Of course they fricking knew and so did everyone else

Big headline on Fox: THEY KNEW (that Al Qaeda was behind the murder of the U.S. ambassador before 24 hours had passed). Yeah, of course they knew. They just chose to look like RAVING IMBECILES because they were so arrogant that they thought that so long as they just said, no no tisn’t so, that everyone would believe them but guess what, the average person just isn’t as stupid as they think.

So Obama looked like Prime Idiot Number 1 when he gave his U.N. speech and — yet again –for a full 3 paragraphs and nearly 5 minutes, blamed the video that no one has seen while his administration was –finally — calling it a terrorist attack unrelated to the video. Hello, like everyone has known that for… oh about 24 hours after the attack took place and that was only if you were slow to catch on.

The people who are idiots are clearly the Obama administration with Obama the biggest idiot among them (either the very last to know–a pretty sad statement for the guy who is supposed to be in charge of a country — or a buffoon who thinks he has magical powers to pull the wool over the eyes of people by dint of his personal presence. That only worked in 2008, dude, we’ve seen that show before).


6 responses to “Of course they fricking knew and so did everyone else”

  1. Lynne says :

    When I checked last, CNN was not covering this. CNN should be totally boycotted until they start reporting accurately and not burying stories that reflect badly on Obama (everything he does).
    Yes, of course, Obama knew. The fact that he and that unscrupulous Clinton ran around vehemently denying it and sending Susan Rice around immediately to give a Wh version is particularly damning. Obama’s is an irresponsible, dishonest administration.

  2. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, chat at 12:00?

  3. Lynne says :


  4. Mac says :

    They’re used to no obstructions. I throw smelly fish at the MSM, lol!

  5. 300 yrs in American says :

    I am so tired of the obama junta and their obfuscations. Yes the left believes the people have a herd or pack mentality and they are the alpha wolves or beasts leading us from the oppressive darkness of the Judeo/Christian ethic that has held us captive for the last 2 millenia. They run the polls and cook the results thinking the herd/pack will blindly follow suit,wanting to be on the “right side”. Anyone with an ounce of gray matter knew the date of 9/11 was no coincidence. BiBi gave us a beautiful lesson in his speach @ the u.n.(uninformed numbskulls). All the obama junta has to offer the world are lies and deception and rhetoric. The Big Lie: tell the people the same thing over and over and pretty soon they will believe it. Happy Sukkot minx. Also what is the Holiday the day after for Yisrael called? I have forgotten.Peace and Blessings and Shabbat Shalom.

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