Barak is back to his snake in the grass tricks

Ehud Barak secretly met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who previously served as the White House chief of staff, trying to bolster his political pull at the expense of Netanyahu, as well as engaging in other questionable activities while on his trips to the U.S. He’s in a relatively desperate position with the elections coming up — his tiny little factional party will definitely not get enough votes (if it gets any at all) for him to have a place in government in the next election. As a result, he’s desperately trying to get on the ticket for other parties. Clearly Labour is not going to take him back and the word is that he was trying to get a top spot on Likud’s ticket and they turned him down. Down and out is where he needs to be. He should take Mofaz (sneaky snake no. 2) right on out the door with him.


2 responses to “Barak is back to his snake in the grass tricks”

  1. Lynne says :

    What a despicable little man!

  2. 300 yrs in America says :

    How could rom put any party or any person ahead of Yisrael? His father was in Ergun and fought for Yisrael. I dont know if the elder Emannuel is alive but if he is he must be sitting Shiva. Face it obama is the poster boy for the ultra left/islamic supremecists block.he hasnt the brains or reasoning to be potus.he just does what the Judenrat soros and the saudi royal family et al tell him.soros pointed out Jews to the national socialist soldiers as a child after his dad bribed a german officer with gold to “adopt”george.

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