cute Yom Kippur experience

Hope everybody had a good fast and fast-breaking yesterday 🙂 On Tuesday just as Yom Kippur was falling, there was a knock on my door. It was the really old guy from upstairs. I guess he wanted to in a round-about way ask my forgiveness for banging on my door several times a year and ranting about my getting cat food deliveries. Yeah, he has no problem with people getting grocery deliveries left outside their doors for a couple of hours but he, for some bizarre reason, finds it offensive that people have cat or dog food bags doing the same. Since he’s not of the no-touching variety of observance, while he was kind of stumbling around trying to come out with the apology, I gave him a hug to let him know I understood, apology accepted, be written in the book by all means, and wished him a good fast.

A few minutes later I went down to put out some clothing for donation, figuring there would be a lot of potential takers out and about as the traffic shut down and families enjoyed the silent streets. He was standing out on the sidewalk with two men who were going to accompany him to services and he waved brightly and introduced me to his companions as “the sweet young girl in his building with a big heart for animals.”

Heh, he’ll remember me that way …until I get another cat food delivery 🙂

I went to a really beautiful Kol Nidre service with the little family from upstairs. It was the first Kol Nidre I’ve been to in this country that was even remotely like what I’m used to — packed synagogue, people of all ages. Well, yeah, ok, it is Bnei Brak 🙂


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