Good news: Obamacare to create more part-time McDonald’s jobs for college grads!

Yeah, ok. my headline was maybe a little sarcastic –but also true. You know, way back when the alabtross called Obamacare passed and I read the bill, I warned that exactly this was likely to be an unintended consequence of the badly crafted legislation. If I recall, a number of my O-care supporting readers called me to task for fear-mongering and exaggerating.

Darden, which currently employs approximately 180,000 full-time workers in the restaurants owned by the company (Red Lobster, Olive Garden and a number more chains) is now hiring only part-time workers (no more than 28-hours a week so they not only will not get healthcare through the company but the company will avoid the penalty) in all new franchises as an experiment. Currently, Darden provides healthcare benefits to its full-time workers but is planning to eliminate those benefits when Obamacare kicks in — if the part-time-only experiment works out well, they will cut all their full-time workers except for a handful of regional managers to part-time and sans benefits. They are not alone.

McDonalds, White Castle, Denny’s and dozens more, not only in the restaurant industry but in manufacturing, technology, and even healthcare industries themselves are looking into similar solutions. The share the wealth kids should be happy, however. These companies will thus have to hire twice as many folks as they currently employ –and they can all then earn wages well below the poverty line! Hurray!


12 responses to “Good news: Obamacare to create more part-time McDonald’s jobs for college grads!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Some of the major bookstores, in an effort to stay afloat in this poor economy and with the significant competition from Amazon, have already shifted to part-time workers and offering them no benefits. Workers’ salaries were cut to reflect their part-time status, and no matter how busy the store was, they were unable to work more than part-time hours. I think that we can expect this trend to increase due to ObamaCare, and that is unfortunate.

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    My company has announced that they are eliminating thousands of jobs. Its because of the health care costs under Obamacare.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    More, under Obamacare, many hospitals and doctors in the US will now refuse to accept Medicare beneficiaries because, under Obamacare, Medicare is so crippled financially that it does not care anymore fully financially (only partly) for Medicare recipients!

    Many other hospitals and doctors will ask Medicare beneficiaries to be put on a very long waiting list and be contacted later on to get treatment!! The very likely result is that a disease that needed to be spotted early to be treated efficiently or even to save the patient’s life, such a disease will be treated too late than it is good and it might even lead to health problems or deaths in such a case!

    Honestly, Obama and the Democrats are and have been complete idiots concerning Obamacare!! Why? They had Mitt Romney’s successful formula that he implemented in his Massachusetts state and where all stakeholders were happy with it (Democrats, Republicans, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.), they just had to copy it and provide it to each state and it would have been a success all over the US. Instead, the Democrats went into a Democrat crusade with Obamacare and instead they messed it up big time with Obamacare, alienating all the vital stakeholders!!

    It is really sad because I wanted full health coverage for all Americans but in a plan that should have been as successful as Mitt Romney was in his state, not the huge mess financially that Obamacare is!

    I do not know the result of the coming presidential election but I do know that, if Obama is elected, you can already add $5-6 TRILLION TO THE CURRENT $16 TRILLION AND COUNTING OF US DEFICIT!! Any rational, logical person knows that, in such a case, a huge and extremely nasty financial crisis would occur in the US (and likely around the world) that would make the current bad economic situation a picnic compared to it!

  4. Lynne says :

    I have a friend, Patsy, who is a retired teacher. She moved to a beautiful small town known for its beauty and history—an attractive place to retire, or so she thought. Fortunately, it is near Austin, Texas, because none of the doctors will take Medicare patients there. None of them, and this was BEFORE Obamacare. It’s already a problem, so I wonder if Obama care addresses this issue? For Patsy, medical care in Austin is hardly a solution. If she were to need emergency medical care, she would be in a town where she has no doctor, and what about hospitalization or ER care? She feels that her only option is to move. Medicare pays a very tiny amount for services, so tiny, that I am surprised that any doctors take it.
    I’m sure that there is a workable solution to providing medical care to those who have limited resources and those who are uninsured. It seems to me that perhaps government subsidized clinics might be the answer. There are clinics such as that here in Austin that work…and I’ve seen clinics in New Orleans that don’t. (But then, not much in New Orleans does work…)

  5. Tiger Mike says :

    Baruch Hashem, not mine.

  6. Lynne says :

    Hey, Tiger Mike! Are you off to your exotic destinations or enjoying home? Wherever you are, I hope that all is well!

  7. Lynne says :

    Tiger Mike, good to hear that you are relaxing and enjoying life! You have an exciting life and see so many interesting and wonderful places, but no place like home 🙂 Take care!

  8. the Goodwife says :

    I’m a mom who works at McDonalds because it’s close to home and allows me to work while my daughter is at school and to be home when she’s home. I currently get around 36 to 40 hours a week, but just found out today that after the first of the year ONLY managers will get over 28 hours a week. Thanks OBAMACARE! I enjoy my job and being able to get full time hours allowed me to bring home enough money to help out. 28 hours at minimum wage will hardly be worth the drive………….

    • Lynne says :

      I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Here in Austin, there are similar situations, and not all of them due to Obamacare, for sure, but with the economy. Bookstores, for example, are unable to compete with Amazon and still pay the high rents for their stores. Many are simply shutting down, and others are doing like McDonalds’ and only allowing workers part-time work. In the end, everyone suffers. The economy is horrible, and the added problems created by Obamacare are making a bad situation worse. Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance…there are still many problems people face getting services, treatment and medications paid for. I don’t think that adding the bureaucracy of Obamacare is going to make anything better.
      I hope that your situation improves, and that things get better for you soon.

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