Team Obama abandoning Florida, NC, Virginia and Colorado

Team Obama in full panic mode has essentially pulled all their planned advertising dollars from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado and is sinking them into Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada instead. They have essentially written off the first four major swing states listed as a loss to Romney.

Romney has a 51-45 lead among likely voters nationally — and that is in the Gallup poll, notable because Gallop changed its polling constituency this month to super-cram in more than double the number of minorities than have ever actually voted in an election after the DOJ started threatening them with a lawsuit. That bit of Chicago-style arm-twisting by the DOJ is undoubtedly going to be examined by a Congressional committee and a court or two (legal briefs are in the works). Gallup was already oversampling Dems before the change to increase groups that tend to hyper-support Obama. In other words, in a poll that should give a huge advantage to Obama given the make-up of those polled, Romney has developed a significant lead.

They might want to consider throwing a few advertising dollars at Connecticut. Internal polling in that state puts Romney in potential striking distance.

Mitt Momentum.


6 responses to “Team Obama abandoning Florida, NC, Virginia and Colorado”

  1. Lynne says :

    Obama and his administration are a bunch of thugs!

  2. Mac says :

    I could’ve told O to abandon NC months ago. But, I’m glad they burnt all that wasted money here so they don’t have it to spend elsewhere,lol.

  3. Lynne says :

    Mac, good point!!! Yes!

  4. israeliminx says :

    Mac, lol, didn’t think of that!!!!

  5. israeliminx says :

    LOL seriously a silver lining, Mac!!!

  6. Mac says :

    hehe, even our dem Gov. isn’t running for re-election here!

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