Send it viral: Absolutely Uncertain

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A new, 18-minute mini-documentary follows the journey of Irina, a 23-year-old liberal, Jewish New Yorker who voted for Obama in 2008. Yet as her connection to Israel has grown, and she has learned more about the President’s policies across the Middle East and towards Israel in particular, Irina has come to realize that “when the chips are down,” the President may not “have Israel’s back” as he says.

The short film features:

Exclusive interviews with leading journalists and politicians in Israel
(Bloomberg, London Times, Jerusalem Post, etc.)

Mainstream news reports (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC, etc.),

Clips from longtime Democratic supporters including: Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY)


10 responses to “Send it viral: Absolutely Uncertain”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I said before that I strongly believe that Obama is a closet Muslim and I still do.

    A true Muslim is ready to do whatever it takes to deceive, like the bogus “prophet” Mohammed did when he was alive. And Mohammed’s behavior was really that of a master of deception and Muslims are supposed to mimic, to emulate the prophet’s behavior.

    Hence, Obama’s behavior. Even the current behavior he has in reaction to Romney’s campaign is interesting.
    Romney complained about China unfair trading practices and Obama’s lack of action against China and Obama then puts a formal complaint against China related to trade!
    Same for Israel. Netanyahu complaints about the lack of red line concerning Iran and Obama says that he is on the same wavelength than Israel but that the US do not want to get into a red line debate. Then Netanyahu is forced to define the red line at the UN.

    To understand Obama is to understand that he is all words and very lacking in the action department! Especially on ideas that he does not want to implement but nevertheless make you believe that he is a strong supporter of. Like Israel!

    Concerning Israel, Obama is a closet pro-Palestinian, not different than Jimmy Carter is and was with Muslims and especially with Palestinians!! That is the ugly reality.
    And that is extremely dangerous because Obama presents himself only as pro-Israeli but in fact it is all deception only to ensure the support of the Jewish voters at the various elections in the US.
    Jimmy Carter cost Israel the entire Sinai, an area that Israel legitimately won against Egypt!
    Later on, Jimmy Carter came out in his book on the Palestinians, showing his true colors of basically being a fervent anti-Israel person, be it with Egypt and in particularly with the Palestinians. Jimmy Carter is one of those Christians who have an anti-Semite bias that translates into being anti-Israel and his support of a bogus “peace” treaty with Egypt was nothing less than an implementation of this closet anti-Semitism that Jimmy Carter has. Many Christians today are like that, in the US and elsewhere. We only tend to see the Zionist Christians but they are not the majority among Christians.

    Worse, this “land for peace” evil idea is going to weigh all the time in the future on Israel’s shoulders for generations!!
    Because if any country (like Egypt did) could attack Israel and Israel would win some territories, then this enemy country could come a few years later with a peace treaty with Israel only to get back the territories lost.
    If such a possibility is available to Israel’s enemies, Israel is indeed in serious troubles. Because the only dissuasion Israel has against an attack against Israel is that Israel is ready to get back (Jewish and non-Jewish) lands that are occupied currently by Israel’s enemies. Without such deterrence, nothing prevents any enemy country to wage a full war of annihilation against Israel with the idea that, if it fails, no problem because there is this “land for peace” evil idea ready to be used again following another bogus peace treaty with Israel.
    What Egypt did so far during his peace with Israel? Massively rearm themselves!!

    Concerning Israel, Obama’s ideas are simple. He wants a Palestinian state and, the funny thing is, most of the Israeli politicians seem to accept this evil idea too!! Even Netanyahu!!
    When I hear an Israeli politician such as Netanyahu declares at the UN that Israel will be the first state to welcome a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, I see that most Israelis are really sick mentally in many ways with respect to the Palestinians. They do not act like Israelis like a Ben Gurion or a Golda Meir would have done, they act like persecuted Jews afraid of asserting the ancestral rights on the entire land of Israel. Israel acts like the Jew among the nations, afraid of asserting fully the right of the Israelis on ALL their ancestral land that, mostly are currently occupied by Muslims!!

    Concerning Iran, Obama shows that the US have no intention of doing anything apart from implementing ineffective measures at the UN against Iran. But these measures at the UN have not worked at all and will never ever work against Iran, as Netanyahu clearly pointed out in his speech at the UN.

