hello Obama? Julia calling

It is utterly hysterical the Sky is Falling for Mitt Romney media and Obama spin over his 47% remarks. Yeah, this from the campaign that brought you Julia. Remember her? I thought the little Julia cartoon thing was a joke (because I didn’t think any PR person could be so clueless as to come up with that incredibly amateurish and so pointedly paternalistic and condescending little non-hip slide show) until I saw it on the actual Obama campaign page. Julia did not go over well with the average non-Obama-adulating person. Like, really didn’t. Even pretty hardcore Dems were put off by Julia.

Mitt Romney’s so-called gaffe happens to reflect the opinion (if polls are remotely in the ballpark) of more than 50% of Americans. For the past year, pretty solidly, a majority of Americans have opined that government is too involved, they’d rather the government butt out of their lives rather than “help” more, they want greater independence rather than dependence on government and…essentially are in line with Romney’s (granted rather inelegant) statement. This is nowhere near in the ballpark of “You didn’t build that” — and even that little gem-o-rama out of Obama hasn’t hurt him that much.

Indeed, the majority agree with Romney on this. He should take it and run with it and I’m sure he will: 47% are not paying taxes — if we get the economy going they’ll be able to have jobs to live better AND pay taxes. I say this is point advantage to Romney and it brings the focus back to the economy and jobs.


2 responses to “hello Obama? Julia calling”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Here Romney’s Rosh HaShanah message “Video: Romney’s Rosh Hashannah Message Focuses on Faith” at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/160029#.UFj6zVGLVEI

    The difference between Romney and Obama concerning Israel is that Obama is an opportunist friend of Israel whose only interest in Israel is to further his political career!! On the other hand, Romney is a true friend of Israel at times when it was not even very popular to support the State of Israel because he has been for a long time genuinely a friend of Israel, political career or not. That is a huge difference.

    The more I have observed the deceptions of Obama, the more I really lost any kind of support for him, not to mention the fact that he has bankrupted the USA basically!!

    Obama is like a snake, as they like to say in the Middle East!! All smiles in front of you and, behind your back, cursing you at the first occasion. He even did that with Netanyahu when he was heard with Sarkozy off record in a microphone kind of cursing having to meet Netanyahu!!

    Well, in fact, Obama is very much like Muslims!!! Well, I have always believe very strongly that Obama is a closet Muslim and nothing has changed my point of view on this matter.
    Recently, Obama invited at a White House dinner an actor Damian Lewis who plays the role of Nicholas Brody a convert Muslim in the popular TV series Homeland. Here is what Damian Lewis says of his experience at the White House:
    “”It was made more remarkable by the fact that as I was walking down with my wife to go and sit at the table, assuming I’d be by the toilets,” Lewis laughed, as he spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at the New York City premiere of his show’s second season. Instead, he said, “I sat opposite the president himself, at his table, next to Mr. Warren Buffett. And so it became an even more surreal, out-of-body experience.” ” (from “‘Homeland’ Star Damian Lewis’ Surprising Discovery About President Obama” at http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/homeland-damian-lewis-president-obama-368889 )
    I see this invitation of Damian Lewis as another hint that Obama is a closet Muslim and that is the very reason why he does appreciate very much Damian Lewis’ role in Homeland, as he plays exactly that, a closet convert Muslim!!!

    More, Obama is the epitome of Muslims’ deception for me. He converted to Christianity from a pastor whose only religious values were:
    1) his hate of Whites in America!
    Slavery is still present TODAY in several black nations in Africa and yet we have to put up with the false claims that it is all the fault of Whites!! Not a single Black in America today condemns slavery in these African nations!!!!!!
    Of course, I do not promote slavery anywhere in the world and from any people, as Jews have been slaves in Egypt. But Whites were the last people to take “advantage” of free labour in the history of mankind. We know that Egypt, the Persian empire and several other civilizations practiced slavery long before the Whites entered this “business”.
    2) his hate of America and its values! Seeing America as the source of all evil in the world when many see America as the savior of freedom in the world.
    3) his hate of Jews through the proxy Israel!! Israel is a good scapegoat, as the Jews have already be over-used by Hitler!
    4) his hate of Israel!! The promotion of all the bogus ideas spread by Muslims concerning Israel!!
    5) you name it basically!! Any cause that could help exacerbate the inherent propensity of the Black members of his community to hate others, Obama’s pastor was fully espousing these ideas!!
    That is where Obama would have decided to espouse the message of love that normally comes from Christian faith and from the teachings of the Bible?!!!
    No!! Obama converted only to ensure that being Muslim will not prevent him from entering into Politics. He did that with the least pain possible by feeding his mind for more than twenty years hearing the sermons of hate from this evil “pastor” Jeremiah Wright and clapping his hands at the end of each sermon like any other Black congregant!!
    Basically, Obama did a bogus conversion to Christianity with a pastor who shared the same ideas than Obama has, that could not be a better opportunity for Obama to reinforce in his minds his ideas and at the same time get a Christian stamp of approval on his head!!!

  2. 300 yrs in America says :

    @ wipe out hamas,you make very good points.jerimiah wright is himself an “ex”muslim.obama has stated to a government official of egypts former gov.that his father and step father were muslims and he is a muslim.he also stated his 1st name was a swahili word meaning blessed.every one knows it is arabic form of baruch.another thing that proves he is still muslim is the fact that the traditional fatwah of death for apostates of islam hasnt been issued.they havent issued one for wright either.hmmmm.Romney may be mormon but he espouses the Judeo/Christian ethic.remember the dhimmicrats booed HaShem and Yerushalyim as the capitol of Yisrael.to hear muslims tell it even the Arch of Titus built in 90AD is a fraud.i dont believe the msm polls either as they ask 66% dems and 34% repubs.some are even 75% dems polled.you make excellent points.just thought i would add my 2c too.keep fighting the good fight.

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