Classifying Fort Hood terror attack as ‘workplace violence’ stripped victims from benefits

This is really criminal folks. It is not just a matter of semantics. There are things you can do and I encourage you to do so — something like this would not happen in Israel and it damn sure shouldn’t happen in the U.S.

By classifying the Al Qaeda acolyte who murdered and injured both soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood as simply engaging in an act of “workplace violence,” it is despicable but almost small potatoes that those who fell and the heroes, some of whom were shot multiple times themselves, who brought him down and risked their lives to save others are ineligible for the Purple Heart award. Far bigger is the fact that the families of the dead, and those who were shot but survived, have been denied the financial benefits they would be eligible for if it were correctly classified as an act of terrorism. These soldiers fell in the line of duty but those who survived are denied the financial help with medical bills they would be due if it were classified as such, children who lost parents are denied the financial benefits they would receive if their parent fell on a battlefield; Survivors, heroes, and families of the fallen are denied the mental health services they would receive if this were classified as a terrorist attack.

And to anyone with even a molecule of a brain, this was clearly a terrorist attack and not just workplace violence.

Please go to the Truth About Fort Hood and sign the petition to have this horrific event correctly re-classified as a terrorist attack. Write to your Congressperson. Do not let it be said that you simply stood by in the face of a horrific injustice.


9 responses to “Classifying Fort Hood terror attack as ‘workplace violence’ stripped victims from benefits”

  1. Lynne says :

    Classifying this as “workplace violence” is due to Obama’s insanity. He is contaminating the entire government of the US. The State Department was already problematic but it has gotten much worse—unbelievably so.

  2. 300yrs in America says :

    Terrorist arent really terrorist to obama. They are freedom fighters trying to rid the world of colonialism and the rape of the middle east and africas wealth. Remember the Brits fought to end the african slave trade thus depriving his muslim forefathers the wealth they earned selling the slaves. Also we know all muslims fear obama and wouldnt dare lift a finger against such a heroic brave messianic the obama junta and the left Americans and Yisraelis are the real terrorists.asshat hassan was simply practicing his religion in a pure pious and peaceful way.once the junta has been defeated perhaps the fallen servicepeoples families will get what they are owed.until then they will have to wait.

  3. Ethan says :

    I’m literally enraged over this. I can’t understand how something that is so plainly a terrorist attack can be brushed under the rug by this administration. But then that’s what they do. Libya, Ft. Hood, “man made disasters” as the new lingo for DHS instead of terror attack. They have been in denial all along, intentionally in denial. It’s amazing.

    • Lynne says :

      Ethan, it is insane, and I am surprised that the American people are tolerating this, except there is not a real forum to express concern or outrage. Everyone is busy living life, and it’s hard to stop and deal with any of this garbage. I guess writing a real letter through the mail to our representatives is the only thing that works at all, if that does.
      The debates are tonight, and I honestly do not have the nerves to watch it. I hope that you or another commenter here will give us your opinion and a summary of it…

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Yes, it is nothing less than scandalous that they purposefully and dishonestly cataloged Fort Hood terrorist attack as a “worplace violence”!!! And why? Only to rob victims from extra financial help!!! Disgusting!!

    An interesting fact about this Fort Hood attack is that it was committed by what anybody would call a Muslim who could not even be considered as a moderate but even much less than a moderate!! And yet, one day, out of the blue, after having a few contacts with other Muslims, this “American” Muslim who is a psychiatrist went into a holy war against infidels, killing many of the soldiers he was supposed to support psychologically after the traumas of war!!

    For you, Yael, here is a story about birds taking over someone’s house! Make sure it does not happen with your cats at your home and with your life too, as you do have many more cats than you should!
    “Hoarder’s home taken over by birds?” at

    • Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

      I mean, the guy had his own business cards made up that said he was a “Soldier of Allah” and shouted Allahu Akbar as he opened fire on unarmed people… How much more obvious does it need to be?

      • Lynne says :

        Eitan, it could not be more obvious, could it? I’m disgusted with the maintream media and the Obama Admin. If Obama is re-elected, I’m going to be sick.
        Did anyone watch the debate? I only watched a few moments of it, and then I could not stand to listen to Obama at all.

        • Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

          I watched it. I think Romney was smart to stay above Obama’s petty remarks and petty attacks. I think he showed who the true adult in the room is. It would have been satisfying if Romney blasted him with both barrels on any number of issues, but I actually think he was wiser in his approach. Obama calls Romney a liar about things Romney was correct about, and in the process lies about his record. It’s amazing.

          Romney is talking about the number of ships in the navy and makes a snarky comment about having fewer horses and bayonets too. Well, Marines still use bayonets and they are standard issue. Not to mention his whole comment about the ship count is total BS because the oceans haven’t become smaller and advanced technology doesn’t replace having a physical presence when it comes to securing the worlds water ways for commerce. Besides, if Obama new anything about the military, he would know that fewer ships doing the same mission means that the ships and their crews are deployed longer witha a higher operational tempo, which means less time at home, less time for maintainance, more breakdowns, higher operational costs…

          Obama is a fool who mocks those who are smarter and wiser than him. Then there is the whole “fact check” BS that people are falling for. I saw a “fact check” on Romney’s comment about Syria being the
          “pathway to the sea” for Iran. The fact checkers were like “well Iran has a coast with the persian gulf and it doesn’t even have a border with Syria, so Romney was incorrect on that.” It’s like seriously, if you are a 5th grader you shouldn’t fact check a nuclear scientist. They aren’t even smart enough to know that Iran has been sending ships through the Suez and docking them IN SRYIAN PORTS IN THE MEDITERRIAN SEA. Hence, Sryia acts as their path to the sea because they enable them to operate there. FUCKIGN MORONS.

          Sorry, I’m ranting. I think I have election fatigue.

          • Lynne says :

            Eitan, I was afraid that my blood pressure would go to dangerous levels if I watched much of the debate. I didn’t last but a few moments and I had had enough of Obama’s lies and snarky attitude. What is just as taxing and maybe worse, is reading the “reviews” in the mainstream media about the debates, along with the stupid idiots who are doing the “Fact Check”. You are right; these people are so stupid without critical thinking skills at all. It’s not only pathetic; it’s plain scary to see the influence that they have. Actually, there have been numerous articles about Syria, the pathway to the sea, the fear that the Syrians could block sea traffic. On second thought, I believe that these rotten bastards KNOW better, but they LIE to the American people who don’t have a good understanding of such matters. Propaganda and manipulation.
            I totally agree with every word you wrote.

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