protection for ambassador Stevens was denied?

How on earth did it happen that the Libyan embassy and Stevens were denied protection when they were asking for it? My jaw was just on the floor when I read today that “U.S. diplomats in Libya repeatedly asked the Obama administration for more security in Benghazi in the run-up to the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate but were “denied these resources,” two congressional lawmakers said.” Are they insane? What officials made the decision to deny them security? Whoever they were, their heads need to roll. They need to be criminally prosecuted, if you ask me.

11 responses to “protection for ambassador Stevens was denied?”

  1. Lynne says :

    I thought that Debbie Wasserman-Shultz was an expert liar, looking right into the eyes of others while lying her head off without batting an eyelash. But Hilary Clinton is a master LIAR that makes Pinocchio Wasserman-Shultz look like an amateur.
    When Chris Stevens’ journal was found and excerpts reported saying that he feared for his safety and his life, Hilary Clinton disputed that, saying that she had no information that Stevens had security concerns…. ONLY direct requests, and the fact that Clinto/Obama sought and received a waiver to have less than “standard” security at Benghazi.
    Secretary of Lies Clinton also said, along with the Liar in Chief, that there were no WARNINGS. At least five attacks on the Benghazi embassy, the fact immediately reported in the UK media that the UK closed their embassy there due to threats and warned the US about the danger there…. and more.
    CNN and MSNBC are not reporting any of this or much of it. But I am preaching to the choir here; you all know that the mainstream media is just propaganda for Obama, and complicit with his lies.
    CBS has started to report some of this, and the others better or completely lose the trust of the American people. Though, many of those who comment on CNN don’t trust Fox News because they do report these things. Sigh.

  2. Mac says :

    Here’s the mistake. You’re looking for morals among moral less people. it’s all political. These are THE most dangerous types to have in power.

  3. Lynne says :

    Mac, there are people who do not want the truth, even when it affects them directly in a negative way. Scads of people hate Fox for reporting any issues related to Obama that raise questions and reflect badly on him.
    The Clintons are vile. They have no trouble lying. Glad that Monica’s book about Clinton is coming out soon. Hope that it tarnishes his image, which would reflect reality. He is disgusting, and Hilary even more revolting.
    Yes, I agree. These people are dangerous. Even stupid Biden is dangerous. Notice that the press gives that moron a pass on all his outrageous gaffes?

  4. Mac says :

    Bill’s image is already tarnished. Again, the moral less have no problem with him. Biden is the old, drunk, say anything uncle. He’s just a spectacle to laugh at. Even though that’s not what he was brought on for…

  5. philipzhao says :

    Murder by proxy !!

  6. israeliminx says :

    Pinnochio Wasserman-Schultz –Ema you are funny!!!! Everytime I read that I giggle.

    Mac — you are right about that being the most dangerous type of person. Obama is a pure sociopath. Have you seen the video released by the Daily Caller where he not only changes his accent and the cadences of his sentences but his entire body language (not to mention playing race politics a la Jeremiah Wright)?

    • Lynne says :

      Obama is absolutely a sociopath, not an uncommon condition among politicians, but particularly unfortunate when the president of the US is a sociopath. Obama is a dangerous president, and it makes me sick that the Jewish community in the US still supports him. Can’t these people think? Do they listen to his words and watch his actions????

  7. Mac says :

    Yes Yaeli. I saw the amazing transformation into a southerner. A clue for anyone trying this move is that a southerner can tell a fake southern accent. I see it a lot in movies, lol. I completely disregard you if you do this…

  8. Lynne says :

    Mac, I agree. Obama was phony and condescending to his African American audience. I am sure that many in that group sensed that and were offended. A teacher friend told me that her pastor (African American church) told the congregation to vote for Romney, not Obama, and then gave reasons. Nothing to do with the video that surfaced, but everything to do with Obama’s performance as president—the extravagant vacations (Michelle Obama started off with the lavish, taxpayer -funded trip to Spain for her and her “closest forty friends”), the golfing, the inattention to the plight of Americans, his lack of experience dealing with this country’s problems, and more. She says that he says this every week! Texas will definitely go to Romney!

    • Mac says :

      Well, good

      • Lynne says :

        Mac, I am just hoping that enough of the folks in the swing states vote for Romney! I am sure of Texas going to Romney, but …. it’s going to be close. Sad that so many Americans are misguided and would vote for an amateur like Obama—a dangerous amateur, taking not only the US, but the entire world in the wrong direction.

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