Obama campaign about to move from panic to utter freakout

RCP has moved five “leans Obama” States into the toss-up category. It is expected that in the next few days, based on polling that included hugely exaggerated numbers of Democrats in the sample, that at least three and perhaps as many as four “toss-ups” will be moved to the “leans Romney” category, including Florida.

Nobody is polling in the Obama bastion States …maybe they should.


3 responses to “Obama campaign about to move from panic to utter freakout”

  1. Lynne says :

    Hahahahaha! I just hope that more comes out to expose this corrupt evil administration with incompetent, vile Obama.

  2. 300yrs in America says :

    Surely the American people and the globe for that matter,can see that obama is a messianic god-like man. Surely they can see how his programs and legislation have led us into an era of prosperity and happiness that has permeated every aspect of society. His genius was displayed in the debate with Romney. Any body should know that destroying business and job providers is the best way to America back to work. His foriegn policy has led to the most love and respect for America in history. Tunisia Egypt Libya et al are shining examples of his sheer intellectual prowess. He has made the world a safer kinder place. His iron will and forcefulness has our enemies shaking in their sandles.the consulate in benghazzi proves that. Why would America ever change leaders when obama has done such a brilliant job? He has shown us the path to greatness. Even iran knows he means business. We have nothing to fear from obama and the party that gave us the kkk segregation the civil war slavery etc.yes obama is the best ever.NOT!

  3. Lynne says :

    The Europeans overall want Obama to be re-elected. Never in my life have I seen the mainstream media so shamefully promote a candidate over another. They are being confronted by others, but they continue to unabashedly to do so, while criticizing Romney.
    Candy Crowley, that COW who has made it extremely that she supports Obama, has been chosen by CNN to be moderator of the next debate….
    With the media shilling for him, I don’t know why Obama would be worried at all.

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