Explosive if true

Guys, I can’t embed the video since it hasn’t yet been also uploaded to youtube. It is a must-see. It is beyond a must-see. Oh and yeah, I’ll be posting later on the Obama administration’s negotiation to release the Blind Sheik to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which may be happening imminently. (Yeah, you know, the guy behind the first World Trade Center bombing and other nefarious deeds). Right, (here’s a quick link but it has been out and about for a couple of weeks now) those negotiations are not being reported in the MSM.


6 responses to “Explosive if true”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    But Obama and his minions should have a very hard time to even consider releasing this evil monster Sheik who is responsible for the first World Trade Center bombing and other evil deeds (I do not care if he is blind or not, only his evil acts count to me).

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    An interesting article on Mitt Romney.
    Read “Video: Republican Mitt Romney lambastes 2-state solution” at http://www.jpost.com/USPresidentialrace/Article.aspx?id=285410

    • Eitan (@EitanDC) says :


      Great link to the article and the video. I think its funny that Mother Jones is posting these videos like its some sort of silver bullet to take out Romney. My reaction is, my god, he really gets it!

      His opinion pretty much mirrors my own. I’m so glad that someone is finally willing to say that the Palestinians don’t care about having a state, unless its all of Israel, and they don’t care about peace, unless its their peace over all that is currently Israel. If we had a President who wasn’t such a sucker and acknowledged that, we might actually get some where.


      That is an interesting theory re: CIA involvement. At this point, without more evidence, I’m more inclined to believe if was incompetence and hubris that lead to the ambassador being killed than as the result of a CIA arms mission. But, its not outside the realm of possibility. And as Fast and Furious has shown us, its not above this administration to give weapons to really bad dudes.

  3. israeliminx says :

    CIA tracking down weapons link for the Seals just got a bit further support: MSNBC (of all places) has just confirmed that the Seals were not part of the Ambassador’s security detail — indeed, he had only one U.S. guard with him and a local security detail — but were there for other business. (video here: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/09/18/MSNBCs-Chuck-Todd-Exposes-Obama-Admins-Contradictions-Over-Libya-Embassy-Attack)

    And if you remember, initial reports on the ground stated that the two former Seals arrived on site after the attacks on the embassy were underway from another location in a rescue attempt.

    On another topic, good news is the bounce-o-rama for Obama from the convention is totally gone. Rasmussen has Romney leading by 2. The others have them virtually even or with Obama a couple of points ahead BUT they literally all have a significantly skewed sample (in some cases over-sampling Dems by up to 13 percent). This means that a) Romney is actually ahead of Obama when you adjust for that weighting — sigh, yeah, I’m a stats geek, what can I say –and b) a lot of Dems are voting for Romney at this point.

  4. 300 yrs in America says :

    Well well well. Very interesting.obama must plan on pardoning the blind asshat as he was tried and convicted in a court of law.it wouldnt suprize me if they did release the sheik,after all he was only exercizing his 1st Amendment right of freedom of religion.funny they wont let rastafarians smoke reefer or native americans use peyote.

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