a bit on politics

Round-up of a few things:

So the Pew poll: I take it with a grain of salt considering how far off the norm their last poll was that showed a ginormous Obama lead. Their current poll, taken in the 3 days after the debate shows a ginormous switcheroo. In fact, it shows an 18% drop among female voters for Obama, making the female split identical between the two at 47% each. One thing is clear is that it has at least captured a rather seismic shift in voter perceptions and preferences following the debate. Virtually every poll taken post-debate shows a minimum of a 5-point percentage shift toward Romney. Another thing that is clear is that a debate has not caused such a seismic shift in voter perceptions since Kennedy debated Nixon.

The campaign contribution scandal: I’m not going to cover this much until the proof is in that the Obama campaign actually accepted sizable contribution amounts from foreign (non-U.S. citizens abroad) donors. Clearly they have and did (more than half of the folks going to the donation page come from foreign IPs and they sent numerous appeals for donations to non-U.S. foreign citizens for small amounts of money that they don’t need to keep records of). The tip line, however, set up for the reporting with proof of folks who don’t have citizenship and who donated illegally is being flooded so expect some data on this within the next couple of weeks.


5 responses to “a bit on politics”

  1. Lynne says :

    In 2008, Obama’s campaign had the same system in place, and in fact, there are security safeguards on the “Obama Store” on their website but not at all on the portions that accept donations. It was noted as a problem by others then, but they made no changes—hey, it worked the first time! One contributor made over 700 separate contributions…so as the data comes out, I hope that the truth will expose lying, vile Obama and those who support him.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, they actually had to pay a fee that worked out to over $7 million dollars in order to not do the standard checks on the contributions.

      • Lynne says :

        If they did that, pay a fee to by-pass standard contribution accounting, that alone should be reason for IMPEACHMENT. Quite honestly, that is a huge problem and it’s illegal… so why isn’t action happening on this? The media is quiet, so is it that the story is gathering facts and will break? It seems that there is enough information already to report that. I know that Breitbart and others are reporting that the story is developing…. Obama really is a scum. Was it Jack Welch that said that these “Chicago style politicans” are capable of these kinds of tactics? He has stood by his comments on national news!

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