CNN journalist arrested for defacing pro-Israel ad

This is hilarious — try to shut down free speech while declaring you are engaging in free speech. What a loon you are Mona Eltahawy.


19 responses to “CNN journalist arrested for defacing pro-Israel ad”

  1. TDDPirate says :

    The CNN journalist looked to me surprisingly civil. If I were in her place and shared her craziness, I’d freely spray on the second woman as soon as she stood between me and the ad.

    A certain amount of spray – enough to show up but not enough to actually hide the message behind it – would have been a legitimate exercise of free speech.

    • israeliminx says :

      Eh no.
      First spray painting any sign is an act of vandalism. Free speech is getting your own sign and running it to counter the other sign. It is standing by the sign, pointing at it, and screaming ‘this is raaaaaaaaaaacist.’ Free speech does not include the defacement of other people’s free speech.
      Oh, and no, she wasn’t particularly civil if you include the F*** bombs coming out of her mouth, as well as spray-painting the woman trying to stop her from defacing property.

  2. Lynne says :

    She continued to spray the woman who tried to get between her and the poster. What a vile woman! The sign is not racist; it refers to terrorists as savages, not Palestinians in general. It was put up to counteract more explicit ads against Israel.

  3. Lynne says :

    CNN Journalist! Oh, not surprised. CNN is totally anti-Israel propaganda. Boycott CNN completely. If you must, peek in occasionally to do a bias-check.

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I could say again, I told you so!! About Muslims!! What do I mean by that? Read on …

    When Muslims are given the opportunity to live in a free society such as the USA, they still keep being extremist of the worst kind, even (or especially I should say) the supposedly moderate among them!!!
    They do not learn to be more peaceful while living in a free society, they learn to be even more extremist!
    And they NEVER EVER integrate in the sense of adopting the values of the free society in which they have been granted the right to live!!

    What this f-g Mona Eltahawy does is illegal in any free society, in particular in the tube in the US!!! You are not allowed to deface advertisements or spray on them, no matter if you do not agree with the content of these advertisements!! Any civilized person with a modicum of rationality knows that!!

    • Lynne says :

      Wipe Out, I cannot agree that Muslims are all extremists, though Islam undoubtedly encourages extremism. Any religious extremism is harmful. Any. I understand the reason for the ad; it was in response to anti-Israel ads. I might have been good to exactly specify which “savages” were referred to if that is not clear in the ad: Terrorists and their supporters, so that there would be no mistake at all that the word savages refer to Palestinians. Most Palestinians are not savages, though it is true that many, many are extremists and support terrorism. Not all though, certainly not all.

  5. TDDPirate says :

    Seems that it is my turn to take the Devil’s Advocate role here. 🙂

    From what I saw in the video clip, the CNN journalist did not spray the second woman. She tried to continue to spray the ad but she didn’t aim at the woman.
    I may have overlooked something, however.

    I believe that the standard for vandalizing an ad, which will be removed in few days anyway, ought to be milder than the standard for vandalizing a wall by drawing a graffiti on it.

    Where does one draw the line between the following acts of interfering with an ad’s visibility:
    – Hide the ambient light light and cast a shadow on the ad.
    – Stand before the ad and obstruct it for people who wish to read it.
    – Pull a pen and write few words on a free space on the ad.
    – Light spray, enough to show that you disagree with the ad’s message, not enough to make it unreadable.
    – Heavy spray – obstructing the ad’s message.
    – Tear the ad off.

    • israeliminx says :

      Well considering that repainting a wall costs only about $20 to repaint and that the ad cost more than $6,000 to place (and will cost the same again to replace the vandalized version), I’d say the Devil’s Advocated just got punk’d. 🙂

      (Oh and she also got spray paint on the wall and on the ad next to the ad she was attacking. If the folks with the ad next to the target want their ad to be replaced, they’ll have to pony up their own additional $6,000. The wall will need to be repainted. The woman who got spray painted is already filing a lawsuit against Mona for personal property damage–good for her).

      • TDDPirate says :

        I am surprised that it costs that much to physically place an ad. Printing another copy and gluing it to the wall cannot cost more than few $100’s.

        It is more reasonable to assume that most of the $6000 cost is for renting the ad’s location for few days. And unless the authorities are levying vandal tax on the victim, this part of the cost does not need to be paid again if the original ad was vandalized.

  6. israeliminx says :

    Pirate the only example you gave that falls under free speech is the one where someone would stand in front of the ad (because where you are standing is on public and not private property — if the ad were on private property you’d be breaking the trespassing law if you did). On public property you are free to stand in front of it, froth at the mouth, wave your arms, moo like a cow and jump up and down like an orangutan and you are exercising your free speech rights. Laying a finger on the ad in any way that harms it is not free speech but vandalism.

