Benghazi-gate: Cables exonerate Clinton?

Ed Klein, who has a serious “in” with the Clinton camp has claimed in an article today that, despite claiming responsibility for the lack of security at the embassy, there are cables that exonerate Clinton. Specifically, that Clinton (who was on diplomatic missions abroad) sent cables to the State Dept in the weeks prior to the attack on the embassy ordering that security be beefed up there. If so, obviously, those orders were countermanded because not only was security not beefed up but the special force stationed there was pulled out over their protest. The question then is, who had the authority to countermand her orders? One would assume not her underlings but rather from higher up.

Klein could be spinning, of course, but this is what makes me think he ain’t. First, the whole Clinton just fell on her sword for Obama thing took most people by surprise. Someone with 2016 in mind just doesn’t do that unless there is a safety — a get out of blame free card — in there somewhere. More importantly, second is those cables, including specifically cables from Clinton, that the Obama administration refused to release to the Congressional hearing.

I watched the hearing and was struck at the time by how many on the Congressional committee referred to those cables the White House refused to release and how often. They were none too happy about not being given access to them. Then, on the next big news cycle day following the hearings, Clinton goes into public hari kari mode –sort of. She was very careful of how she phrased her responsibility, however. That was also something that even Clinton detractors picked up on and added to the ‘what gives?’

The other thing is, Klein kind of goes out on a limb by suggesting that those cables may soon be leaked (one would assume following the election) or come out in further hearings after being subpoenaed (which would again happen after the election given the time frame with Congress in recess), or, if Obama wins would be freely released by his administration if Hillary got the 2016 Dem nomination. In other words, he is pretty firm that they not only exist but that people will see them.

I also noted Bill being rah-ther passive-aggressive again toward Obama on the stump today. Bill didn’t earn the moniker of ‘Slick Willy’ for nothing and he doesn’t make mistakes with his public statements– he is quite skilled in how to insert the knife and twist while all the time giving himself cover. You really do have to admire Bill Clinton for his ability to out-Machiavelli Machiavelli. Political chess players of his caliber don’t come along for centuries.

4 responses to “Benghazi-gate: Cables exonerate Clinton?”

  1. Lynne says :

    Hmmmm Obama is refusing to release those cables… after the election is not good. The cables need to be available NOW.

  2. Lynne says :

    I believe the cables will incriminate Clinton, unless they show her pleading with Obama for more security. About 160 pages of memos, emails, cables were given to the investigation today—not nearly enough, of course—but what there is shows insane decisions on the part of the State Department– and that trail may lead directly to the White House. Obama is responsible for their performance and decisions, but I cannot recall any president being less interested or involved in the real business of running America.

  3. 300yrs in America says :

    Well said Lynn. I think the dhimmicrats put party 1st,rich doners 2nd,Americas enemies 3rd,and everything else after that,with America and Yisrael dead last. The dhimmicrats will always circle the wagons and the msm will provide cover when they are threatened.

    • Lynne says :

      John Bolton said that there is a REASON that Obama sent Susan Rice to the talk shows (and not Clinton), which is highly unusual. Major cover-up, with complicit media and now the State Department is scrambling to add their new cover-up twist. A full, aggressive investigation is needed.
      The State Dept. had harsh words for Issa for releasing the documents he had, claiming that he compromised the security of agents in Libya, but not so. One is known to work for the US and the other now lives in the US. Lies, lies and more lies from this corrupt administration. If Obama is elected, I am going to be sick.

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