“We couldn’t even keep what we had”

“We were fighting a losing battle. We couldn’t even keep what we had.”

“I was told that we’d only get ground power in the aftermath of a disaster.”

Those two statements from the officers who had been begging and pleading for months for additional security and were denied, denied, denied … that says it all about how the State Department and the Obama Administration handled the Benghazi embassy before true disaster did indeed strike. Disaster that was foreseen and completely avoidable. Disaster that resulted in the deaths of 4 innocent and heroic people — because they knew the danger they were operating under and knew that pleas for help had fallen on more than deaf ears, yet still they stayed to do their duty. And it makes me feel physically sick.


6 responses to ““We couldn’t even keep what we had””

  1. Lynne says :

    Just read the coverage of the hearing on CBS, and it’s watered down information which actually makes it sound as if the two whistleblowers felt that no amount of support could have prevented the tragedy…. seriously distorted reporting which suggests that it was Republicans who were trying to push the investigation. I believe that there are some excellent reporters there at CBS though, like Jake Trapper, who will go at the issue in a more truthful way. I think that it’s CBS journalist Lara Logan who is calling the Obama Admin. on “lies about Afghanistan and the Taliban”….

  2. israeliminx says :

    Oh I suppose there are a lot of people who would discount Lara Logan’s point of view given that she was beaten and raped by multiple average extremists while covering the Arab Spring in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. You know, anyone with any sort of real or first hand knowledge of that evil can’t be believed.

  3. Lynne says :

    I read that a top Hezbollah official has arrived in Israel with maps, documents, and money that he has been accused of stealing from Hezbollah, and he has asked for sanctuary. Know anything about it yet? I wonder if it is true, if he is really escaping from Lebanon or if he is meant to be a Hezbollah double-agent?

  4. Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

    People need to wake up and see whats going on. The whole video pushing aspect was a blatant attempt by the administration to deflect blame. Now that its been thoroughly discredited, we really need to hold the administration responsible for the horribly bungled and botched mission.

    Not to mention the fact that in the aftermath, the media was hardly covering it. They were too busy hyperventilating about Mitt Romney calling out the administration for their poor handling.

  5. Lynne says :

    Eitan, exactly. Most of these media sources are completely corrupt and those of us who object to this fact, which may be as much as 50% of us, should boycott those sources. I haven’t checked in again, but earlier CNN was covering none of this. I won’t check again because I don’t want to click on their online site and be counted as a reader of their garbage.
    I totally agree with you in all respects. The evidence from the hearing today was crystal clear, but there was pure evil on display as some of those there tried to put a spin on the evidence and make excuses or justify. This guy Cummings, for example, was one who really made me angry with his maneuvering. It seems that most of the Dems were in cover-up mode. I hope that they do not get away with it.
    Jake Trapper from ABC, I believe, is doing good investigative work!

  6. Mac says :

    It’s too late and I’m too tired to get started. I just so want to do some gov’t head hunting right now! I heard one report today that said their securty force at one point was down to 1. ONE! My anger at that just boiled my temples! It’s not like Libya is on par with say our embassy in like hmmm Canada!

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