Benghazi-gate is getting more shocking by the day

There were 230 security incidents at the Benghazi embassy in the months preceding the 9/11 attack. The embassy was BOMBED twice in the months just prior. Threats against the life of the British ambassador and their embassy prompted the Brits to act intelligently and morally and pull their ambassador and entire staff out of Benghazi way back in June.

The State Department refused to do so much as to put up a barbed wire fence around the embassy because they thought it would “look bad” and give the impression that the situation in Libya wasn’t normalizing and becoming a peachy keen safe place to be. The actions of the State Department and the Obama administration are beyond inept, beyond stupid, and into the realm of serious criminality on this. If I were ambassador Stevens’ family and the family of those young ex-seals and the marine, I would be not just screaming to the rafters over this, I’d be launching massive lawsuits.


One response to “Benghazi-gate is getting more shocking by the day”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yes, the truth is coming out, but will the mainstream media whitewash it to absolve Obama of blame???? ABC and CBS have had investigative reporters working on this, notably Sheryl Atkinson and Lara Logan, among others who are credible.
    Within a few hours of the attack, the Independent and The Telegraph, among others in the EU, were reporting that the Brits had moved their embassy and had WARNED the Obama Admin. about the dangers in JUNE. The US press would not cover that story and hid those facts, while still giving the “official lies of Clinton, Obama, and that slimy Susan Rice”—not only were these three liars giving these lies, they went to great lengths to promote their false story.
    I hope that people in the US are paying attention, but some will support Obama no matter what facts are presented. I hope that the military and their families are listening since their lives depend on having someone other than obama in office. I’ve been reading that the Dems have been up to voter fraud, trying to make sure that the military personnel aboard does not get to vote and giving false information about voting (Florida), going into the high schools and signing up those who are voting age and giving speeches about Obama (also Florida, and pretending to be officials when they were actually Obama supporter volunteers). If there is widespread fraud, not sure what will happen, since it’s the Dems who are involved.

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