Hillary gets a view from under the Obama bus

Yep, you know you saw this coming. The White House is now channeling Manuel from Fawlty Towers — “I know nothing. Nothing” –claiming that Obama was “kept out of the loop” and that Hillary and the State Department were the only ones who knew anything about any security requests or the situation at embassies around the world.

Here is the top adviser talking to Obama, I mean Manuel:


3 responses to “Hillary gets a view from under the Obama bus”

  1. Lynne says :

    Love your comment! The WH undoubtedly believes that the American people are stupid and will continue to believe these various lies. Victoria Nuland defends the actions of the WH by saying that they didn’t want to say anything definite because the investigation was just beginning…but the WH DID SAY DEFINITIVELY that there was a “spontaneous protest” and Susan Rice traipsed around to about five talk shows to say exactly that emphatically!! So does Obama think that he can continue to promote these lies? Maybe so with the mainstream media filled with “journalists” who have no regard for the truth and who will continue to coddle and protect this most inappropriate and dangerous president.

  2. Miki says :

    That video is so funny!! I’ve never heard of that show. I’m going to ask our cable company to carry it. I don’t think Obama has even that much understanding. He didn’t attend any of the security briefings! I agree with Lynn.

  3. Lynne says :

    Miki, Faulty Towers is really a classic and very funny! Laughter is good for us all, especially during these trying times.

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