Obama ’08-Romney ’12: Susan Crown sees the light

Businesswoman and philanthropist Susan Crown, a former Obama supporter and a member of one of Chicago’s most influential families, told an audience of over 300 women and men, “In the midst of the Obama administration, I became profoundly disappointed, disillusioned and actually a little angry.”

Democrats, Republicans and self-described independents recently came together to hear how one of President Obama’s own prominent supporters is now using her considerable talent and energy to get Gov. Mitt Romney elected the next President of the United States. They gathered at a modest complimentary luncheon in the ballroom of a hotel in Naperville, Illinois sponsored by the DuPage Business Council. The event was a “Women in Leadership” forum, where Crown gave a brief introduction, then took questions from the audience.

“I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and don’t think the government belongs in a lot of those issues,” Crown said.

So how could a woman with this sort of background on “social issues”, who gave money to Obama’s 2008 campaign, and who worked with him on the Annenberg Challenge board support Gov. Romney, who is pro-life and pro-traditional marriage?

Crown spent nearly one hour answering questions from the audience to fully explain her conversion.

Her reasons and responses were wide-ranging, thoughtful, brutally honest and humorous.

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3 responses to “Obama ’08-Romney ’12: Susan Crown sees the light”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yay! I was just in the process (with my pathetic computer skills) of trying to send that article. I hope that Susan Crown is effective in influencing others!

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Barack Hussein Obama listened to his evil, racist, anti-American, anti-Semite, and anti-Israel pastor Jeremiah Wright for MORE THAN 20 YEARS and, then, when the videos of his evil pastor were discovered, Obama said he did not know that his pastor Jeremiah Wright had made such speeches!!

    See the video of Obama praising Jeremiah Wright!!
    “VIDEO: Obama speech praises Wright, attacks feds on Katrina | The Daily Caller” at http://dailycaller.com/2012/10/02/obama-speech-jeremiah-wright-new-orleans/

    Oh, Obama, what a deceptive Muslim you were and still are!
    No sincere person wanting to convert to Christianity would accept to convert with a pastor like Jeremiah Wright whose speeches were full of hate: hate against Whites, hate against America, hate against Jews, hate against Israel, and more!
    No sincere convert would ever decide to convert to Christianity with such a pastor full of hate!! Unless such conversion to Christianity was just a bogus conversion done only to further Obama’s political career where a Muslim candidate has surely much lower chances to get elected than a Christian one!!

  3. 300 yrs in America says :

    Preach it Wipeouthamas. There hasnt been the prerequisite fatwah of death for obama or wright for their apostacy. They are simply practicing the sacred tenet of taquiyya.allah/ar rahman must be pleased.

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