Why don’t embassies have panic rooms?

Here’s something I was thinking about last night after I woke up and was waiting for a hot flash to pass. You know that Jodi Foster movie called “Panic Room”? It is a pretty boring ‘thriller’ if you ask me, but a lot of wealthy and even some not so wealthy folks have panic rooms installed in their homes in the event of a home invasion. Lars Vilks, for instance, had one installed in his house following significant death threats and it is what saved him from the Jihadi lunatic intent on killing him and his little grand-daughter.

Panic rooms have their own, separate air systems. They are essentially small bomb-proof, gunfire-proof, fire-proof, rooms with full video surveillance of the surrounding area from inside and separate lines to contact the outside world. If wealthy people living in the hills surrounding L.A. have these almost as a matter of course, why the heck aren’t embassies, particularly in dangerous and volatile areas but really all embassies because you just never know today with sleeper Jihadi cells in the most innocuous of places, equipped with them as a matter of routine?


6 responses to “Why don’t embassies have panic rooms?”

  1. Lynne says :

    That embassy was not fitted up with standard security. The State Dept. had petitioned for and was granted a waiver to skip some security measures. There was a room that the Ambassador and Smith went into, which functioned as sort of a panic room—sort of. It was not adequate, of course, and though the terrorists could not get in, they could pour diesel all over the building, setting the entire place on fire.
    The media continues to hide the fact that Obama and Clinton denied requests for security, in order to present the idea of “normalization”—to whom though? Who the hell was watching? The “security force” was an inexperienced, new company that hired locals, some of whom we know now were traitors, and there was just a handful of them.
    The investigation probe should go after Clinton full force, because she is responsible for security, and she has already told numerous lies (a big one when Steven’s journal was read: I didn’t know that Steven’s was worried about security”). The trail from liar Clinton will go to the Liar in Chief Obama. Bill Clinton is not making a scene about this as it will implicate both Hilary and Obama. This needs to be exposed. When is the next hearing, I wonder?

    • Mac says :

      This just makes my blood boil! And yes, they need something like a panic room, especially in a spot like Libya. Makes me wonder about our other embassies.

  2. Lynne says :

    Mac, the embassy was not secure, and the WH knew that. The WH had to request a waiver so that they could avoid putting security in place. And, then they denied adequate and appropriate staff to guard it. They knew.

  3. Lynne says :

    I hope that the decisions of this administration will be exposed fully, and that questions will be raised in the debate…and Obama won’t have answers.

  4. 300yrs in America says :

    I agree our embassies need panic rooms. However we must understand that obama considers himself to be a messiah.he believes the muslim world worships and adores him.why would they ever dare to cross him,when they know he would punish them severely.he has been coddled his entire life.he has never had a job,never had to worry about anything,and never held accountable.he has passed the blame for his incompetance to others his whole life.i have used the axe murderer story in a previous post to explain why as long as we have 35 dhimmicrats in the senate NO dhimmicrat will ever be held accountable for ANY crime no matter how heinous.this is what we should expect from the flower children on left when they are in power.can you imagine the outrage if bush was potus.remember al quaida bombed embassies while clinton was in office,those were no big deal either.

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