Cuteness fix: Baby skunk gives baby kitten some love

The little skunk is like, c’mon let’s play, here’s some kisses and the kitten is like, I just wanna sleep! It is too cute for words.

hat tip; Blazing Cat Fur

Here’s another adorable skunk and kitty duo, as the video maker describes: Wild skunk and feral cat are best friends. Oreo, a feral kitty and his best buddy Cookie Monster the skunk both come together every night at the same time for yum yums. First Oreo eats and then steps aside and waits, while Cookie Monster eats. Then they leave together, walking across my huge yard side by side, off into the woods. They come back each night walk across the yard together, eat together and leave together

Here’s the guy who cares for Oreo and Cookie Monster — a 9/11 hero! He and his family also feed a little family of raccoons and have adopted four feral cats to be inside kitties after they tamed them. This is a news report on him — he was one of the guys who pulled out the very last survivor from the rubble of the Towers:


2 responses to “Cuteness fix: Baby skunk gives baby kitten some love”

  1. Mike says :

    Hey Yeali and everybody else here,

    I don’t know that I will be on here before Rosh haShanah starts so I just wanted to wish everybody L’Shanah Tova. Have a great 5773.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Mike L’Shana tova v’metuka to you too and to your family!!!

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