Under Obamacare New York State will limit patient visits to doctors per year

Because of the expected flood of previously uninsured folks and workers that will be dumped off their employer’s insurance programs into the exchange, New York State is trying to come up with a solution to comply with the Obamacare requirements. There is already a shortage of doctors in the state. Their solution is to put a “quantitative limit on annual doctor visits”. In plain English, that means that patients will only be able to see their doctor a certain number of times per year and no more.

To be clear, there is already mandated rationing under Obamacare as there are annual dollar limits on benefits per patient. But, say you have an unlucky year and your kid comes down first with strep throat, then sprains something, then gets chicken pox, then gets an ear infection etc. all those visits might put you under the dollar limit but would tax the doctor-load. So they want to say, well you’ll just have to choose which illness your kid gets that will get treated. Isn’t Obamacare wonderful.

Breitbart has the legalese speak on this.


6 responses to “Under Obamacare New York State will limit patient visits to doctors per year”

  1. Lynne says :

    There are already community clinics for those without insurance and those who have limited income, and it would seem wise to simply strengthen those clinics–expand them and offer top services in them, instead of the bureaucratic mess Obamacare. There are laws already in place that guarantee services and treatment for low-income people or those who have reached their insurance coverage restrictions. The Hill-Burton law requires hospitals that receive any federal funds to provide care for patients who cannot pay. We could have had a simple, workable solution to health care in the US, working with the system that we have. Obamacare is a mess.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    That is not all!
    For instance, if your particular medical problem would necessitate you to use a particular medicine that would be better suited for you and for this particular case but this particular medicine is not on the list of recommended medicines for this particular medical problem, then you are very likely to be forced to use another “equivalent” medicine that is cheaper but that is on the recommended list of medicines to use for this particular medical problem!! That is what Mitt Romney hinted in his debate with Obama!

    In fact, there are quite a few other similar unwelcome consequences of Obamacare!
    For instance, I heard not long ago is that the yearly cost of the medical coverage for enterprises has now increased over 16%!! Usually this yearly increase was much lower than that, around 3%.

    Honestly, Obama spent all his time on Obamacare and he basically messed it up big time!! That is sad because I personally wanted full medical coverage for all Americans. On the other hand, Mitt Romney implemented a successful full medical coverage in his own state that was accepted positively by all parties, including by the Democrats in his state!

  3. Mac says :

    But…but, they assured us that there would be no “rationing” of care! I guess Pelosi was right in that we’d have to pass to find out what’s in it. Grrr…. that’s the one dumbest statement I’ve ever heard come from the mouth of a politician!

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