Happy little tomatoes

My tomato plants are starting to set cherry tomatoes. I counted more than 30 little green balls on my most mature tomato plant this morning. The other tomato plants were planted 2-6 weeks behind and so hopefully they will soon also be sprouting tomatoes. A couple of them have just started flowering.

I’ve learned a lot with my experimental garden. I now know what produces and where. In the spring I’m going to do 20 cucumber plants all along the fence. I may try zucchini in another “who cares, abandoned area” but without any great hopes for it. We’ll see how it turns out but for now the tomatoes look like a “triple the planting” as well. Interestingly, the hot peppers I put into just crappy soil are doing way better than those I planted with a load of the compost. I think I was over-eager and put the compost in too soon, before it had finished curing. For the first couple of weeks the transplants there were just rocking out but then started getting ‘leaf burn and curl’ and one is now essentially on death’s door. That indicates that the compost is still composting and putting out too much heat around the roots of the plants.


2 responses to “Happy little tomatoes”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am going to get my little raised garden started today. I have a frame and the grass underneath and around the site has been killed by putting plastic over it and letting the sun kill it. I read that this sanitizes the soil, too. So today, I dig it up and add more soil and compost. I hope to have a Fall garden crop of lettuce, arugula, onions, kale, and herbs. I’ll try a few tomato plants (patio tomatoes). The weather should be just about right now. We are cooling off a bit from our high temperatures but it’s still warm.

    • israeliminx says :

      Awesome! Please keep us updated on how your little garden grows! But no collard greens? Sigh, I’ve had a severe hankering for collard greens for years now (like 15!!)

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