Hamas continues rocket barrage on Israel’s south

More than 70 rockets have been fired at Israel since Saturday (55 were fired on Saturday alone) from Gaza. This morning, another 3 slammed into Israel’s south. Yesterday, more than a dozen goats were killed and more injured, when a rocket hit a farm’s animal enclosure. It really is time to stop this crap once and for all.


7 responses to “Hamas continues rocket barrage on Israel’s south”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    And remind me how long this situation has been going on with Gaza? Decades?!!!

    And remind me if such a situation would have been accepted by ANY country if any country would have been at the place of Israel and if such a situation would then have lasted several decades and counting?!!!

    And remind me if such a situation would have been accepted by the US if the US would have been at the place of Israel and if such a situation would then have lasted several decades and counting with the US receiving rockets from a neighboring country?!!!

    OK, let me tell you again. If I was the PM of Israel, here is what I would do about Gaza and I would take only 1 month to do that.
    1) I would expulse ALL the Gazan inhabitants, including Hamas to Egypt.
    2) I would kill all the Hamas fighters who pointing firearms at the Israeli military during this expulsion.
    3) I would officially declare to the world Gaza as being liberated of the evil people who invaded it!!
    I would explain to the world the number of Israeli dead since these evil Hamas operate in Gaza.
    Conclusion: Total time to do this cleaning of Gaza: 1 month!!! Not decades of rockets and counting!!

    Later on, I would do:
    4) I would also get rid of ALL the Muslims living in Israel.
    5) I would liberate the same way than I did with Gaza the entire Jordan and reunite it to the State of Israel.
    I would explain to the world that Jordan was invaded by 99.9% of its people and that Jordan was part of the Palestine of the British Mandate that was supposed to form the State of Israel and that, unilaterally, Great Britain imposed a new state in Jordan to Israel, preventing Jews from settling in this Jordan and important inhabitants in this Jordan.
    6) I would ask Egypt to get the hell out of the entire Sinai and I would give Egypt back the piece of paper that Egypt gave us in exchange for this bogus “peace” treaty.
    I would explain to the world that Israel will NEVER EVER has a peace treaty with an enemy country that lost territories during a war against Israel. NEVER EVER!
    7) I would get rid of, destroy with anger the abomination that is on the Temple Mount (the Muslim mosque) and I would give the entire Temple Mount area back to the Jewish people. I would form a council of all the streams of Judaism that believe in G.od and I would put them in charge of rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount.
    I would order archeological digs to be done thoroughly on the Temple Mount and around the Temple Mount and I would order the Jewish people to reconstruct the Temple Mount in all its glory.
    I have never ever understood how on earth the Jewish people has had the madness to allow the desecration of its holiest sites to keep gong on on the Temple Mount and elsewhere.
    Any other religion in place of Judaism would have destroyed the Mosque on the Temple Mount as soon as possible.

    I know some of these ideas are implausible at the moment. For instance, about Jordan and Egypt.
    But decades ago, if you would have asked an Israeli if the PM of Israel would welcome the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza in a speech at the UN, any Israeli would have told you that you were crazy to think that it would ever be possible!!!
    If you would have told an Israeli if Peres and Rabin would welcome Arafat and several hundreds of thousand of his murderers armed Palestinians, any Israeli would have told you that it would never happen!!
    The Israelis have learnt their lessons with Muslims. I am sure that many do not agree at all on the creation of another Muslim state in the heart of the State of Israel on lands that are historically Jewish for several millennia.

  2. Lynne says :

    Is it difficult to pinpoint where the rockets are coming from? Perhaps to have the IDF on stand-by to launch a pinpoint attack on the terrorists as it happens? Drones? Special surveillance teams?
    Wipe Out, I feel as you do about radical Muslims, but there are many, many Muslims that just want to live in peace, those who support Israel and those who service Israel in many ways. Otherwise, I agree with you.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Some of you have this false idea that Muslims serve in the military in Israel!! The truth that 99% of the Muslims living in Israel do NOT serve in the military in Israel!! And then, you see an article about a Muslim serving in Israel and you then generalize falsely that Muslims serve in the military in Israel!!! Yes, 1% of them, probably even much less than 1% of them!!

    No matter what Muslims want in Israel, they ALL (99% of them) want to replace Israel with a Muslim state!!! That is the ugly reality of the Muslims in Israel.
    They also want to over-procreate to basically become the majority in Israel concerning its population.
    And they all educate their children to hate Israelis and Israel!!
    And they all want a Palestinian state inside the current State of Israel!!
    If a Muslim state was at the place of Israel, what do you think they would have done with the Jewish population of Israel?!!!!!!! They would have got rid of all the Jews living in their state. In fact, that is exactly what nearly all the current Muslim states did a few decades ago at the creation of the State of Israel!!!

  4. israeliminx says :

    Ema — they shoot them from the middle of high density civilian neighborhoods so to hit them means also killing a lot of civilians.

    Wipe — no modern country would accept it. Absolutely no other country would accept this or even the threat of such a thing.

    • Lynne says :

      Yes, I agree. There is only one explanation for the worldwide lack of support: anti-semitisim.
      Wipe Out, yes, I agree. I hate to lump all members of a group together and brand them with certain characteristics, but the problem with the Islamic philosophy is huge, and it’s not a matter of live and let live for them, as their religion has no room for tolerance of others. Still, we do know that there are many good Muslims, too, and we do all, of course, recognize that.

  5. Mac says :

    I hate this for Israel. Unfortunately, as you told Lynne, they shoot from neighborhoods. Cowardly bastards! Sorry about the language. I wish u could identify them and fly a drone down their chimney!

  6. Lynne says :

    The only other thing that I can think of is to tell Hamas that every time the rockets continue there will be some kind of consequence, like greater restrictions to the entry of goods into Gaza.

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