  7. Lynne says :

    The stupid CNN journalist/vandalizer did not spray her in the face or directly at her, but she knew she was spraying her. Go back and watch the clip and listen to her words and watch her actions. What a vile fanatic!
    Guys, just boycott CNN and MSNBC.

  8. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    To answer to Lynne’s comments.
    First, I hope you are well, Lynne. No matter our different points of view on various issues, we are surely united to support the State of Israel and the Israelis.

    Now on Muslims and extremism!
    Well, if 9/11 taught us anything,
    if many terrorist attacks in the US taught Americans anything,
    if terrorist attacks taught Israel anything,
    it is that these terrorist attacks are done, most of the time, by Muslims who are apparently (and surprisingly) moderate and not extremist at all!! This is a fact!!

    Let me give you just a few examples.
    The murdering of the Fogel family was done in Israel by Muslim youngsters that were considered to be basically normal teenagers, not even religious in their (evil) Muslim faith!! Basically, these monsters were even more moderate than many Muslims that Israelis would catalog as being moderate or very moderate!!
    Now, an American example for you Lynne. All the 9/11 terrorists, ALL Muslims, were all apparently normal, moderate people in appearance. Nothing in their behavior with other non-Muslims pinpointed them as being radical or even extremists!! And yet, they were very busy working on preparing their evil deeds and all showed videos showing clearly that their moderate appearance was just a facade!!
    And I could go on and on and take other examples similar to this one.
    One example that I have right now in my mind. Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army Major serving as a psychiatrist, who (surprise!) went berserk and murdered many soldiers!! Read “Fort Hood shooting – Wikipedia” at
    This evil Muslim of Palestinian origin could surely be considered more than a moderate, an ultra moderate but one day, out of the blue, he became himself, a Muslim murderer of the worst kind!!!

    What many of you do not see, do not want to understand is that ANY Muslim that is apparently moderate or very moderate has in him/her the catalyst ready to start a massacre!! It just needs to be ignited for a bogus reason (movie about the evil and bogus prophet Mohammed, yo name it basically!!).
    And most of the examples of Muslim terrorists are the result of a moderate Muslims becoming mass-murderers for whatever bogus justifications he/she wants to give to try to justify the unjustifiable!!

  9. israeliminx says :

    Pirate, you are simply wrong. But, even if it cost nothing, it is still a violation of free speech and vandalism.

    Having fought and won a legal battle on free speech back when I was in high school I’m pretty well-versed in this one. For instance, your right to not speak is even a right to free speech.

    (For those interested, I fought for my right to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance based on two grounds, one which followed the other: My primary ground was that, just as we should honour the Precepts, the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written, we should not bastardize the original Pledge. The second referred to the bastardization of the original Pledge in the early 1950s by the addition of the phrase “under G-d” which could be seen as a violation of the edict between separation of Church and State. My legal argument, however, was premised on the right granted by the Free Speech clause to not only speak but to refrain from speaking as a form of speech.)

  10. Tiger Mike says :

    A couple of thoughts….

    This was obviously a premeditated act. She was carrying around a can of spray paint (like all New York subway commuters do?). So I am wondering how many more of these ads she had already vandalize.

    Second, she was wearing pink. The paint was pink. Was this a Code Pink thing?

    • Eitan (@EitanDC) says :


      As soon as I saw the pink paint I had the same thought as you on the code pink connection. It wouldn’t surprise me.


      I think you distinction between ads and a wall being graffitied is laughable and indicates you have little regard for private property rights, a hallmark of civil society. It doesn’t matter if its and add, the side of someones house, or their car, you can’t vandalism or deface someone elses private property. That is not free speech.

      I don’t agree with Paul Krugman, so I burned his house down. It’s free speech, I was expressing my disagreement with him. I made sure he wasn’t home, so it was nonviolent protest against Paul Krugman! See what happens in America to people who nonviolently protest, we get arrested! Oh the humanity.

      An extreme example, but its essentally the same thing. Destroying private property to make a point. Thats okay right?

      • TDDPirate says :

        Eitan, you (and I suspect also everyone else) missed the following phrase which I said: “which will be removed in few days anyway”.

        The examples which you gave were about property which is expected to be there permanently. Of course I don’t endorse destroying or vandalizing such property.

        However, ads are routinely displayed for a limited time and then discarded. My opinion is that in such a case, the case against vandalism is not clear cut.

        I can even imagine few situations, in which it would be to the advertiser’s interest to clarify to the passive and apathetic populace that the ad’s subject is controversial. An ad, which has been vandalized, but without obstructing its message would serve such a purpose.

        • israeliminx says :

          Pirate, your logic is really making no sense whatsoever.

        • Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

          No, I didn’t miss you point, rather I think you missed mine. Private property is private property. That space was rented and someone paid for a poster to be produced and hung there. Property rights do not change based on the duration. Someones private property was defaced. It doesn’t matter how long it was supposed to be there.

          If I rent a house for a month I can’t fuck it up and wreck it, even though I’m supposed to be there for a month.

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