Romney knocks it out of the ballpark, Obama couldn’t find the ballpark

Democrat Juan Williams moaned “massacre, massacre,” to himself as he left the men’s room following the first Presidential debate last night. Andrew Sullivan, who has made an entire career bending over backwards to protect The One wondered if Obama hadn’t just lost the campaign. Bill Maher opined on twitter that maybe Obama DOES need a teleprompter. Chris Matthews, over at MSNBC had the funniest melt-down I’ve seen in awhile, finally declaring, “What’s Romney doing? He’s WINNING.”

I just got finished watching the debate, more than curious after seeing the left running around holding their heads in their hands.

My assessment: While Romney was hitting repeated home-runs, Obama was driving around town unable to even find the ballpark. He was a Zombie-Obambi.

Watch out for debate II, however, as I think more than a few people are going to be lining up to slap Obama around. I expect his performance to significantly improve. Importantly, though, the first debate was the most important debate: It sets impressions and expectations, in this case, it was on the most important topic of the election — jobs, economy, the role of government — and a lot more people watch the first debate than watch any of the subsequent ones.

My favourite tweet response: “Romney just took a cross-country trip with Obama strapped to the top of his car.”


9 responses to “Romney knocks it out of the ballpark, Obama couldn’t find the ballpark”

  1. Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

    Agreed Yael. I watched it live and that was an all out beat down. Romney not only had a command of the facts that left Obama meekly repeating his talking points, but he seemed more passionate, more alive, more likeable, and even funny.

    The remark about his 5 boys repeating the same thing over and over and hoping he will believe it, the remark about Obama only picking the losers, it was just brutal. But Romney did it the whole time with a smile on his face and a friendly but serious demeanor. Obama was like a deer in the headlights.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Obama is at a big disadvantage when he does not have the possibility to use a teleprompter!! And that showed clearly in this debate.

    Obama was simply refuted through facts by Mitt Romney and any American with a modicum of rationality will have seen that very well.

    The choice is easy to understand. Obama has a plan for the next four years to continue spending $1 TRILLION EACH YEAR to support his pet causes.
    I liked when Romney reminded Obama that he spent $90 billion on investing on “green” companies (most of them failed and went bankrupt) where most of them were managed by people who had supported Obama’s democratic campaign!! Solyndra and similar companies!!

    Obama seemed completely lost in the avalanche of facts that Romney threw at Obama!! Obama’s record for his four years is simply appalling! This guy Hussein Obama has basically bankrupted the USA (!!) and he wants to keep doing that for four more years!!

    Obama is nothing less than a curse for the USA and he spent $5 TRILLION since he took office to reach a US deficit that is now at more than $16 TRILLION!!! And Obama plans to spend to add again $5 TRILLION in the coming next four years to support his pet projects!

    Any American with a strong love for their country will understand that, no matter his/her political inclination, he/she has to support the candidate that is best for the USA, not the candidate that belongs to a particular party!!!
    And Mitt Romney is, without the shadow of a doubt, needed to restore America’s economic health instead of leading it to an increased level of bankruptcy, as Obama would do if he would be again four more years at the White House!

  3. Lynne says :

    It was easy for Obama to shine in 2008: The mainstream media was promoting him extensively and without reservation, and people were sick of Bush and his bumbling in Iraq and his high-handed ways. Obama had only to look into his teleprompter and make promises. That is all he ever had: promises. He is a straw man without substance, without a plan that will help the US and the world. He is a dangerous president who is not prepared or qualified for the presidency.
    So now Obama wants to start bombing in Libya when his state department would not even send anyone to the aid of the embassy in Benghazi? I hope that rumor is not true…

    • israeliminx says :

      My bet is that they will bomb Libya or do some other sort of “special ops” (in Libya or elsewhere)– but they are going to wait until a week or so before the election to make sure they capitalize on but don’t have time to lose the rally-around-the-nation-and-leader bump effect.

    • TDDPirate says :

      Why does USA need to bomb Libya at all?
      Didn’t the Libyan President and people denounce the embassy attack?

      • Lynne says :

        Pirate, excellent point. The US does NOT need to bomb Libya at all!!! The Libyan government, as fragile as it is at this point, was not involved in the attacks, and in fact, tried to warn the US (the State Dept. ignored warnings). The Libyan government denounced the attacks and has worked to identify and arrest those involved.
        An attack would be more Obama bumbling, and if the Libyan government is SMART, they will begin an all-out campaign in the US and in the press to demonstrate their commitment to catching those involved and bringing them to justice, along with their commitment to a strongUS – Libyan relationship/alliance.
        Obama will undoubtedly try to use this ill-advised attack to distract from his incompetency with those who are gullible, and it may work—but only in the short-term. Obama is weak and he has no clue about how to work with the countries in the Middle East. He is out of his depth.
        What is needed is a full accounting of the failures at Benghazi, and soon!!

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Mitt Romney was simply amazing at this debate against the one who has pushed up to $16 TRILLION the US deficit (from $11 trillion before Obama started his Presidency!), Hussein Obama!

    See the video if you have not done yet on “First Presidential Debate: Obama vs. Romney (Complete HD)” at

    Mitt Romney will restore the economic health of the USA, Obama would add another $5 TRILLION to the US deficit, as he already did during his four years at the Presidency.

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