome soldiers

I was just getting ready to blog about an hour ago when I heard the screech of tires, thump, and a little dog just screaming. I ran out of the house and across the street. The dog, unless he has internal injuries, was not seriously hurt but hurt enough to not let anyone near him. He wasn’t putting one of his back legs all the way down. He was running back and forth and looking like he might jet back out into the traffic again. Anyone who got near, he’d go at with bared teeth and barks but not close enough to actually bite — no one wanted to try to grab him, including me, as a result. He’s got a collar but no owner in sight. A girl, a guy, and I were all trying to reach someone who would come and catch him and treat him (we were all willing to cover the costs) and then get in touch with his owner. We tried 7 vets (unfortunately, Ronen is out of town), S.O.S., Let the Animals Live and got flat no’s from all. We finally reached the iriya (city govt) vet’s office and they said someone would come but it could be up to 4 hours before they did.

In the meantime, the little dog ran into the army base, inside the guard house and got behind the legs of a young soldier who was sitting there giving him a big surprise. This was a big relief because the dog was now away from the traffic and, if he could be kept there, easy for the city vet to collect. We explained the situation to the soldier and the other soldiers there and they were all happy and willing to let him stay. We called the iriya back and gave them two of the soldiers’ phone numbers and so they will babysit the dog until the vet arrives.

While we were conducting this transaction, two little cats came up and one of the soldiers was scratching their heads and apologizing that he hadn’t brought them anything to eat today from his dinner. I was like, oh let me run home and get them some and they were like that would great! So, I ran home, filled up a little bag of cat food, and brought it back. There was enough for several meals in it and after the cats ate, they put a note on the rest for the morning crew to put it out for the two kitties or any others that come up. They explained that there are 30 to 40 cats on the base and, while many of the soldiers share out bits of their meals with them, there is never enough to really go around. Both the two girl cats had clipped ears showing that they were spayed and I found out that the soldiers on base periodically take up collections to cover the cost of spaying and neutering any newcomers to the base and — it is Ronen who comes and catches and does the surgery for them! Should have known 🙂


4 responses to “puppy rescue and our awesome soldiers”

  1. Lynne says :

    Ronen is absolutely amazing! And these young soldiers clearly are responsible and caring! Heart-warming!

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    So, what finally happened to the dog?

  3. israeliminx says :

    Puppy update: The puppy has been reunited with her owners. It seems she escaped out of the apartment while they were bringing in groceries for the New Year celebration and they didn’t discover her missing for more than an hour and then couldn’t find her. She has a dislocated hip from being hit by the car but is going to be fine. Yay! I love happy endings!

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