    As much as I want Israel in peace, I am afraid that next summer is set to be the time Israel will have to massively attack Iran’s nuclear facilities! That is the sad reality.
    At that time, Iran will have reached the 90% that Netanyahu indicated. I do not see any action from Israel before that time.
    The problem with Iran is that they are evil and mad in many ways. They welcome a full war, irrespective of the losses! Why? They have this Iranian Muslim religious mad and false belief that a big war is a necessary catalyst to bring about the arrival of their bogus Mahdi that would bring an era of paradise-for-ever-after to the Muslim world. Consequently, they welcome any war!
    Well, we will see what Israel will do. But one thing is sure. Iran is behind Hezbollah and Hamas and now possibly very soon behind Egypt too, not to mention Iranian soldiers in Syria!!
    Iran is a force of evil for the entire world. Imagine Iran with portable nuclear bombs available to them? To whom do you think Iran is going to distribute them? Easy to see! And the USA will be one of the first targets to have Iran drones ready to pass through the US borders with portable nuclear bombs. So, as far as the US are concerned, they will be one of the the first to be targeted by Iran if Iran acquires nuclear bombs and it is not difficult to make small and portable nuclear bombs!!
    The good thing is that I think that next summer is set for any action on Iran, at least from Israel.

    • philipzhao says :

      No,Obama is not a “closet” muslim . He speaks like a muslim, acts like a muslim, and f**ks like a muslim, and hopefully, dies like a muslim !

  2. Mac says :

    4 more years of Obama is deadly to Israel. This gal is realizing this.

  3. Lynne says :

    Mac, because CNN and other mainstream media outlets like MSNBC, the New York Times, and many more are concealing issues regarding Obama, Jewish supporters of Obama and other Obama supporters are not getting the facts.I’ve been monitoring CNN, and there have been zero articles about Benghazi that could reflect badly on Obama or even raise questions. None. But at the same time, there was a barrage of anti-Romney articles (about his tax rate, a media created issue).
    If people rely on MSNBC or CNN or the other biased sources, they will not get the picture.
    I’m still a bit shocked that the Jewish supporters though, should still support Obama. This is a group that usually does its own research on issues.
    I agree, Mac, four more years of Obama is going to be deadly dangerous to Israel and the rest of the world. That severe threat won’t be confined to Israel; it will effect the US. It will be the beginning of the US decline if Obama has his way.

  4. Lou says :

    Who gives a rip about Isreal ? Basically North American Aboriginals could rise up against the US government with the same arguments….land taken over, repression with arms that were greater, many lies told. Who wants to get involved with Isreals fight? READ THIS and educate yourself:

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    An interesting article “Ex-Muslim: ‘Islam scares the hell out of me'” at

    Well, this woman can rest assured, Islam has already scared the hell out of me but it was a long time ago!
    BUT the problem is the following. Does Islam scare the hell of out most Israeli politicians? Not really when you hear them speaking! And when you hear them proposing to create a new Muslim state, this time inside Israel and on lands that are historically Jewish lands!!

    I have heard many people in the US condemning the movie maker about the evil and bogus “prophet” Mohammed and not single one has said that, in fact, was not Mohammed just a simple thief, murderer, raper, and more and should we not applaud this movie maker instead of sending him in jail?!! NOT ONE AMERICAN SO FAR IN THE MEDIA HAS HAD THE COURAGE TO SAY THESE SIMPLE BASIC TRUTHS!!
    Despite the fact that the USA is supposed to be a democratic country, despite the fact that freedom of speech is supposed to be one of the hallmarks of the Constitution of the USA and of being an American, and one of the most sacred and most protected values in the USA!!!!

  6. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I highly recommend each of you to listen to the audio comments made by Nonie Darwish and that are provided in the interesting article “Ex-Muslim: ‘Islam scares the hell out of me’” at

    In a nutshell, Egypt, the country that is supposed to be in peace with Israel, in fact raises their children to hate Israel and all non-Muslims too. It is a culture of hate that is rarely mentioned.

    • Lynne says :

      Yes, there are many wonderful Egyptians, but there is a huge number that are easily manipulated and radicalized. I guess the same percentage exists in most societies.
      The brilliant SandMonkey often reports on the problems with the Arab Street.

      • TDDPirate says :

        However, Sandmonkey switched from frequent&short items to rare&long items in his blog. His most recent posting is dated from Aug. 28 – more than a month ago.
        Is there any other Egyptian blogger, who can be followed for more frequent updates of the situation in Egypt?

        • Lynne says :

          Hi, Pirate. I think that it is the political situation. He is no longer anonymous; the extremists know who he is and where he can be found. He is in a degree of danger. I honestly wish he’d leave the country, IF he can.
          Bloggers were in danger before when their real identities were exposed. I cannot imagine how bad it is now.
          He gave a CNN interview, and I don’t know that he can get out of the country now, if he wanted to. I do know that he is extremely brave… courageous.

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