Obama refers to Israel as “noise” to “block out”

Here’s my view: The Obama presidency is noise to VOTE OUT.

US President Barack Obama described the Israeli pressure to draw a “red line” for Iran as “noise” he is trying to block out.

In an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday, the president addressed the crisis between Washington and Jerusalem over the handling of the Iranian nuclear issue. Obama stressed he feels “an obligation, not pressure” to coordinate with Israel.

BTW anyone else notice that Obama is channeling Ahmadinejad’s statements about Israel just “making so much noise” …?


4 responses to “Obama refers to Israel as “noise” to “block out””

  1. Lynne says :

    I hope that the American Jews are paying attention and really listening to his words.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Obama wants to get upset on Iran only when it would be too late and the Iranians would present to the world their first nuclear bomb, the first of many more to come!!!

    Netanyahu was right, there must be a very clear red line drawn in the sand so that Iran knows when they will have gone over this red line and Iran knows that consequences will ensue and a heavy price will have to be paid. Do I need to say that this red line must be long before a first nuclear bomb is in possession of Iran!!

    Obama does not want to speak of a red line concerning Iran because Obama has no intention to get firm against Iran because Obama will never ever even simply bomb Iran, no matter what Iran does or will do!!
    Consequently, Israel will have to do what needs to be done alone (massively bombard Iran to destroy all the nuclear facilities and research centers in Iran) and maybe it is better this way.
    Israel has to learn to deal with its vital interests alone, even when they involve the world because Israel will be alone most of the time when it pertains to its vital interests. Many times in the history of Israel, Israel’s vital interests have been in opposition with the (petty and mostly financial) interests of various countries when it pertains to the Middle East and in particular to Israel.

  3. Mac says :

    yes, let that comment burn in. A jewish vote for Obama is just plain willfull ignorance.

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